The folded and the assembled versions of the Pooboo H015 Magnetic Rowing Machine

Is Pooboo H015 Magnetic Rowing Machine Good 

The Pooboo H015 Magnetic Rowing Machine is one of those innovative rowing machines that provide low-impact and full-body workouts and allow users to engage in several types of strength training right in their homes.  

This is a significant advantage this rowing machine has over other similar units.  

Moreover, it is improved by the integration of a new rail track that promotes smooth, and quiet slide motion. 

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The Frame & Construction 

A man exercises withe Pooboo H015 Magnetic Rowing Machine and does strenght as well

The Pooboo H015 Magnetic Rowing Machine is built with a solid steel frame that is coated with anti-corrosion paint. As a result, it supports most sizes and weights of individuals in the family.  

Users that are up to 360 lbs./163 kg in weight can utilize the rowing machine. This is an ideal exercise equipment for home use.  

There are protective and cosmetic parts that are made of durable plastic. These include the footrests, the drive shrouds, the console casing, and the stabilizer end caps. 

Speaking of stabilizers, the Pooboo Rowing Machine has 2 solid steel stabilizers with adjustable levelers at the front. They ensure stability during workout sessions and even allow users to adjust the front stabilizer in case the platform is not completely leveled.  

However, the use of a protective rubber mat might go a long way in guaranteeing optimum stability.  

The assembled dimensions of this machine are 83’’ long by 21.2’’ wide by 31.8’’ high. Differently put, the workout area measurements that can accommodate it would be 6’9’’ (211 cm) in length by 1’8’’ (54 cm) in width, plus an additional 2’ clearance on each side for easy mount and exit.  

Since it is foldable, it won’t take up much space for storage.  

It can easily be maneuvered via the integrated transport wheels at the front, after all, it only weighs 62 lbs./28 kg.  

The Seat of the Pooboo H015 Magnetic Rowing Machine 

The seat is wide (11’’ X 14.1’’ W), padded, textured, and contoured to provide maximum comfort and stability.  

Users may choose to use a gel seat cover for enhanced comfort.  

The seat rollers provide a smooth and quiet back-and-forth slide.  

The Handlebar 

The handlebar is straight and padded with soft rubber anti-slip foam.  

It has a tested 1’’ nylon strap attached to it. Therefore, users can exercise longer without feeling sore in their hands, and the rope won’t break.  

No heart rate sensors on the handlebar or any control button.  

The Footrests of the Pooboo H015 Magnetic Rowing Machine 

As aforementioned, the footrests are made of primarily quality plastic with a metallic core. They are textured with an adjustable safety strap and heel guard for maximum comfort and safety for foot placement.  

The footrests pivot for foot movement adherence. Thus, the ankles won’t be stressed so much as opposed to the severity that would be felt when nonpivotal footrests are used.  

The Resistance/Drive 

The magnetic resistance system of the Pooboo H015 Magnetic Rowing Machine

The H015 Rowing Machine is equipped with a belt drive and manual magnetic resistance system. These features promote smooth and quiet operation of the unit, and they don’t require maintenance as well.  

In other words, users can exercise with the rowing machine without being a nuisance to other space users.  

The belt drive and magnetic resistance system consists of a pulley, an anti-stretch belt, a magnetic brake pad, and a perimeter-weighted flywheel.  

14 resistance levels are adjustable via the tension control knob located right below the handlebar. To increase or decrease the rowing difficulty, simply turn the tension control knob clockwise or counterclockwise, respectively.  

The resistance levels provide an easy-to-challenging workout experience for those who wish to lose weight and improve their overall physical fitness.  

In addition to that, cables and handles are included in the package which can be attached to the pulling strap for upper body strength training.  

This additional feature enables users to engage in strength workouts such as cable one-arm row, bent-over row, cable squat, cable lateral raise, biceps curl, cable front raise, cable triceps extension, and seated cable lateral raise.  

The Console 

The console of the Pooboo H015 Magnetic Rowing Machine

The Pooboo H015 Magnetic Rowing Machine has a basic console that is adjustable for a better viewing angle. However, it is Bluetooth-enabled and compatible with the Kinomap workout app. This allows users to have access to numerous workout videos, track workout progress online, train on virtual trails, and more.  

The workout app provides an interactive and immersive workout experience. It is free to download and available for both Android and iOS-based smartphones. However, the free version gives you limited access to the features while the paid version provides full access.  

That said, if you don’t use the workout app, you can still track your workout progress via the LCD monitor. The monitor displays Time, Distance, Calories, Count, and RPM with good clarity. But if viewed in a poorly lit environment it might be difficult to discern.  

The workout data are displayed one at a time every few seconds continuously by the SCAN function. The reason is because the monitor’s screen cannot display all the data at once.  

Nevertheless, the user can set the monitor to constantly display a certain workout metric of choice.  

It is possible to set a countdown goal for Time, Distance, and calories.  

The monitor is powered by AA batteries.  


The console has a built-in tablet holder which can hold a tablet device for viewing workout and entertainment videos while exercising.  

However, a tablet device that is placed on the holder can block the view of the LCD display.  


The Pooboo H015 Magnetic Rowing Machine is foldable and transportable. Therefore, it won’t take up too much storage space, and it can easily be rolled around the room via the front integrated transport wheels.  

A storage area with measurements of 1’76’’ (53.87 cm) in width by 3’11’’ (95 cm) in length can accommodate.  

Sample of many strength training exercsis done with the Pooboo H015 Magnetic Rowing Machine
  • Durably and sturdily built 
  • Supports 360 lbs./163 kg maximum user weight capacity 
  • It can support users that are up to 6’6’’ tall 
  • Its operation is smooth and quiet 
  • The seat is wide, padded, and contoured; it slides fluidly 
  • The handlebar is padded with an anti-slip soft rubber foam for secure and comfortable grip 
  • The footrests are textured and adjustable with adjustable safety straps and heel guards that guarantee steady and comfortable foot placement 
  • It has a magnetic resistance system with 14 resistance levels that provides an easy to challenging workout experience 
  • There are strength training cables and handles connected to the resistance system for strength training workouts such as cable one-arm row, bent-over row, cable squat, cable lateral raise, biceps curl, cable front raise, cable triceps extension, and seated cable lateral raise 
  • The console is Bluetooth enabled and compatible with the Kinomap workout app for an interactive and immersive workout experience 
  • The unit offers low-impact and full-body workouts 
  • LCD monitor tracks Time, Distance, RPM, Calories, and Count 
  • A tablet holder included 
  • Countdown goal setting for Time, Distance, and Calories 
  • Transport wheels included for easy relocation 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Maintenance is easy 
  • The LCD monitor is not backlit 
  • No water bottle holder 
  • No heart rate monitoring function 
  • The display gets blocked by a device placed on the holder 

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  • 1 Year limited warranty 

Product Dimensions and Specifications 

  • Length: 83’’ 
  • Width: 21.2’’ 
  • Height: 31.8’’ 
  • Folded Dimensions: 37.4’’ L X 21.21’’ W x 50.39’’ H 
  • Shipping Dimensions: 47’’ L x 23.5’’ W x 9’’ H 
  • Net Weight: 62 lbs./28 kg  
  • Gross Weight: 71 lbs/32.21 kg 
  • Maximum User Weight Capacity: 360 lbs./163 kg 
  • Maximum User Height: 6’6’’ 
  • Frame: Alloy steel 
  • Drive: Belt 
  • Resistance System: Manual magnetic with 14 adjustable levels 
  • Strength Training Cables and Handles included 
  • Seat: Wide, padded, textured, and contoured 
  • Handlebar: Straight and padded with soft rubber foam 
  • Footrests: Textured and adjustable with safety strap and heel guard 
  • Bluetooth connectivity and Kinomap workout app compatible 
  • Monitor: Nonbacklit LCD and battery-powered 
  • Transport Wheels: Yes 
  • A Tablet Holder: Yes 


The Pooboo H015 Magnetic Rowing Machine comes in a nicely arranged box that weighs 71 lbs./32.21 kg with dimensions of 47’’ long by 23.5’’ wide by 9’’ high.  

Shipping commences once an order is completed, and a tracking code is sent out to the buyer so that he or she may know the progress of the product in transit and when it will be due to arrive.  

If you choose the free shipping option, the product may arrive in a couple of days or a week(s), depending on the destination. 


The product is not difficult to put together. It will take you less than an hour to completely assemble it.  

The parts to be assembled include the rail, the seat, the footrests, the stabilizers, the console, and the strength training cables and handles.  

An assembling video is available. An instruction manual that can guide you through the process of the assembly and the tools needed for the task are included in the package.  


The rowing machine doesn’t need serious maintenance. All it requires is to make sure that it is kept clean after every workout session, and stored in a cool, clean, and dry area.  

Do take precautionary measures by always checking the parts to be sure that they are tight and in good condition.  

Further maintenance tips are in the owner’s manual.  


The Pooboo H015 Magnetic Rowing Machine is built to be used at home or in the office. It supports 360 lbs./163 kg maximum user weight capacity.  

It provides low-impact and full-body cardiovascular workouts. Moreover, it comes with cables and handles that would allow you to engage in a couple of strength exercises.  

The console is Bluetooth-enabled and compatible with the Kinomap workout app.  

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