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Total Gym 1900 Review

There are reasons why some people would prefer home gyms such as the Total Gym 1900; and that would be its affordability, portability, stability, quality, and usability. This home gym represents all the aforementioned attributes and even more.

So, in other words, if you are on a budget, have a space problem, and still wish to be able to get a decent full-body workout, then this home gym might just be what you need.

Total Gym is a fitness household name with endorsements from heavyweight celebrities and sports persons. And they have lived up to that quality and value expectations hence most of their products such as the Total Gym 1600, Total Gym 1400 Deluxe Home Gym, Total  Gym XLS, and more have good approval rating and popularity, including the Total Gym 1900 as well.

So, it will not be difficult to argue that this home gym is worth every cent you will be spending on it.

One of the good things about Total Gym’s home gym is that they provide a wide range of workouts that are up to 60 or more regardless of the price of the equipment. Again, we guess that could be one of the reasons users prefer and appreciate Total Gym equipment.

Nevertheless, this home gym is not primarily made for users seeking to experience hardcore strength training due to the nature of the home gym’s resistance system. This is good for getting a decent workout of toning the muscle groups, improving physical endurance and flexibility. This will help to get you that feeling and look you wish you had.

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What Is So Great about the Total Gym 1900?

A woman exercising on the Total Gym 1900

We are going to explain in detail the things that make the Total Gym 1900 stand out in its category.

Working out with this home gym for just 10 to 20 minutes a day will really transform your physical fitness both in feelings and looks. Many users have testified how they have been able to achieve their fitness goals by working out daily for 10 or 20 minutes.

It is very sturdy and solidly built even though it has a small footprint of 92.5 inches long by 16 inches wide by 43.2 inches tall. It is also a lightweight home gym that weighs about 75 pounds.

What is mainly responsible for it sturdiness is because it has stabilizers on both the front and rear base of the equipment with rubber capping on each side of the stabilizers that further make it stable on an uneven floor and also prevent scratch or dent on the floor especially if the floor is a wooden type.

Moreover, it comes with 2 stabilizer mats meant to be used underneath the rear and front stabilizers to further guarantee stability. These mats can be used on any type of floor including a floor with carpet on it.

In order to enable a user to perform a wide range of exercises the home gym also comes with accessories necessary for the various type of exercises. These accessories include the leg pull with detachment bracket, Ab crunch accessory, dip bars, press up bars, multi-function attachment (2-piece wing attachment), and Total Gym flip chart training deck. Plus two workout DVDs to better equip a user for better utilization of the home gym.

What more can anyone seeking to work out and achieve the desired fitness goals ask for?  When all that is required is made available by the manufacturer including the flip chart and the DVDs that were prepared by Total Gym certified personal trainers.

Total Gym did not just produce or manufacture a home gym and sold it to users and expect them to go figure out how to use it but they made sure they also provided the resources necessary to help the user use the equipment optimally.

Multiple members of the family can use the home gym; ages 8 to 80 can use it because it is both suitable for beginner and advanced fitness levels.

Being a body weight-based resistance type of home gym it has 12 calibrated levels that allow a user to use 3 to 45% bodyweight resistance. This is the reason why this home gym is not the typical hardcore strength training equipment that is equipped with a weight stack and handles but a moderate home gym that is designed to improve the average person’s physical health.

A user will be able to tone the muscle groups of the entire body including the abs as well with this home gym.

Storage and mobility are never going to be a problem because it is foldable, compact, and lightweight as well. You may decide to set it up anywhere in the room and use it. It is possible to be stored away between a workout, which is after every workout and use.

It supports up to 350 pounds maximum user weight capacity unlike the Total Gym 1600 that supports up to 250 pounds only. Although they share a lot of similarities in terms of features and design. The Total Gym 1900 is the upgraded version of the former.

It features a glide board that is well cushioned and padded with the dimensions of 13 inches wide by 43 inches long which certainly offers comfort during workouts. The glide board has this ergonomic design that provides handles that enable a user to work on the upper and the lower body including the abdominal muscles.

The Total Gym 1900 offers over 60 different exercises that include cardio, strength training, and stretch, indeed this is the all-in-one machine.

What isn’t So Great about the Total Gym 1900?

Total Gym 1900 being used by  a woman

Honestly, there are not many complaints concerning this home gym but that does not mean that it is a perfect machine because it is not. Just like every other thing that is created and made by man it has a flaw.

One serious drawback of this machine is that it is not designed to offer extreme hardcore strength training. Therefore, if you are one of those that are seeking to procure a home gym that could provide that opportunity then the Total Gym 1900 is definitely not the choice to make.

You can only imagine the 45% of your body weight that it will amount to as the maximum bodyweight resistance.

So, if you are looking for a home gym that offers pure weight lifting and strength training possibility then maybe you should look at the Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym. This home gym has a 150 pounds maximum stack weight resistance and it is bulky as well, but a good alternative because of the price range.

Then, the second drawback might be the fact that it is a bit longer than other home gyms of its type but that shouldn’t be a deal-breaker except you seriously think that your room cannot accommodate the length of the equipment.

If that is the case you might consider looking at the Total Gym 1600 as an alternative, only that it supports 250 pounds maximum user weight capacity and with only 8 calibrated holes for bodyweight resistance adjustment.

Approval Rating

The approval rating of the Total Gym 1900 indicates that it is a very popular home gym. At the time this review was written, it has a 4.2 out of 5 approvals rating which was very impressive.

We can’t overstress how important feedbacks from real users are because they ultimately tell you almost half of the things you need to know about a given product you wish to buy.

And so in the case of this home gym, the majority of the users are impressed by it and will recommend it.

You may click right here to read the Amazon customer reviews.

Features/Pros Overview

  • It is sturdy and does not wobble
  • It has well over 60 different workouts
  • It has 12 calibrated levels for bodyweight resistance
  • It is foldable and compact for storage
  • It comes fully assembled except for the attachment of the accessories
  • Very comfortable glide board with handles
  • It comes with pilates bar attachment that will enable you to perform stretching exercise
  • It has an overall ergonomics that make it possible to experience comfort in every exercise
  • It comes with several types of attachments that provide a wide range of exercises that target major muscle groups
  • Great for strengthening and toning the body
  • Supports up to 350 pounds maximum user weight capacity
  • It has a flip chart and 2 DVDs designed to help you work out better and use the equipment optimally


  • It is not a good choice for those that wish to experience extreme strength training.


Product Dimensions and Specifications

  • 92.5’’ Length
  • 16’’ Width
  • 43.2’’ Height
  • Weighs about 75 pounds
  • Supports up to 350 pounds maximum user weight capacity


  • One year limited warranty

Shipping, Assembly, and Maintenance


This home gym is shipped in a well-packaged box and usually arrives between 3 to 4 days. The shipping cost is usually free if purchased from Amazon.


The Total Gym 1900 is delivered all assembled. All you need to do is to open the box and unfold it and it is all set for use. The only semblance of assembly you are required to execute is to attach the accessories and that’s it.


No major maintenance is required but you should always keep it clean from sweat and dirt.


Read about this particular user that had used the Total Gym for 12 years until a fire destroyed his home along with the home gym. But the moment he settles in a new home one of the first things he did was to purchase the Total Gym 1900 because he believes in the quality, durability, and wide range of exercises that it provides.

Our verdict is that this home gym is recommendable and good for those that want to work out and stay in shape.

If you have any questions do holler at us and we shall be glad to respond.

Total Gym 1900 Review
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There are reasons why some people would prefer home gyms such as the Total Gym 1900; and that would be its affordability, portability, stability, quality, and usability. This home gym represents all the aforementioned attributes and even more.

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