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Stability Ball Exercises for Abs

A stability ball is yet another tool for toning and building the muscles of the body. It is effective more than

most of us think. I did an article on stability ball exercises for beginners, which are to help folks who intend to start using a stability ball for exercise. A stability ball can be very effective at building that body when utilized correctly, hence, stability ball exercises for abs are necessary. You can marvel at the efficacy of using a stability ball for abs, because you may have been used to the notion that if it is not strong and metal nothing would build and bring out muscles.

That is where you are completely wrong because the use of a stability ball can make more muscles develop than using conventional equipment and exercises. This is so because the stability ball can extend the range of motion of the crunch thereby activating more abs muscles and also, your abs contract harder when you are trying to create stability by bracing yourself. The stability ball is not heavy or all steel but creates and produces the result you need.

Stability Ball Exercises for Abs

Stability Ball Exercises for Abs

Ball Crunch

This can be done by lying on the ball with your lower back, and hands behind your ears. Feet on the floor and legs in a 90-degree position; start to raise your upper body slightly upwards and back. You need to ensure that your head and neck are straight and steady while performing this.

Ball Crunch-Legs Elevated

Stability Ball Exercises for Abs

This is achieved by lying on the ground with your back, hands folded, and across your chest. Put the two of your legs on the stability ball and start to raise your upper body which comprises your shoulders, neck, and head back and forth. To prevent some sort of injury, make sure you look straight ahead of you.

Ball Side Crunch

Stability Ball Exercises for Abs

This is performed by laying on the ball with your side, with arms folded across your chest. Legs are

extended such that one foot will be at the front and the other at the back.

At this point raise your upper body sideways and back again on the stability ball. Make sure there is a brief pause each time you raise your body before resting back on the ball. Change sides and do the same as to the other.

It is necessary to know how to breathe when doing this. Breathe out when contracting your abs muscles and breathe in when returning your abs to normal position.

Ball Sit-Up

Stability Ball Exercises for Abs

This is almost like the crunch ball exercise, but the only difference is that you are going to get past your shoulders to an

almost sitting position while doing the ball sit-up.

To do this, lie on the ball with your lower back, hands behind your ears, your feet on the floor and your legs forming a 90-degree position. Start to raise your shoulders and upper body upward and almost to a sitting position and back again.

Always pause while you are up before going back again and also ensure that you breathe out while your abs muscle is contracting and in when it is not.

Ball Table-Top

Stability Ball Exercises for Abs

Put your forearms on the ball such that your elbows will form a 90-degree

position with your knees on the ground/floor. Start to raise your knees from the ground/floor by simply rolling forward on the ball that your forearms and elbows are on until your legs are fully extended and reverse back again.

Ensure that your back is always straight through the entire workout.


These are but some of the stability ball exercises for abs that can quickly and effectively activate your abs in no time. I do hope that my effort has been able to produce useful information for you. If you have any questions, comments, or contributions, you are welcome to do so and you can also browse through our site because other topics could be of interest to you. Do like and share, because sharing is caring.

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