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XTERRA Fitness ERG200 Magnetic Rowing Machine Review

The XTERRA Fitness ERG200 Magnetic Rowing Machine is an entry-level rower that is affordable. In other words, it is an inexpensive machine that provides you with the opportunity to engage in full body and low impact cardiovascular exercises in the comfort of your home.   

As aforementioned, it is a basic rowing machine with basic features.  

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The Frame & Construction 

XTERRA Fitness ERG200 Magnetic Rowing Machine

The part that stands out in XTERRA Fitness ERG200 Magnetic Rowing Machine would be the extruded aluminum slide rail that is slanted instead of being horizontally flat and even.

The rear end is 9’’ while the front end is 6.5’’. This enables quick motion recovery and works better on the leg muscle groups.  

Although, several other rowing machines have a similar construct, and such example is the Joroto Magnetic Rowing Machine.  

The XTERRA Fitness ERG200 has a steel frame that is coated with anti-corrosion paint while the resistance system coverings and the pedals are made of ABS material.

As a result, it is elegant and supports a maximum user weight capacity of 250 lbs./113.3 kg.  

The base has got 3 stabilizers that keep it stable even during a vigorous rowing activity. However, always ensure that the unit is placed and used on a firm and even platform to guaranty optimum stability.  

Moving the rower around the room or apartment is easy since it has transport wheels at the front base and only weighs 55.1 lbs./25 kg.  

The assembled dimensions are 71.9’’ long by 20.7’’ wide by 31.5’’ high. This means an area with perimeters of 6’ length by 1’8’’ width can accommodate the rowing machine for workouts. Although, an extra clearance of 2’ is recommended to be added around it for safety and easy access.  

Thankfully, the rower is foldable. Therefore, it doesn’t require much space for storage. When folded, the dimensions become 36.4’’ long by 20.7’’ wide by 47.3’’ high.  

The Seat of the XTERRA Fitness ERG200 Magnetic Rowing Machine 

The padded seat of the XTERRA Fitness ERG200 Magnetic Rowing Machine

The seat is wide, contoured, and padded for maximum comfort. Nevertheless, you can still upgrade it by using an extra seat cushion that could enable you to work out longer without feeling so uncomfortable that you want to quit.  

It integrates 2 pairs of ball bearing rollers and is attached to the aluminum rail for smooth and quiet gliding that delivers a great feel.   

The rail range enables users that are up to 6’2’’ tall to row properly with full leg extension. 

The Handlebar 

The XTERRA Fitness ERG200 Magnetic Rowing Machine is equipped with a standard straight steel handlebar that has anti-slip rubber foam covering. It offers firm and comfortable grips that prevent slippage or blisters in the palms.

This also means you don’t necessarily have to use a pair of hand gloves.  

It is anchored to a 1’’ nylon strap that holds up and doesn’t snap on you.  

The Footrests 

The footrests are made of durable plastic. They are textured with adjustable safety straps and heel guards for steady and comfortable foot placement. Therefore, neither of your feet would slip during an intense workout.  

Also, they pivot, providing the flexibility needed for the feet and the ankles to adhere to movements made during each stroke you make. This reduces a lot of stress that could have been put on the ankles.  

The Drive/Resistance System 

The XTERRA Fitness ERG200 Magnetic Rowing Machine is pretty much a belt-driven rower because it integrates, as aforementioned, a 1’’ nylon strap that is connected to a 9 lbs./4 kg perimeter weighted flywheel. 

The resistance system is magnetic and manually adjustable between 1-8 levels. Unlike an air or water resistance system that is dynamic, each resistance level provides a pre-determined and unchangeable resistance.  

Moreover, no friction or noise is produced during the process of generating resistance because the elements involved such as the magnetic pad and the flywheel do not make any direct contact.

Instead, the former emits magnetic fields around the steel 9 lbs./4 kg perimeter flywheel to generate resistance.  

To increase or decrease the resistance level, simply turn the control tension knob clockwise or counterclockwise to the desired level. 

Since the rowing machine is equipped with a belt and magnetic resistance system, its operation is smooth and quiet no matter how aggressive you pull each stroke. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about disturbing the family or the neighbors when you work out.  

Also, you may watch a movie, workout videos, or listen to music without noise interference from the rowing machine.  

One other notable aspect is that no periodic maintenance such as lubrication or adjustment is required.  

That said, if you wish to experience an extreme workout challenge, then, you may have to opt for a water or air rowing machine. This move may incur an extra cost because they are more expensive than the XTERRA Fitness ERG200 Magnetic Rowing Machine.  


The console/monitor of the XTERRA Fitness ERG200 Magnetic Rowing Machine

The XTERRA Fitness ERG200 Magnetic Rowing Machine has a simple and regular console with nothing special.

It features a 3.7’’ LCD monitor that helps you track your workout progress by displaying metrics such as Time, Stroke Count, Calories, and Total Stroke Count. 

These stats are displayed one at a time by the SCAN function with good clarity, and the monitor’s angle can be adjusted for a better viewing position.  

Although, if viewed in a poorly-lit environment its readability might be compromised because the monitor does not have a backlight.  

It is possible to have (set) the monitor display a certain workout metric of choice constantly without rotationally switching to another.  

The buttons on the console help you to do just that and they also enable you to scroll through the functions, set up a goal (count-down) for Time, Stroke Count, and Calories. 

The monitor comes alive when you start rowing or by a push of a button, and it automatically shuts down when activity ceases for a few minutes.  

That said, the console is basic, hence, no app connectivity or heart rate function.  


This rowing machine is foldable. Therefore, even though it requires a little bit of space for workouts, it needs much less space for storage.  

It is easy to fold and move because there are transport wheels at the front base and it only weighs 55.1 lbs./25 kg.  

When you are ready to move the rowing machine to a storage location, simply raise the rail beam and lock it into place.  

An area with perimeters of 3’ length by 1’7’’ width should be enough storage space; hence, it could be stored in the corner of the room.  

Pros/Features Overview 

  • Affordable, sturdy, and stable 
  • Supports a maximum user weight capacity of 250 lbs./113 kg 
  • Accommodates users up to 6’2’’  
  • Foldable, lightweight, and portable, hence, it is storage-friendly 
  • Operation is smooth and quiet 
  • The slanted rail beam promotes smooth and quick gliding recovery and positively impacts the lower body muscle groups 
  • The seat is large, contoured, and padded for maximum comfort 
  • The handlebar is coated with anti-slip rubber foam for firm grips 
  • The large and textured pedals have Velcro adjustable safety straps and heel guards for maximum safety and comfort during prolonged and aggressive workouts; they accommodate different foot sizes 
  • The magnetic resistance system provides 8 different levels of workout challenge that enable users to achieve their fitness goals 
  • The LCD monitor tracks workout stats such as Time, Stroke Count, Total Stroke Count, and Calories 
  • Goal setting for Time, Stroke Count, and Calories 
  • Maintenance such as periodic lubrication or adjustment not required 
  • Assembly is not difficult or complicated 


  • No water bottle holder or a tablet holder 
  • The monitor is nonbacklit 



  • 1 Year for the Frame 
  • 1 Year for the Parts 

Product Dimensions & Specifications 

  • Length: 71.9’’ 
  • Width: 20.7’’ 
  • Length: 31.5’’ 
  • Folded dimensions: 36.4’’ L x 20.7’’ W x 47.3’’ 
  • Shipping dimensions: 40’’ L x 22.5’’ W x 12 H 
  • Net weight: 55.1 lbs./25 kg 
  • Gross weight: 65.4 lbs./29.67 kg 
  • Maximum user weight capacity: 250 lbs./113 kg 
  • Maximum supported user height: 6’2’’ 
  • Drive: Belt/Nylon 
  • Resistance system: Manual magnetic with 8 adjustable levels 
  • Frame: Steel 
  • Flywheel: 9 lbs./4 kg 
  • Rail beam: Extruded aluminum 
  • Floor to seat height: 9’’ rear & 6.5’’ front 
  • Seat: Large, padded, and contoured 
  • Handlebar: Straight and padded with anti-slip rubber foam 
  • Pedals: Large, textured, and pivoting with adjustable safety straps and heel guards 
  • Console/Monitor: Basic LCD nonbacklit 
  • Transport wheels: Yes 
  • Tablet holder: No 
  • Water bottle holder: No 


The XTERRA Fitness ERG200 Magnetic Rowing Machine arrives in a single well-packaged box that weighs 65.4 lbs./29.67 kg with dimensions of 40’’ long by 22.5’’ wide by 12’’ high.  

It takes a couple of days to have it delivered upon purchase, and you will be able to track it during transit.   

You are not going to incur any shipping cost unless you wish to use an expedited delivery option which may not be necessary.  


The assembly of this unit is usually an uncomplicated process since the major components are preassembled.  

The parts to be attached to the core unit include the rail beam, the front, and rear stabilizers, the footrests, the seat, and the console.  

It should take less than an hour to fully put the machine together.  

Also, a manual containing assembly instructions accompanies the package.  


As aforementioned, this rowing machine doesn’t require any time-consuming maintenance.  

Simply make sure it is kept clean, especially the rollers, to prevent any dirt or debris from causing friction that could lead to damage.  

Also, make sure that the console is not exposed to bad environmental conditions such as excessive heat, dirt, or humidity.  


The XTERRA Fitness ERG200 Magnetic Rowing Machine is a low-budget and entry-level unit that gets you to lose weight and improve your overall physical fitness right in the comfort of your home.  

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