Lady exercises with the Spirit Fitness XBR95 Recumbent Bike

Spirit Fitness XBR95 Recumbent Bike Review

The Spirit Fitness XBR95 Recumbent Bike is a high-end unit that is in the same price range category as the HCI Fitness Physio Step Recumbent Bike. However, the difference is that the latter is a special unit designed for both regular and physiotherapeutic purposes.  

Having said that, the Spirit XBR95 is self-powered, solidly built, and has some interesting features that are not available on most recumbent bikes.  

It features an eddy current magnetic resistance system with 40 adjustable levels, 12 workout programs, a heavy flywheel, and much more.  

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The Frame & Construction 

Spirit Fitness XBR95 Recumbent Bike Review

As aforementioned, this machine is sturdily built and fairly heavy just like the 3G Cardio Elite RB Recumbent Bike. It has a step-through design for easy mount and dismount, and it features a frame that is made of alloy steel. The frame is coated with grey anti-corrosion paint meant to protect it from degradation and give it a nice look.  

The external protective and cosmetic coverings such as the drive system shrouds, the seat base covers, console casings, the water bottle, and accessory holders are made of ABS material.  

It supports a maximum user weight capacity of 350 lbs./158.7 kg. 

The base integrates front and rear rectangular steel stabilizers with adjustable levelers underneath them. They are designed to keep the recumbent bike stable and also allow users to level it up on a surface that is not entirely even to prevent stability from being compromised. 

Moreover, its overall assembled weight of 147.3 lbs./66.81 kg is heavy enough to keep it superlatively stable. However, it is recommended to put it on a protective rubber mat in order to prevent damage to the floor.  

There are transport wheels at the front base of the recumbent bike for an easy relocation process. It can easily be moved around the room because most of its weight is located at the front part and you need to raise it from the rear for the relocation process.  

The assembled dimensions are 56.7’’ long by 29.5’’ wide by 50’’ high. Differently put, it needs a workout area with measurements of 4’72’ (144 cm) length by 2’45’’ (74.93 cm) width, plus the recommended 2’ clearance around it for safety and easy access.  

The Seat of the Spirit Fitness XBR95 Recumbent Bike 

The mesh seat of the Spirit Fitness XBR95 Recumbent Bike

The seat is large, slightly contoured, and covered with vinyl material. This means it provides decent comfort to the butt and can easily be maintained as well. However, if you feel the need to improve the comfort level you can do so by adding an extra cushion to it.  

The seat is attached to a wide extruded aluminum beam that sits on a sturdy base. The beam is angled so that when the seat is adjusted forward or backward, the height slightly increases or decreases.  

There are up to 12 adjustable positions for the fore/aft adjustment.  

The backrest is another interesting part of the seat because it is unique. It is long (longer than most recumbent bikes’ backrests) for adequate back support. You can adjust it to recline positions via its separate adjustment lever.  

Since it’s made up of vinyl, mesh, and buckles, there will be an airflow that maintains a dry and comfortable back during workouts. 

The Handlebar  

There are 2 sets of handlebars on the Spirit Fitness XBR95 Recumbent Bike. One set is located at the console mast, and it’s static (nonadjustable), while the other set is attached to the seat. 

They are both coated with soft rubber foam material to promote secure and comfortable grips.  

The handlebars on the seat feature heart rate sensors and resistance control buttons, while those at the front mast are plain without any buttons.  

To be able to monitor your heart rate data, you will have to grasp the pulse rate sensors on the seat handlebars when exercising to effect transmission to the console. 

The Pedals 

The pedals on this unit are the standard types that are usually integrated into recumbent bikes. They have anti-slip surfaces and are made of quality plastic with a metallic core. Their 2-degrees inverted design provides biomechanical movement.  

They have adjustable safety straps designed to keep the feet from slipping off.  

The Drive 

This recumbent bike features a belt drive system. This means it has internal elements such as a solid anti-stretch poly-v belt, a pulley, and a heavy perimeter weighted flywheel that weighs about 30 lbs./13.6.  

Why does the heavy flywheel matter? This is because it provides a consistent momentum that maintains high inertia. In other words, the operation of the bike is not only smooth and quiet but also optimally stable without vibration.  

Moreover, no maintenance would be required as opposed to a chain drive system.  

The drive system is bidirectional. You can pedal forward and backward.  

The Resistance 

As aforementioned, the Spirit Fitness XBR95 Recumbent Bike features an eddy current magnetic resistance system, and it is a self-powered machine.  

Therefore, the resistance is automatic, and you don’t have to plug the machine into a power outlet because it has an internal power generator that produces the power for the resistance system and the console as you exercise.  

Having an eddy current magnetic resistance system means that the bike incorporates parts such as a magnetic brake pad, a servo motor, and of course the flywheel.  

Once the resistance is adjusted automatically or by a push of a button, the servo motor swings into action by moving the magnetic brake pad close or farther (as the case may be) away from the flywheel so that the emitted magnetic fields from the magnet would initiate a drag or a pull that will ultimately cause a resistance.  

Fortunately, none of the internal elements in the resistance system make any direct contact during the process of generating resistance. Therefore, no friction occurs and no part will wear out over time. Thus, no part will require replacement and no maintenance of any sort will either be needed.  

There are up to 40 resistance levels to select from. These provide different workout challenges that will be suitable for everyone with different fitness goals.  

The Console 

The console of the Spirit Fitness XBR95 Recumbent Bike

Spirit Fitness XBR95 Recumbent Bike comes with a console that features a 7.5’’ blue LCD monitor.  

Before looking at what it features, let’s look at what it doesn’t have.  

The console is not compatible with apps such as Fitbit or Apple and does not have Bluetooth connectivity.  

That said, the console is angle adjustable, and the LCD monitor tracks multiple workout data at a time to keep you informed and motivated. These include Time, Distance, Heart Rate, RPM, Level, METs, Segment Time, Program Name, Watts, Calories, and Laps.  

These are displayed with good visibility because the monitor is backlit.  

Speed and Distance can be displayed in mph/miles or in km/h/km. All you need to do is swap to the preferred unit. 

The console is telemetry-enabled and the heart rate chest strap is included in the package. Therefore, the pulse rate can be read via the EKG grips or via the wireless HR chest strap.  

There are 12 workout programs available on the console. They include Manual, Hill, Fat Burn, Cardio, Strength, Interval, Calories, Fusion, 2 User, and 2 Heart Rate.  

The Hill, Fat Burn, Cardio, Strength, Interval, Calories, and Fusion are preset workout programs that automatically apply a certain predefined resistance level when selected, while the manual program gives you control to select the resistance level you wish to use.  

The 2 user programs offer the opportunity for you and one other person to set up and save a custom program where you can choose a preferred resistance level.  

While the 2 Heart Rate programs are preset 60% and 80% maximum heart rates that are calculated based on age, weight, and gender.  


The console has some extras such as a sound system that includes an auxiliary port and speakers. You can hook up a smartphone or an MP3 to listen to music while exercising.  

There is a cooling fan also for keeping you cool and dry. However, not so powerful though.  

Finally, there is a tablet holder that could accommodate a magazine or a large tablet device, and 2 water bottle holders for the maintenance of hydration.  


Obviously, this is not a foldable machine. However, it is not too large to overwhelm your storage space either.  

A storage space with measurements of 4’72’ (144 cm) length by 2’45’’ (74.93 cm) width will be fine.  

Although, the recumbent bike weighs about 147.3 lbs./66.81 kg and most of this weight is located at the front. Therefore, it can easily be moved around the room without difficulty because there are transport wheels at the front base. 

Pros/Features Overview 

  • It possesses a commercial-grade construction 
  • It is stable (it has adjustable levelers) 
  • Supports a maximum user weight capacity of 350 lbs./158.7 kg 
  • Its step-thru design enables users, especially the physically impaired to easily get on and off  
  • The seat is large and cushioned and features a high mesh backrest 
  • The seat and the backrest could be adjusted independently 
  • 2 sets of handlebars (seat handlebars have heart rate sensors and resistance adjustment buttons on them) for different workout postures 
  • EKG contact sensors & wireless heart rate (chest strap included in the package) 
  • The eddy current resistance system offers 40 resistance levels that produce different workout challenges
  • 7.5’’ backlit LCD monitor tracks workout stats such as Time, Distance, Heart Rate, RPM, Level, METs, Segment Time, Program Name, Watts, Calories, and Laps (most are displayed simultaneously) 
  • It is self-powered; no need for electricity 
  • Transport wheels are included 
  • 12 workout programs (Manual, Hill, Fat Burn, Cardio, Strength, Interval, Calories, Fusion, 2 User, and 2 Heart Rate) are available 
  • Cooling fan included 
  • Tablet holder included 
  • Sound system (auxiliary port and 2 speakers) included 
  • Water bottle holder included 
  • Limited maintenance 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Warranty good 


  • No Bluetooth and app connectivity 
  • The cooling fan is weak 


  • Frame: Lifetime 
  • Brake: Lifetime 
  • Parts: 10 Years 
  • Labor: 1 Year 

Commercial Warranty 

  • Frame: Lifetime 
  • Brake: 5 Years 
  • Parts: 3 Years 
  • Labour: 1 Year 

Product Dimensions & Specifications 

  • Length: 56.7’’ 
  • Width: 29.5’’ 
  • Height: 50’’ 
  • Shipping dimensions: 57’’ L x 50’’ W x 30’’ H 
  • Net weight: 147.3 lbs./66.81 kg 
  • Gross weight: 165.3 lbs./75 kg 
  • Maximum user weight capacity: 350 lbs./158.7 kg 
  • Frame: Commercial-grade steel 
  • Flywheel weight: 30 lbs./13.6 kg 
  • Drive: Belt with self-tensioner 
  • Resistance: Eddy Current Magnetic with 40 electronically adjustable resistance levels 
  • Power: Self-generating 
  • Seat: Large and cushioned with reclining mesh backrest 
  • Pedals: Anti-skid and self-leveling with adjustable straps  
  • Console: Telemetric, 7.5’’ blue backlit LCD monitor, tracks Time, Distance, Heart Rate, RPM, Level, METs, Segment Time, Program Name, Watts, Calories, and Laps 
  • Programs: 12 (Manual, Hill, Fat Burn, Cardio, Strength, Interval, Calories, Fusion, 2 User, and 2 Heart Rate) 
  • Heart Rate monitoring: EKG contact grips & Wireless HR chest strap (device included) 
  • Extras: Swivel cooling fan, MP3 audio jack & speakers, tablet holder, water bottle holders 
  • Transport wheels included 


The Spirit Fitness XBR95 Recumbent Bike ships in a box that weighs 165.3 lbs./75 kg with dimensions of 57’’ long by 50’’ wide by 30’’ high.  

It usually takes a couple of days to weeks for delivery to be made depending on where you reside and the shipping option you opted for. 


The assembly is not difficult because it comes pre-assembled. However, you may need a hand to help you during the assembling process due to the weight of the machine.  

You will have to attach the stabilizers, the pedals, the mast & console, the seat base & seat, and the 2 sets of handlebars. It takes about 90 minutes to 2 hours to completely assemble the unit.  

An instruction manual with illustrations and tools are included in the package 


This is a maintenance-free recumbent bike. No serious maintenance is needed other than to keep it clean at all times and also routinely check the parts to ensure they are tight and in good condition.  

It must be stored in a clean, dry, and cool area.  


The Spirit Fitness XBR95 Recumbent Bike is a commercial-grade exercise machine that is designed to meet your physical fitness needs. 

It has interesting features such as 12 workout programs, an eddy current magnetic resistance system with 40 adjustable levels, a belt drive system, a self-generating power system, a heavy perimeter weighted flywheel, and much more.  

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