A lady rows on the Nordic Track RW600 Air & Magnetic Rower

Nordic Track RW600 Air & Magnetic Rower

The Nordic Track RW600 Air & Magnetic Rower is indeed a smart indoor cardio exercise machine that may tick the boxes for those that seek a rowing machine with extra features.  

It has a hybrid air & magnetic resistance system, a 10’’ HD touchscreen, and is compatible with iFIT workout app that avails several workout resources that include personal interactive training.  

The rowing machine comes with a 30-day iFIT free membership. Although, a monthly subscription will be required upon expiration.

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The Frame & Construction 

Nordic Track RW600 Air & Magnetic Rower

The robotic-looking Nordic Track RW600 Air & Magnetic Rower has a solid steel frame that is coated with anti-corrosive gray paint with several parts made of ABS material. The notable parts that are made of ABS material include the resistance and drive system shrouds, the console casing, the stabilizer end caps, and some parts of the footrests.  

The rowing machine is sturdily built to support 250 lbs./113 kg maximum user weight capacity. The rail is lengthy enough to accommodate users that are up to 6’6’’ tall conveniently. They shall be able to exercise correctly with full leg extensions.  

It is a large workout equipment. It has nearly the same dimensions as the Echelon Row S Smart Rower. However, it is foldable, thus, the size reduces significantly when it’s time to put it away.  

The assembled dimensions are 87.02’’ long by 22’’ wide by 42.47’’ high. Therefore, it is going to need a workout area with measurements of 7’2’’ (221 cm) in length by 1’8’’ (55.88 cm) in width, plus additional clearance of 2’ around it for ease of access, safety, and proper exercise execution.  

The front base has two vertical steel bar supports while the rear base has a U-shaped steel stabilizer for optimized stability. It weighs 117 lbs./53 kg which boosts the overall stability.  

That said, considering the weight of the unit, use a protective rubber mat under it to keep the floor from being damaged.  

The floor-to-seat height is 14’’. So, users will be able to get on and off the rower without a struggle.  

It is easy to move the rowing machine around the room once folded via the front-mounted transport wheels regardless of its weight.  

The Seat of the Nordic Track RW600 Air & Magnetic Rower 

The ergonomic custom-molded seat slides smoothly and quietly on the rail with a stable motion.  

It is contoured and cushioned with plenty of surface space for consistent comfort and safety. 

Its frame is steel, and it’s attached to the rail with 2 sets of rollers running at the top while a roller runs on each side of the edge of the rail.  

The rollers integrate ball bearings internally with plastic concealment, Thus, the back-and-forth motion is quiet and consistent as previously mentioned.  

The Handlebar  

The handlebar is no different from the ones found on regular rowing machines. In other words, it is simple and straight in shape with anti-slip soft rubber foam-coated handles. There are no heart rate sensors or resistance control buttons integrated into it.  

It is attached to the drive/resistance system via a durable reinforced 1’’ nylon strap.  

The Footrests 

The footrests are ergonomically and uniquely designed.  

They are externally made of plastic with a metallic core. There are safety features incorporated such as an adjustable heel guard and an adjustable safety strap. Thus, users of different foot or shoe sizes could be accommodated securely even during an intense workout session.  

The footrests pivot so that they adhere to the movement of the feet during an exercise to prevent or reduce ankle stress.  

The Resistance  

The Nordic Track RW600 Air & Magnetic Rower is equipped with a hybrid resistance system that includes air and magnetic elements.   

The magnetic resistance system releases magnetic fields that oppose the user’s rowing pull, thereby creating resistance without friction. There are 26 adjustable magnetic resistance levels that provide easy to difficult workout challenges suitable for everyone that wishes to improve their overall physical fitness. 

It is digitally adjustable via the buttons on the console, or could remotely be adjusted by a trainer or a selected program on the iFIT workout app.  

Whereas, the air resistance aspect of it is dynamic and manually adjustable as well. Not even the Concept2 Rower has the hybrid resistance system of this exercise equipment.  

Its air resistance system mainly comprises the inertia-enhanced fan flywheel and an adjustable damper on the casing. There are up to 10 adjustable levels available. When the damper is adjusted, it either increases or decreases the airflow into the system and consequently, the resistance becomes strong or weak, respectively.  

Since the air resistance system is dynamic, as you pull the handle faster, the resistance becomes strong, and when you slow down it becomes weak.  

Thus, the combination of the air and magnetic resistance system provides different workout difficulties that are suitable for beginners, intermediaries, and seasoned athletes.  

The fan, of course, produces a sound that is not intrusive. Therefore, it won’t bother people around you or those living in close proximity.  

The rower needs to be plugged into a power source for the console and the magnetic resistance system to function. Hence, a 12 ft adapter with an input of 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 1.5 A, and an output of 12 V at 4 A is included in the package.  

Finally, the resistance systems do not need maintenance. No part wears out and so, replacement is not necessary.  

The Console 

The console of the Nordic Track RW600 Air & Magnetic Rower

The Nordic Track RW600 Air & Magnetic Rower is equipped with an angle adjustable 10’’ HD touchscreen console. Its highly intuitive interface is easy to use.  

The display tracks Time, Distance, Strokes, Stroke Per Minute (SPM), Calories Burned, Watts, and Heart Rate.  

Although, the Heart Rate data only displays when a wireless Bluetooth HR chest strap (not included) is used.

The console is Bluetooth-enabled and compatible with iFIT workout app, and the rowing machine comes with a 30-day free membership which upon expiration you are expected to resubscribe if you wish to continue using it.  

The iFIT workout app is a massive plus to this rowing machine because it avails useful resources that help you to quickly achieve your fitness goals while enjoying every bit of the journey.  

For instance, once the unit is connected to the iFIT workout app, you will have access to a varied and large workout library, interactive workouts, the ability to exercise on virtual exotic world destinations, create your own workouts, track workout progress online, compete with others, and more. 

Lastly, the resistance automatically adjusts when using the programs on the iFIT workout app. But on the manual mode, you will have to adjust the resistance manually or digitally.  


The rowing machine has 2’’ built-in speakers, a 3.5mm port for connecting your music device, a headphone jack, and Bluetooth connectivity for headphones.  

Therefore, you can stay entertained as you work your way up to improve your physical fitness.  


The folded version of the Nordic Track RW600 Air & Magnetic Rower

The Nordic Track RW600 Air & Magnetic Rower is a large piece of equipment with a space-saving design. So, once folded it takes less space as possible.  

The folded dimensions are approximately 48’’ long by 24’’ wide by 48’’ high. As a result, a storage area with measurements of 4’ (122 cm) in length by 2’ (61 cm) in width by 4’ (122 cm) in height will suffice.

A handle and transport wheels are integrated to make the relocation process easy even though it weighs 117 lbs./53 kg.  

Pros/Features Overview 

  • Supports 250 lbs./113 kg maximum user weight capacity 
  • Durably built 
  • 6’6’’ tall users can fit in  
  • It is a user-friendly rowing machine that targets up to 90% of the body muscle groups 
  • Its operation is smooth and stable 
  • Its space-saving design reduces the space needed for storage 
  • Can easily be moved via the handle and the transport wheels 
  • The seat is large, contoured, and cushioned for consistent and improved comfort 
  • The handlebar is straight with anti-slip rubber foam-coated sleeves 
  • The pivoting pedals are large and textured with adjustable heel and safety nylon straps; they can accommodate different foot/shoe sizes securely and comfortably 
  • The resistance system is a hybrid because it is a combination of air and magnetic 
  • The angle adjustable 10’’ HD touchscreen is intuitive and easy to use 
  • The console is Bluetooth-enabled and compatible with iFIT workout app; the user will experience interactive workouts, access to a large and varied workout video library, access exotic workout destinations around the world, track workout progress online, compete with others, and more 
  • Free 30-day iFIT membership 
  • In manual mode, the display tracks Time, Distance, Stroke, Stroke Per Minute (SPM), Watts, Calories Burned, and Heart Rate 
  • Wireless HR monitoring system 
  • Recommendable for HIIT training 
  • Users can easily mount and exit the rower because the floor-to-height is 14’’ 
  • 2’’ built-in speakers, a 3.5mm auxiliary port for music devices,s and a headphones jack 
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Assembly is a walk in the park 
  • Warranty is good 


  • Bluetooth HR chest strap not included (to be purchased separately) 
  • No adjustable levelers 
  • It needs a lot of space for workouts 
  • IFIT workout app requires a subscription after the expiration of the free 30-day membership 


  • Frame: 10 Years 
  • Parts: 2 Years 
  • Labor: 1 Year 

Product Dimensions & Specifications 

  • Length: 87.02’’ 
  • Width: 22’’ 
  • Height: 42.47’’ 
  • Shipping Dimensions: 47’’ L x 25’’ W 22.5’’ H 
  • Folded Dimensions: 48’’ L x 24’’ W x 48’’ H 
  • Gross weight: 122 lbs./55.33 kg  
  • Net weight: 117 lbs./53 kg 
  • Maximum user weight capacity: 250 lbs./113 kg 
  • Frame: Steel 
  • Drive: Nylon strap 
  • Resistance: Air (10 adjustable levels) & Magnetic (26 adjustable levels) 
  • Seat: Large, contoured, and cushioned 
  • Handlebar: Straight and foam coated 
  • Footrests: Pivot, large, and textured with adjustable heel and safety nylon straps 
  • Bluetooth connectivity 
  • IFIT app compatible 
  • Console: 10’’ HD touchscreen  
  • Auxiliary audio port 
  • Headphones port 
  • 2’’ Speakers 
  • Transport wheels included 


The Nordic Track RW600 Air & Magnetic Rower comes in a box that weighs 122 lbs./55.33 kg with dimensions of 47’’ long by 25’’ wide by 22.5’’ wide.  

Shipping charge is free unless you wish to opt for an expedited shipping option which may cost you.  

The delivery duration on a normal/free shipping option takes a couple of days to weeks depending on the destination. 

The Assembly 

The unit is 95% preassembled.  

Once you unbox it, simply unfold it, attach the seat and the console, and that’s it, DONE! 

Tools and a user manual are included in the package for an easy assembling process.  

The Maintenance 

The rowing machine needs to be kept clean, especially the rail and the resistance casing.  

Moreover, ensure to check and verify that the parts are tight and in good condition before use.  

Store it in a clean, cool, and dry area.  


The Nordic Track RW600 Air & Magnetic Rower is a smart cardiovascular equipment suitable for HIIT workouts. It supports 250 lbs./113 kg maximum user weight capacity and up to 6’6’’ tall users. It is Bluetooth-enabled and compatible with iFIT app that unveils a world of productive and fun-filled workout resources.  

Nordic Track RW600 Air & Magnetic Rower
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The Nordic Track RW600 Air & Magnetic Rower is indeed a smart indoor cardio exercise machine that may tick the boxes for those that seek a rowing machine with extra features.  

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