Lifeand M220 Water Rowing Machine

Lifeand M220 Water Rowing Machine Review 

The Lifeand M220 Water Rowing Machine has the structural design of the Merax Rowing Machine and Sunny Health & Fitness Phantom Hydro Water Rower.  

It is made for home use; to bring that outdoor boating experience with maximum comfort.  

Due to its extended user weight capacity and the inseam it supports, multiple users can take turns exercising on it.  

Its storage and transportation around the room is easy and convenient considering it can be stored vertically and can be rolled away via the front mounted transport wheels.  

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The Frame & Construction 

The Lifeand M220 Water Rowing Machine has a lightweight and solid steel frame that is coated with back anti-corrosion paint. The tank which contains a plastic flywheel and fan blades inside is made of a polycarbonate material.  

Other parts such as the pedals, the console, and the stabilizer end caps and pads are made of plastic.  

The rowing machine supports 330 lbs./150 kg maximum user weight capacity.  

The steel stabilizers and the adjustable levelers at the rear base ensure the user’s ability to exercise without experiencing instability.  

That said, the idea of using a protective rubber mat underneath the rowing machine is good because it prevents damage to the floor and improves overall stability.  

Its assembled dimensions are 78’’ long by 20’’ wide by 25.5’’ high (without the console and its stand). Therefore, a workout area with measurements of 6’5’’ (198 cm) in length by 2’12’’ (65 cm) in width would be appropriate.  

However, there is always a recommended clearance of at least 2’ on each side of the unit to be considered for safety and ease of access.  

As aforementioned, the unit can be stored uprightly. Hence, it won’t take up too much space as it would when being used.  

In our assessment, the full body and low-impact Lifeand Rowing Machine has a decent construction for home use.  

The Seat of the Lifeand M220 Water Rowing Machine 

The seat of the Lifeand M220 Water Rowing Machine

The unit comes with a molded seat that is wide and contoured. Its dimensions are 10.2’’ long by 12.5’’ wide. It suitably accommodates users and prevents slippage during intense back-and-forth gliding moments.  

The seat is attached to the steel rail with 2 quality rollers over the rail and one underneath it.  

So, the seat sliding motion is fluidly smooth and quiet. 

The inseam (length of the inner thigh to the ankle) the unit supports is not disclosed.  However, the rail is 51.2’’ long, which means that users that are up to 6’5’’ tall can exercise on the rowing machine with full leg extension.  

The Handlebar 

The handlebar of the M220 Water Rowing Machine is widened and padded with anti-slip rubber foam. Therefore, users of different shoulder widths can be accommodated, and they can easily adjust their hand position with ease. 

It is attached to a 1’’ nylon strap and connected to a pulley, a recoil system, and to the flywheel with fan blades in the water tank for smooth and quiet strokes.  

The handlebar does not have heart rate sensors or any adjustment buttons on it.  


The footrests are plastic with a metallic core. They are large, wide, and textured with adjustable safety straps and heel guards.

Their dimensions are 12.2’’ long by 6’’ wide, and are angle-positioned for optimum comfortability. 

Users of different foot sizes can be accommodated securely with maximum comfort.   

The Resistance system  

The Lifeand M220 Water Rowing Machine has a dynamic water resistance system. This comprises a water tank with a flywheel and fan blades.  

The resistance system cannot be adjusted by a push of a button or a shift of a lever. Its increase and decrease in resistance depend on the user’s rowing ability.  

In other words, the resistance increases when the user rows faster and it decreases when he or she slows down. So, there is no limit to how challenging your workout can be, it all depends on you.  

However, the level of water in the tank can determine how quickly the resistance kicks in during a workout.  

If the tank is filled to its max, users can easily experience strong resistance, and the case is the reverse if the tank is half-filled or less.  

The splashing sound the tank makes when exercising on the rowing machine is soothing and reminding for those who have experienced outdoor boating.  

It will suffice to say that its operation does not disturb the user or those around.  

The water in the tank can easily be drained and filled with the siphon pump that comes with the package.  

The Console 

The console, stabilizer bars, and the slide rail of the Lifeand M220 Water Rowing Machine

The console is Bluetooth-enabled and compatible with ANT+ heart rate technology. This means it can connect to a wireless HR chest strap or wristwatch. But it cannot connect to any workout app.  

The console features a battery-powered LCD monitor that tracks Time, Distance, Calories, Stroke, and Heart Rate simultaneously.  

The display has high readability if viewed in a well-lit environment, otherwise, it might be compromised. Moreover, it can be adjusted for a better viewing position.  

There are several easy-to-use navigation buttons on the console for function settings.  

A user can engage in an intense rowing competition under the competitive race mode to burn more calories which will ultimately lead to weight loss.  


The Lifeand M220 Water Rowing Machine does not have any accessories.  

Keeping water handy for proper hydration is necessary; therefore, the user must improvise to keep water within reach through an entire workout session. 


A lady poses beside an uprigth positioned Lifeand M220 Water Rowing Machine

The water rowing machine is not foldable, but it is storage-friendly because it can be stored upright.  

To store it horizontally, raise it from the rear base and let it rest on the tank cage and the transport wheels.  

The wheels which are located at the front base allow users to easily roll it to and from the storage area.  

The assembled weight of the unit is 70 lbs./31.75 kg.  

  • Built to support 330 lbs./150 kg maximum user weight capacity 
  • Users up to 6’5’’ tall can exercise on it with full leg extension 
  • Features solid anti-corrosion steel frame 
  • Provides full body and low-impact cardiovascular exercises 
  • Its operation provides a soothing splashing sound  
  • Its resistance system is dynamic; and offers suitable workout challenges to both beginners and professionals 
  • The seat slides fluidly back and forth, and it is molded to accommodate different sizes of users comfortably 
  • The widened handlebar is padded with anti-slip rubber foam material for secure and comfortable grips 
  • The footrests are large and textured with adjustable safety straps and heel guards for secure and comfortable foot placement 
  • The console is Bluetooth enabled for ANT+ HR technology 
  • The LCD monitor tracks workout progress by displaying Time, Distance, Stroke, Calories, and Heart Rate 
  • It features a competitive race mode for an intense workout challenge 
  • It is storage-friendly; it can be stored uprightly 
  • Can easily be moved around the room via the integrated transport wheels at the front base 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • The maintenance requirement is minimal 
  • A siphon water pump is included in the package 
  • The monitor is not backlit 
  • There is no water bottle holder 
  • There is no tablet holder 
  • Not compatible with a workout app 
  • The HR chest strap has to be purchased separately 

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Product Dimensions & Specifications 

  • Length: 78’’ 
  • Width: 20’’ 
  • Height: 25.5’’ 
  • Shipping Dimensions: 45’’ L x 22’’ W x 25.5’’ H 
  • Net Weight: 70 lbs./31.75 kg 
  • Gross Weight: 77 lbs./35 kg 
  • Frame: Lightweight steel 
  • Maximum User Weight Capacity: 330 lbs./150 kg 
  • Maximum Supported Height: 6’5’’  
  • Resistance: Dynamic, water 
  • Seat: Molded (10.2’’ L x 12.5’’) 
  • Handlebar: Widened and padded  
  • Footrest: Large, textured with adjustable safety straps and heel guards 
  • Bluetooth enabled for ANT+ HR technology 
  • Monitor: Digital LCD  


Amazon has a free shipping option for this rowing machine. It can be shipped and delivered in a couple of days. However, in some cases (depending on the destination), it might take a week(s).  

The unit weighs 77 lbs./35 kg with dimensions of 45’’ long by 22’’ wide by 25.5’’ high.  


The Lifeand M220 Water Rowing Machine requires a few parts to be assembled upon arrival. These parts include the rail, the seat, the stabilizer bars, the footrests, and the console.  

The owner’s manual includes the assembly instructions. Therefore, anyone can assemble this product.  


The maintenance needed for a rowing machine such as this is to keep it clean always.  

Treat or change the water in the tank as at when due, and store it in a cool, dry, and clean area.  

Further instructions regarding maintenance are outlined in the manual.  


The Lifeand M220 Water Rowing Machine is a cardiovascular machine that offers low-impact and full-body workouts. It is for home or office use.  

It supports 330 lbs./150 kg maximum user weight capacity and up to 6’5’’ tall users.  

Users can easily store it without hassles. It doesn’t take up too much storage space.  

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