A man exercises on the HARISON HR-W7 Water Rowing Machine

How Good is the HARISON HR-W7 Water Rowing Machine? 

The HARISON HR-W7 Water Rowing Machine was designed for home use. It has a solid construction that supports up to 350 lbs./158.7 kg maximum user weight capacity. Its standard-aviation polycarbonate tank is watertight and very similar to the one on the SNODE RW100 Water Rower

It is not foldable; however, it can be stored vertically by leaning against the wall without water spilling because the tank features a stainless steel bearing and screws, and EPDM rubber sealing rings.  

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The Frame & Construction 

The HARISON HR-W7 Water Rowing Machine is built of an alloy steel frame that is powder coated with black anti-corrosion paint.  

The rail has an aluminum track that makes the back-and-forth movement of the seat to be sleek.  

It also features fewer plastic parts; these can be seen on the stabilizers, the console, the transport wheels, the seat rollers, the pedals, and the water tank.  

The stabilizers with adjustable levelers guarantee a wobble-free workout experience. Nevertheless, the use of a protective rubber mat can further solidify the overall stability of the rowing machine and protect the floor from being damaged.  

The rowing machine is average in size. It is not as large as some of the rowing machines out there. Yet it can accommodate users between the heights of 4’5’’ to 6’5’’ tall.  

The assembled dimensions are 72.5’’ long by 17’’ wide by 31.5’’ high. Consequently, it will require a workout area with measurements of 6’ (184 cm) in length by 1’4’’ (43 cm) in width; do not forget that there should be at least 2’ clearance around the unit to ensure safe and comfortable entry and exit. 

To relocate the rowing machine around the room, simply raise it from its tail and roll it away via the transport wheels at the front base.  

The Seat of the HARISON HR-W7 Water Rowing Machine 

This rower has a contoured and padded seat that is attached to the aluminum track. There are 2 rollers at the top of the rail and a roller underneath it. Thus, its transition is firm, smooth, and quiet.  

Since the seat is contoured to fit the butt, users can slide back and forth securely and comfortably without experiencing slippage. The dimensions are 12.8’’ wide by 10.4’’ long by 2’’ thick.  

The floor-to-seat height is not disclosed. However, it will probably be around 10’’ to 12’’ high. The track length is 47’’ (1200 mm).  

Finally, if the seat falls short in conveying comfort, an extra cushion can always be used to improve it.  

The Handlebar 

The handles have soft foam-coated sleeves that provide firm and comfortable grips that allow you to train longer without feeling sore in your palms or experiencing calluses.  

It is attached to a 1’’ nylon strap that is connected to the water tank recoil system for smooth and interrupted rowing operations.  

Moreover, the handlebar is wide enough to fit users of different shoulder-width.  

The Footrests 

The footrests on the HARISON HR-W7 Water Rowing Machine are made of metal plates, nylon, and plastic.  

They have heel guards and adjustable safety straps to keep the feet secure and comfortable.  

They are non-pivotal, however are positioned at a 45-degree angle to fit different foot sizes and prevent ankle stress.  

The Resistance 

The water tank of the the HARISON HR-W7 Water Rowing Machine and the parts inside

The HARISON Rowing Machine is equipped with a dynamic water resistance system. This comprises a polycarbonate water tank with a double propeller inside and a recoil system that is connected to the nylon strap and the handlebar.  

So, when the user paddles faster the stronger the resistance becomes. In a nutshell, the user is the architect who decides how difficult or easy the workout gets.  

There is infinite resistance possibility to explore. Thus, individuals at every fitness level, including seasoned athletes can experience challenging workouts on this rower.  

However, the resistance level can be increased or decreased by the level of water in the tank. The more water in the tank the easier it is to experience stronger resistance and vice versa.  

There are 1 to 6 levels on the water tank.  

But the bottom line is still your paddling capability.  

Additionally, the water resistance system provides this euphoria of paddling in open water due to the splash sound it makes with every stroke you pull.  

The Console 

The console and the tablet holder of the HARISON HR-W7 Water Rowing Machine

The HARISON HR-W7 Water Rowing Machine comes with a console that features a blue LED monitor. This tracks workout stats such as Time, Count, Distance, Calories, and SPM.  

These metrics are not shown simultaneously but are shown one at a time by the SCAN function. However, if you wish to view a certain workout stat of your choice, you can override this function and do so.  

Interestingly, the console is Bluetooth-enabled. It is compatible with the Kinomap workout app. This avails a lot more workout resources that would allow you to exercise productively and enjoyably. For instance, the app allows you to participate in live classes, and virtual personal training sessions, and to also share data with communities seamlessly.  

This app is free, but I doubt you will get the most exciting features from it. So, to enjoy this app you will have to subscribe to it. You may take advantage of the 14 free trials they offer to see if it is worth the subscription before plunging in.  

The Kinomap app is compatible with both Android and iOS-based smartphones and is available in their stores for free download.  

There are easy-to-use 4 navigation buttons, and the console is powered by 2 AA batteries.  


There is a tablet holder right above the console that holds a smartphone and a tablet device conveniently. This is designed to keep your device handy and in view to watch online workout classes or entertainment videos while exercising.  

On top of that, any device that is placed on the tablet holder won’t block the view of the LCD monitor as the case with some of the other tablet holders.  


The HARISON HR-W7 Water Rowing Machine is not foldable but it is vertically storable. This means it can be stored vertically thereby taking up only 2.2 square feet of the storage area.  

The unit can be rolled around the room via the front-mounted transport wheels.  

  • Sturdy and Durable 
  • Affordable 
  • Supports up to 350 lbs./158.7 kg maximum user weight capacity 
  • Supports individuals that are between the heights of 4’5’’ to 6’5’’ tall 
  • Its operation is smooth and quiet; won’t disturb neighbors 
  • It provides full-body and low-impact cardiovascular exercises that target back, chest, abdominal, gluteal, arm, and lower limb muscles 
  • The water tank is watertight with no leakage when stored uprightly 
  • Its water resistance system is dynamic and suitable for every user 
  • Its console is Bluetooth enabled and compatible with the Kinomap app so that you can access live classes, virtual personal rowing workout sessions, ano share data online 
  • The blue LCD monitor tracks Time, Distance, Calories, SPM, and Count with good readability 
  • The seat is comfortable, and it transitions smoothly and quietly 
  • The handlebar is coated with soft rubber foam for comfortable and firm grips 
  • The footrests are large with heel guards and adjustable safety straps for secure and comfortable foot placement 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Maintenance is not complicated 
  • Tablet holder included 
  • Transport wheels included for easy maneuver around the room 
  • No water bottle holder 
  • Kinomap workout needs a subscription (free version available) 
  • No heart rate monitoring system  

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  • Parts: 1 Year 

Product Dimensions & Specifications 

  • Length: 72.5’’ 
  • Width: 17’’ 
  • Height: 31.5’’ 
  • Shipping Dimensions: 38.25’’ L x 17.95’’ W x 12.8’’ H 
  • Net Weight: 57 lbs./25.8 kg 
  • Gross Weight: 64.5 lbs.29.3 kg 
  • Rail Length: 47’’ 
  • Maximum User Weight Capacity: 350 lbs./158.7 kg 
  • Supported User Heights: 4’5’’ – 6’5’’ 
  • Frame: Alloy steel 
  • Drive: Nylon strap 
  • Resistance System: Water  
  • Seat: 3D contoured and padded 
  • Handlebar: Foam-coated sleeves  
  • Footrests: Large with adjustable safety straps and heel guards (non-pivotal) 
  • Bluetooth enabled 
  • Compatible with the Kinomap workout app 
  • Console/monitor: Blue LCD  
  • Transport Wheels: Yes 
  • Tablet Holder: Yes 


The HARISON HR-W7 Water Rowing Machine comes in a package that weighs 64.5 lbs./29.3 kg with dimensions of 38.25’’ long by 17.95’’ wide by 12.8’’ high.  

Amazon offers free shipping for this product and gets it delivered in a couple of days or weeks depending on the destination.  


To assemble the unit won’t be an uphill task because the major components are preassembled. The parts that need to be assembled include the stabilizers, the rail, the seat, the footrests, and the console. 

An instruction manual and tools are included in the package. These are for an easy assembling process which might take about 20 to 30 minutes.  


The basic maintenance of a water rowing machine includes keeping it clean at all times by wiping or dusting it up after every workout session. Check it to be sure that all the parts are in good working condition and tight.  

The water in the tank needs to be replaced and treated every 6 months or as the manufacturer may recommend. Drain the water in the tank if the rowing machine is not going to be used for a long period.  

More maintenance details will be outlined in the owner’s manual. 


The HARISON HR-W7 Water Rowing Machine is a basic cardiovascular exercise machine that allows you to experience boating while you improve your overall physical wellness in the comfort of your home.  

It supports up to 350 lbs./158.7 kg maximum user weight capacity and 4’5’’ to 6’5’’ tall individuals.  

Users’ ability to connect the rowing machine to the Kinomap app via Bluetooth helps them take their workouts a step further to fun and productivity.  

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