how to lose weight fast for men

How to Lose Weight Fast for Men

I decided to write an article on how to lose weight fast for men because I noticed that most of the weight loss books, magazines, and even DVDs, are mainly for women. It won’t be surprised if a woman comes to mind whenever weight loss is mentioned because that’s what it is like.

Maybe it is because women are more conscious about their health and how they look. In as much as this assertion may be true, men are also conscious of their health and how they look too, therefore, it is high time someone started looking out for them. If you are a woman reading this, no offense, I am just watching my fellow man’s back that’s all, lol.

I must also admit there are a bunch of articles on how to build up muscles (including this site), mostly meant for professional athletes, but hardly are there any ones meant for the regular guy, who just want to be in shape and build that body. You know, look good, without having to struggle with a protruded stomach, excess fat, and all that. It is kind of cool to be physically fit and be in shape for it is necessary.

Losing weight as a regular guy won’t be the same approach as a person that wants to jerk up and build muscles, but this post will reveal to you ways you can lose fat and build some muscles that would make you healthy and hot!

That being said, it will be fun to outline tips on how men can exclusively lose weight. So I did my research and came with some.

High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training also is known as HIIT, you may have heard of it, but it’s a very effective way of losing weight fast. However, some men may not be able to do it as it is a kind of a marathon exercise where you rest so little in between exercises. And most often the exercises involved are kind of intense and quick that keep your heart rate up and burn more fat in less time. Yes, that’s what I am talking about.

HIIT is so effective that it does not only burn fat during workouts but even after training, it keeps eliminating fat.

Types of HIIT

These are some of HIIT exercises you may consider doing; jumping jacks, pushups, how to lose weight fast for menmedicine ball squats, pull-ups, and many more. These are but very few exercises you could do, you can check out this article for more details on how to apply the HIIT to lose weight. If you have a treadmill or you can go to the gym, try to do the treadmill sprint, it has been proven to be great in losing weight.

Any time you are doing any of these exercises, make sure you do them as fast as you can with a little break because that’s what makes it a HIIT. Don’t worry, you can start small but as you progress and improve, you can now increase your sets and reps for more effective and fast results.

For instance, you can do 3 or 5 reps and 2 or 3 sets (depending on how much you can handle) with a minute or so break, for each of the exercises mentioned above. When you are repeating the reps, you can increase it as your strength would permit you and faster.

Strength Training

We all know that the objective here is not to lift weights and build monstrous muscles, but you need to do strength training too because of HIIT cardio kind of targets the metabolism that enables the body to break a sweat and increase the heart rate level which will ultimately help to burn fat fast.

So also strength training will help you build lean muscle because the more lean muscles you have the more you will burn fat. Therefore, do the combination of cardio and strength training just as were mentioned above. Pull-ups, push-ups and may be engaging in some sort of dumbbell exercises will be just fine.

Take Plenty of Water

Mate, if you want to lose that fat then you have to steer clear of all the junk drinkshow to lose weight fast for men that you take, such as Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew, Pepsi, and beer. All these do not add an ounce of health to your body but a burden. You lose weight faster if you watch what goes inside of you, including unhealthy foods.

<<<Please do check out this link for more details on healthy foods.>>>

Water is life. Water is healthy because it helps to detoxify your body and also increases body metabolism too. If you have not formed the habit of drinking plenty of water in a day, please start doing so and you will be glad you did.

Document Your Progress

You can track your weight loss progress by taking pictures of yourself periodically, let’s say weekly or monthly. This can motivate you to keep doing what you are doing knowing it is not a waste of time after all.

Get Someone with the Same Goal as You

Getting a weight loss partner will go a long way in helping you to achieve your goal. You see, knowing what type of exercises to do and how to do them is not just enough because knowledge is one thing, and putting what you know to action is a different ball game.
Therefore, doing all you can to keep yourself motivated is highly necessary, and that is why it is recommended to get a weight loss partner so that both of you can help each other stay focused.


Stop postponing; procrastinating, or feeling sorry for yourself and get to work by taking how to lose weight fast for menaction, there are a lot of resources on the internet in terms of types of exercises, foods, and equipment to use. And if you would go the extra mile by getting a cardio machine that would be great (that is if you don’t already own one).

Depending on the type of cardio equipment you are comfortable with it all depends on you because they are pretty effective when used correctly. There are Treadmills, Elliptical Trainers, Exercise Bikes, Rowers, and Stairclimbers.

Just make your choice now if you haven’t gotten one, and if you’ve got no money for any of these you can go to your local gym.

I hope I have been able to help. If you have any questions, comments, or contributions please drops it in the comment box below.

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