Nautilus R618 Recumbent Bike Review

The Nautilus R618 Recumbent Bike is the most upgraded in the series after Nautilus R614 and Nautilus R616. Although, Nautilus R616 and this model R618 are a lot alike except for one or two additional features such as the maximum user capacity that R618 supports is a little bit higher than that of the R616.

Moreover, it has a higher and better warranty than the R616 and HR chest strap is included. Unlike the R616 that does not come with it even though it is telemetry enabled. It is noteworthy to mention that the consumers that got it in good condition approve of it.

Yet another difference between the R618 and R616 is the fact that the former has additional buttons on the handlebars by the side of the seat which allows the user to easily change resistance level.

Its unique gel seat and ventilated backrest provide the utmost comfort while working out. The R616 has a cushioned seat while the R618 comes with a gel seat cover. So also its Dual blue backlit LCD windows /console can be adjusted in different ways for a better view of workout data with ease.

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Features/Pros Overview

  • It has got a sturdy and commercially built frame that would be able to support a 325Nautilus R618 Recumbent Bike Review pounds maximum user weight.
  • It has adjustable foot stabilizers and transport wheels that would allow easy movement of the unit.
  • It has a fine gel seat cover and ventilated backrest that provides the user with the highest comfort possible while working out.
  • The seat can also be adjusted to a preferred position thereby making it possible to accommodate every size of individuals’ height.
  • It has got handlebars beside the seat that Nautilus R618 Recumbent Bike Reviewhas the heart rate sensors on them and as well resistance controls that would allow a user to adjust the resistance without hassle.
  • It has got weighted pedals with straps for safety
  • It has 25 levels of resistance that would provide the user with a wide range of intense workout that is goal-oriented.
  • It has 29 programs that include preset programs for heart rate training, interval training, and weight loss, and as well as customizable training options. I guess every angle is pretty much covered here.
  • It has quick access and inclines buttons.
  • It is integrated with grip heart rate sensors and it’s telemetry enabled as well (chest strap included)
  • It has a USB port for charging and data exchange.
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity that supports smart devices for a transition of workoutNautilus R618 Recumbent Bike Review data.
  • It has a reclining seatback with infinite adjustment for back support.
  • It has a high speed, high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel that grounds the machine and ensures a smooth and quiet ride.
  • It has an ergonomically positioned grip heart rate that allows the user to assume a relaxed workout position.
  • It is integrated with two levelers for a strong and stable workout platform
  • It has oversized crossbar tubing for additional stability.
  • A user can track metrics on the free Nautilus Trainer app or even transfer data to any of Nautilus’ fitness app partners.
  • It has also an extended user weight capacity of 350 pounds.
  • It has acoustic chambered speakers that provide the user with a big quality sound that would keep him entertained and motivated during a workout.
  • A 3-speed fan is also integrated to ensure that the user is always cool during a workout.
  • It has a water bottle holder to make water handy during a workout because hydration is very essential.
  • It has a device holder as well that would allow a user to use his smartphone device conveniently.



  • 15 Years on frame
  • 3 Years on mechanical and electrical
  • 1 Year on Labor

Product Dimensions

  • 67.3’’ Length
  • 26.4’’ Width
  • 48.8’’ Height

Shipping and Assembly

The shipping cost of the Nautilus R618 Recumbent Bike depends on where you are purchasing it from. If you are buying from the Amazon then the shipping is free of charge, however, from elsewhere may incur a cost.

As for assembly, the unit is relatively easy to assemble as it comes with the major components pre-assembled and it is also accompanied with a detailed instruction manual that would walk you through the process of assembly without difficulty. It is also easy to maintain.


This unit is recommendable indeed without reservations. It is great for those that would like to have additional features and experience a workout of a lifetime. Recumbent bikes are generally very easy to use and probably you may stick to using it for that fitness goal you wish to achieve after using the Nautilus R618 Recumbent Bike.


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