A lady exercises with the SereneLife SLRWMC60 Rower

SereneLife SLRWMC60 Rower 

The SereneLife SLRWMC60 Rower has a powerful and hybrid resistance system that combines the power of air and magnetic fields to generate resistance just as the one on the Nordic Track RW600 Magnetic Rower.  Although, it is affordable and has several other features that could make your workout worthwhile and productive.   Some of the features …

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A lady runs on the SereneLife SLFTRD20 Folding Treadmill

SereneLife SLFTRD20 Folding Treadmill Review 

The SereneLife SLFTRD treadmills series are affordable, compact, and lightweight and that includes the SereneLife SLFTRD20 Folding Treadmill. It has similar features to those on the SereneLife SLFTRD25, SLFTRD26, and SLFTRD18.   It has a 1-horsepower motor with a speed range of 0.6-6 mph (10 km/h) and the console is Bluetooth enabled and compatible with the FitShow …

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SereneLife SLFTRD26BT Folding Treadmill

SereneLife SLFTRD26BT Folding Treadmill Review 

The SereneLife SLFTRD26BT Folding Treadmill has a lot of similarities to the SereneLife SLFTRD25BT. However, this treadmill has a slightly shorter running surface, a slightly less powerful motor, and slightly fewer workout programs. Thus, it is cheaper than the SLFTRD25BT model.   This is a basic treadmill that is designed for those that do not …

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A man runs on the UREVO URTM005 Folding Treadmill

UREVO URTM005 Folding Treadmill Review 

The UREVO URTM005 Folding Treadmill is an entry-level cardio machine for a small room. It is a compact treadmill because of the size of its deck/tread belt.   It has a manual incline system just like the OMA 5105EB Electric Treadmill, and a 3.0 horsepower motor that provides a 0.5-8,5 mph (13.6 km/h).   This is suitable …

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