A lady walks and runs on the RHYTHM FUN Super Thin Air01 Folding Treadmill 

RHYTHM FUN Super Thin Air01 Folding Treadmill Review 

The RHYTHM FUN Super Thin Air01 Folding Treadmill is just one of the several folding and under-desk treadmills RHYTHM FUN owns, and it has a succeeding version with a model number Air02 (yet to be reviewed). 

This treadmill is slim & smart because it could be used for walking and running workouts. It could also be used under the desk if you work a lot behind a table. Therefore, its acquisition eliminates the need to purchase a traditional under-desk treadmill, thereby saving you the money and the space you would have required for two treadmills.  

Moreover, it could easily be stored away without hassles.  

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The Frame & Construction 

RHYTHM FUN Super Thin Air01 Folding Treadmill

The construction of the RHYTHM FUN Super Thin Air01 Folding Treadmill comprises elements such as alloy steel and ABS material.  

Obviously, the frame, which includes the foldable handrails are made of silver-colored alloy steel, while the motor cover is made of ABS material.  

This is designed for home/office use and can support 220 lbs./100 kg maximum user weight capacity.  

There are rubber pads underneath the base for stability purposes. However, 4 cushion pads are included in the package to help keep the unit stable. Nevertheless, some users usually purchase the treadmill with a protective rubber mat to improve the overall stability.  

As aforementioned, storage is pretty easy because the handrails can be collapsed and locked in. Once folded you can easily slip it under a couch/bed because the height is only 5’’ when it is lying horizontally flat on the ground, or you can have it leaned against the wall if you so wish.  

It only weighs 66 lbs./30 kg and transport wheels are integrated. Thus, moving it around the room by one person will be effortless.  

Just as with everything else that relates to its structural design, the assembled size is not overwhelming. The dimensions are 56’’ long by 27’’ wide by 5’’high when the handrails are collapsed, and 49’’ high when they are up.  

In other words, a workout area with measurements of 4’66’’ (142.24 cm) length by 2’25’’ (58.68 cm) width will be required.  

Of course, you would also want to have a space or clearance around the treadmill for safety and easy access purposes. Therefore, it is recommended to leave at least a foot on each side and 2 feet at the rear.  

The Deck of the RHYTHM FUN Super Thin Air01 Folding Treadmill 

The deck integrates an anti-slip designed tread belt with 7 elastic layers and a shock absorbing system that reduces stress on the joints and the ankles.   

The deck’s dimensions are 47.2’’ L (120 cm) by 16.5’’ W (42 cm). This may not be good enough for taller individuals (6’ and above) to perform running activities because their stride may be restricted.   

However, most users will be able to walk and jog on it without a problem.  

The step-up height is about 3’’. Users should be able to step in and out of it hassle-free.  

For this reason, and plus the fact that it does not have an incline system it could be used in a room with a low ceiling height  

The Motor 

The RHYTHM FUN Super Thin Air01 Folding Treadmill has an energy-efficient yet powerful 1.5 horsepower motor that is capable of providing the much-needed drive for workouts without overheating or breaking down. This means this is an electric treadmill that requires to be plugged into a power outlet in order for it to be functional.  

The power switch is on the right-hand side of the front base.  

The motor is situated at the front base of the treadmill covered with a plastic lid. It has a small flywheel that maintains stability. Therefore, its operation is not only quiet but also vibration-free.  

Your cadence during a workout might be louder than the treadmill’s operational sound level.

Differently put, the noise level of the treadmill is generally tolerable, bearable, and won’t be a problem to you or to anyone else around you.  

There are 3 sets of speed range the motor provides depending on which mode the treadmill is operating on. 

When the handrails of the treadmill are collapsed, it is automatically on walking mode, and thus, the speed range the motor provides is 0-4 km/h (0-2.4 mph), and it cannot go beyond that range even if you wanted to. But when the handrails are up and active, then the treadmill will automatically enter jogging and running mode. As a result, the speed range will become 4-6 km/h (2.4-3.7 mph) for jogging, and 6-8.8 km/h (3.7-5.4 mph) for running.  

The speed is adjusted via the remote control that is included in the package. The unit’s console is located down at the front base, unlike most conventional treadmills that usually have theirs situated up at the handrail area.  

So, for this reason, you will have to use the remote control to make the necessary speed adjustments while exercising, and it’s simple and easy. The remote control is also used for starting and turning off the treadmill as well.  

You can incrementally adjust the speed by 0.1 km/h. This gives you the opportunity to micro-adjust the speed to suit your pace.  

Interestingly, the treadmill has a special feature that is called the Smart Speed Sensor Light. This light comes up around the console/front deck in blue, green, or red depending on whether you are exercising in walking, jogging, or running mode, respectively. 


As stated earlier, the console of this treadmill is right down at the front base, and right above the motor. It features an LED monitor that clearly displays workout stats such as Time, Speed, Distance, and Calories in a distinct and bright color.  

The Speed and Distance measurement units are in km/h and km, respectively. It is not possible to toggle the measurement units to mph and miles.  

The console is also Bluetooth-enabled. In other words, it connects to the YPOO workout app. It is free to download from app stores for both Android and Apple phones.  

The app is not sophisticated but it does allow you to do a couple of things such as tracking your workout progress via your phone, setting up a personal workout program, and more. Again, this is not the best of apps out there. It does not even have good reviews on the app store.  

You don’t have to register and download it before you could use the treadmill. This is just an optional extra feature you may use if you feel the need.  


The RHYTHM FUN Super Thin Air01 Folding Treadmill store under the couch and leaned agaisnt the wall

The RHYTHM FUN Super Thin Air01 Folding Treadmill is a storage-friendly unit because it is slim, foldable, lightweight, transportable, and not so large.  

Once folded, it could be stored under the bed or couch, or better still, have it vertically propped up against the wall. It weighs only 66 lbs./30 kg, and there are transport wheels integrated to help in the process of relocation around the room.  


The Air01 Folding Treadmill does not have a tablet or water bottle holder. You will have to improvise to keep a smartphone or water bottle handy during a workout.  

Approval Rating 

At the time of this review, this treadmill has a positive approval rating on Amazon, and this indicates that users are happy with their purchase.  

However, this is subject to change as time goes on.  

Pros/Features Overview 

The RHYTHM FUN Super Thin Air01 Folding Treadmill is used under the desk
  • Its construction is sturdy enough to support 220 lbs./100 kg maximum user weight capacity 
  • It’s stable 
  • It could be used under the desk and also as a conventional treadmill  
  • It is slim & foldable; hence, it could be stored under the bed, couch, or be leaned vertically against the wall easily 
  • Step-up height is 3’’, thus, users can easily get on and off of it without a hassle 
  • The deck is integrated with an anti-slip tread belt and shock absorbing system 
  • It features an energy-efficient yet powerful 1.5 horsepower motor that keeps up with the challenge of a drive required for walking, jogging, and running workout activities 
  • The motor provides up to 8.8 km/h (5.5 mph) maximum speed level 
  • Speed can be incrementally adjusted by 0.1 km/h for a perfect and suitable speed for users 
  • There is a smart speed sensor light that displays blue, green, or red depending on the workout mode the treadmill operates in  
  • The console is Bluetooth enabled and compatible with the YPOO app 
  • It features an LED monitor that tracks workout stats such as Time, Distance, Speed, and Calories 
  • A remote control is included for speed adjustment, and start/stop purposes 
  • Assembly not required 
  • The maintenance requirement is very minimal 
  • Silicon oil for the tread belt is included 
  • 4 cushion pads are included for stability 
  • Impressive warranty 


  • No heart rate function 
  • No incline system 
  • The deck is not large enough, hence, 6’ tall and above users may not be able to run on it with full stride  
  • No water bottle or table holder 
  • No built-in programs 


  • Frame: 10 Years 
  • Motor: 2 Years 
  • Parts: 1 Year 

Product Dimensions & Specifications 

  • Length: 56’’ 
  • Width: 27’’ 
  • Height: 49’’ (5’’ when the handrails are collapsed) 
  • Shipping Dimensions: 60.3’’ L x 30.5’’ W x 7.5’’ H 
  • Net weight: 66 lbs./30 kg 
  • Gross weight: 83 lbs./37.65 kg 
  • Tread belt dimensions: 47.2’’ L x 16.5’’ W 
  • Maximum user weight capacity: 220 lbs./100 kg 
  • Tread belt: 47.2’’ L x 16.5’’ W (120 cm L x 42 cm W) 
  • Material: Alloy steel and plastic 
  • Motor: 1.5 horsepower 
  • Speed range: Walking 0-4 km/h (0-2.4 mph), Running 6-8.8 km/h (3.7-5.4 mph 
  • Monitor: LED 
  • Bluetooth enabled 
  • YPOO app compatible 
  • Incline: No 


The RHYTHM FUN Super Thin Air01 Folding Treadmill arrives in a box with dimensions of 60.3’’ long by 30.5’’ wide by 7.5’’ high. Its boxed weight is 83 lbs./37.65 kg.  

Oftentimes, there is no shipping cost, especially when it is purchased from a major vendor. The delivery usually takes a couple of days to weeks, depending on the destination for the delivery.  


This unit is assembly-free. It could be used out-of-the-box. This means once it is unboxed, read the manual, plug it into a power outlet and begin to use it.  

It is accompanied by 2 small bottles of silicon oil, 4 cushion pads, a manual, and tools.  


The maintenance required is nothing serious. Just make sure to periodically lubricate the tread belt via the oil slot. Always keep it clean and prevent dirt from entering the tread belt.  

Store the unit in a clean, dry, and cool area, it’s important.  


The RHYTHM FUN Super Thin Air01 Folding Treadmill is a fun treadmill designed to be used at home or at the office. This enables you to exercise while working behind a desk, and it could also be used as any conventional treadmill. 

It has a 1.5 horsepower motor that provides a maximum speed range of 8.8 km/h (5.5 mph). It supports up to 220 lbs./100 kg maximum user weight.  

The console is Bluetooth enabled and compatible with the YPOO app. The LED monitor tracks workout stats such as Time, Distance, Speed, and Calories.  

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