THERUN Elliptical Cross Trainer Review 

THERUN Elliptical Cross Trainer Review 

The THERUN Elliptical Cross Trainer is a compact cardiovascular exercise machine designed for home use. It is a rear belt-driven unit with a manual magnetic resistance system.  

It is good for those on a budget, and anyone else that doesn’t want something bulky. Especially, if space is a problem, then this might just be the unit that allows you to exercise because it is space-friendly.  

It is as compact as the EFITMENT E005 Elliptical Machine with similar features. So, if you wish to look for an alternative, you may want to check out this one. 

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The Frame & Construction 

THERUN Elliptical Cross Trainer Review 

The THERUN Elliptical Cross Trainer has a steel frame that is coated with silver anti-corrosion paint, and of course, the drive covers, the pedals, and the stabilizer end caps are plastic made.  

It is sturdy enough to support 265 lbs./120 kg maximum user weight capacity. 

It is a compact machine that still maintains decent stability. The reason is that the base framework features rounded front and rear steel stabilizers with end caps. On top of that, the rear base has a set of diagonally shaped end caps that could be adjusted to boost stability.  

Interestingly, the base is floor-friendly; meaning it may not require the use of protective rubber.  

This is also a lightweight unit as it only weighs 63.3 lbs./28.7 kg. Therefore, putting it away for storage via the front-mounted transport wheels is not complicated.  

Its overall assembled dimensions are 38.6’’ long by 19.3’’ wide by 59’’ high. Thus, it will only require a workout area with measurements of 3’21’’ (98.04 cm) in length by 1’6’’ (49.02 cm) in width, and a ceiling height of at least 8’ high.  

Having said that, there should be clearance around it for safety and easy access purposes. This usually takes about 2’ at the front and the rear and on each side. 

The Pedals of the THERUN Elliptical Cross Trainer 

The pedals (13.8’’ L x 6.3’’ W) are large and anti-slip designed to accommodate large foot sizes with adequate friction for stability and safety.  

Unlike the FUNMILY Elliptical Cross Trainer which has a 16’’ stride length, this only has 13’’.  

That said, users between 4’9’’ to up to 6’ tall can utilize this unit and have an outstanding and productive experience.   

The Handlebars 

The THERUN Elliptical Machine has static and dual-action handlebars. These sets of handlebars are designed to allow you to train the whole body or exclusively the lower body. 

The static handlebar is attached to the neck of the console mast without the possibility of moving, while the dual-action handlebars are attached to the console mast and then to the pedals. Hence, they (dual-action handlebars) swing as long as the pedals move because the connection is fixed.  

There are heart rate sensors on the static handlebars designed to transmit users’ pulse rate data to the monitor whenever they are grasped during a workout for observation.  

The handles of the two sets of handlebars are coated with soft rubber foam material for safety and comfortable grips. This means you don’t have to use gloves to be able to work out longer without experiencing slippage or blisters on the palms.  


This is a belt-driven elliptical trainer. It consists of a strong anti-stretch belt, a pulley, and the 13.2 lbs./6 kg perimeter-weight flywheel.  

Its operation is smoother and quieter than a chain-driven elliptical trainer. It maintains a noise level as low as 20 dB. Moreover, the drive system does not require any pre/post-lubrication or adjustment as a chain-driven type may require.  

Therefore, the unit is suitable for home use because you can work out at any time of the day regardless if any member of the family is around or not. Those who live in an apartment won’t have to worry about disturbing their next-door neighbor.  

You may decide to watch your favorite TV show or listen to the music of your choice without noise interference from the machine.  

The smooth and quiet operation of the elliptical trainer gives you total control over how much effort and concentration you put into achieving your fitness goal(s). 

The drive is of course bidirectional. Hence, you can pedal in reverse to diversify your workout and tone more muscle groups. 

The Resistance 

The resistance control knob of t he THERUN Elliptical Cross Trainer

The THERUN Elliptical Cross Trainer has a manual magnetic resistance system with 8 adjustable levels.  

This means it is manually adjustable and it mainly comprises a magnet, a flywheel, and the tension control knob.  

The magnetic resistance system accentuates the noiseless operation of the unit because no friction occurs when resistance is applied or engaged. In other words, resistance is generated when the magnet releases magnetic fields around (without direct contact) the flywheel thereby causing a drag effect. 

So, the intensity of the resistance is dependent on how close the magnetic pad is to the flywheel.  

The tension knob enables you to control the resistance level between 1 to 8. Turn it clockwise to increase the resistance or counterclockwise to decrease it. It provides easy to fairly difficult workout experiences that could help you to lose weight, improve cardiovascular health, and tone muscle groups. 

Just like the drive, the resistance system does not require any maintenance or replacement of parts, since no part wears out after all.  

The Console 

The console on this elliptical trainer is basic. This is no surprise because the machine is in the entry-level category. Thus, you don’t expect bells and whistles.  

Having said that, it features an LCD monitor that tracks workout stats such as Time, Speed, Distance, Odometer, Calories, and Heart Rate with good clarity. However, this may be compromised if viewed in a poorly lit room because the monitor is not backlit.  

There is a SCAN function that controls how the data is displayed. It has the workout data displayed one at a time every few seconds since the screen of the monitor is not large enough to display the whole data at once.  

However, you can override the SCAN setting to instead set a certain workout value of your choice to display constantly.  

The 3 navigation buttons which include SET, MODE, and RESET allow you to make the aforementioned settings and also set up goal countdowns for Time, Distance, and Calories.  

The console is battery-powered. Hence, to preserve the batteries’ power the monitor automatically turns off when there is no activity on the elliptical trainer for about 6 minutes and it automatically turns on when activity restarts. 


The THERUN Elliptical Cross Trainer has a tablet and water bottle holders.  

The tablet holder is built-in on the console. This enables you to keep a smartphone/tablet device within reach for entertainment or taking call purposes. However, the monitor gets blocked if a device is placed on the tablet holder.  

The water bottle holder is attached to the console mast right below the tension control knob. It is positioned for easy reach. Therefore, you can keep water handy for the maintenance of hydration purposes, which is very essential for reaching your fitness goal(s).  


A lady moves the THERUN Elliptical Cross Trainer to a storage area

Storage is something some users are concerned about. They would like to know how easy is it to move the unit around, and how much space is it going to take for storage.  

Well, THERUN Elliptical Cross Trainer is a compact machine that can easily be moved around via the integrated transport wheels at the front. It only weighs 63.3 lbs./28.71 kg and has assembled dimensions of 38.6’’ long by 19.3’’ wide by 59’’ high.  

Thus, a storage area with measurements of 3’21’’ (98.04 cm) length by 1’6’’ (49.02 cm) width will suffice.  

Pros/Features Overview 

  • Solidly built with steel and quality plastic  
  • Supports a maximum user weight capacity of 265 lbs./120 kg 
  • Affordable  
  • Compact and portable (transport wheels included for easy relocation process and it doesn’t take up too much space) 
  • Supports users between the heights of 4’9’’ to 6’ tall 
  • Its operation is smooth and quiet (20dB noise level) 
  • The magnetic resistance system with 8 adjustable levels offers a range of workout challenges for weight loss, muscle group toning, and cardiovascular improvement 
  • The elliptical trainer provides total body and low-impact workouts  
  • Static and Dual-action handlebars are included 
  • Pedals are large (13.8’’ L x 6.3’’ W) and textured for secure and proper foot placement  
  • The stride length is 13’’ 
  • LCD monitor tracks workout stats such as Time, Distance, Speed, Odometer, Calories, and Pulse Rate 
  • Contact heart rate sensors integrated 
  • Goal countdown for Time, Distance, and Calories 
  • Tablet holder included 
  • Water bottle holder included 
  • The maintenance requirement is minimal 
  • It is 90% preassembled 


  • The monitor is basic and nonbacklit 
  • It may not be suitable for individuals taller than 6’ 
  • Any device placed on the tablet holder could block the view of the console 


  • 12 Months limited warranty 

Product Dimensions & Specifications 

  • Length: 38.6’’ 
  • Width: 19.3’’ 
  • Height: 59’’ 
  • Shipping Dimensions: 13’’ L x 19.7’’ W x 40.7’’ H 
  • Gross weight: 68.1 lbs./30.88 kg 
  • Net weight: 63.3 lbs./28.7 kg 
  • Maximum user weight capacity: 265 lbs./120 kg 
  • Material: Steel & plastic 
  • Flywheel weight: 13.2 lbs./6 kg 
  • Monitor: Basic LCD 
  • Contact grip for heart rate integrated 
  • Drive: Belt 
  • Resistance: Manual magnetic with 8 adjustable levels 
  • Handlebars: Static & dual-action 
  • Pedals: Large (13.8’’ x 6.3’’) & textured 
  • Stride length: 13’’  
  • Transport wheels included 
  • Tablet holder included 
  • Water bottle holder included 


The THERUN Elliptical Cross Trainer comes in a box with dimensions of 13’’ long by 19.7’’ wide by 40.7’’ high and it weighs 68.1 lbs./30.88 kg.  

Shipping is usually free if purchased from major vendors such as Amazon and it takes a couple of days to weeks (depending on where you live) to make delivery.  


The assembly of this unit is not difficult because most of the parts are preassembled.  

Moreover, the tools required for the assembly and the instruction manual for guidance (assembly video available too) are included in the package.

It won’t take up to an hour to completely assemble the machine.  


No technical maintenance is required. For the most part, you simply need to keep the unit clean at all times.  

Store it in a place that is clean, dry, and cool. Examine the parts before use to ensure that everything is in good condition to prevent an accident.  


The THERUN Elliptical Cross Trainer has mostly received a positive rating on Amazon at the time of this review. This indicates that it is a recommendable exercise machine for those on a budget or those who just need something simple and compact yet effective.  

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