Exercise Prevents Obesity-Get Active

Aside from eating healthy foods, exercise is another sure way to prevent obesity. When fatpeople eat food (junk) without exercise, it is a disaster for their well-being. Being active (exercising) will surely not only prevent obesity but will also ensure a healthy overall body performance of that individual in every facet of life. Speaking of ‘every facet’, I mean psychological, emotional, physical, and even spiritual well-being.

Therefore, exercise prevents obesity and generally gives one’s life meaning. Exercising and eating healthy can drastically prevent obesity! Did you know that close to one-third of all United States adults are obese? Being able to exercise would be one of the greatest things you as an individual would have done for ‘yourself’.

Importance Of Regular Exercise

Studies have shown that regular exercise (with healthy foods) can:

  • Burn out fats and also prevent chronic diseases that are associated with obesity, such cooltext118082223091280as heart disease.
  • Also, prevent high blood pressure (or can manage high blood pressure if you already have it)
  • Also, raise the ‘density’ of the good cholesterol and decreases the ‘density’ of bad cholesterol which will ultimately prevent a buildup on the artery wall, which will ensure smooth blood flow.
  • Prevent osteoporosis (weakening of the bones), type 2 diabetes, and some forms of cancers.
  • Help to improve your overall mood. Are you feeling irritated by any slight provocation? Exercising stimulates chemicals in the brain that relaxes and makes you happy!
  • Reduce anxiety and feeling of depression, which is mostly responsible for going into a ‘comfort zone’ of eating too much junk.
  • Get in shape; by getting rid of the fat in your system. Regular exercise can make you look good and feel good about yourself. After all, that is the mission of this site, to help folks ‘build that body’. However, I must emphasize again that, you mustn’t eat anything on sight simply because you are exercising regularly. You must eat healthily!
  • It makes you sleep a lot better. If you are having difficulty sleeping, exercise can help you sleep faster and deeper.
  • Tired of sitting in front of the TV all day and eating pizza? Look for an exercise to engage in, even with your family and kids; that could be fun, right? Go play some basketball with your son or push your children, wife, or husband on the swing. Or better still, use the push mower to mow the yard. Think of anything that could get you physically active and still be ‘fun’.

Exercises To Be Done by Obese Persons

Obese persons should engage in low-intensity exercises, to gradually work their way up to high-intensity exercises. Therefore, aerobics has been deemed to be the

Elliptical Trainer
Elliptical Trainer

perfect and very effective exercises for losing fat. Not only does it burn fat, but it also reduces the risk of health problems.

If you are just starting, the duration and frequency of the exercise are really important than the intensity. It is recommended to exercise four or five days a week for 30 to 60 minutes. However, if you are sedentary (prone to rest a lot), you can break down a session into 10 or 15 minutes to complete a session of 30 or 60 minutes. You can gradually increase the duration over time.

The next kind of exercise to be done is weight exercise. This does not only make you healthy, but it makes you stronger and transforms the fat into muscle mass. It also increases the number of calories you burn when you are at rest.

Pay more attention to your workouts than trying to use the scale to know if you have lost weight. Your weight may not be reduced even though you have been gaining muscle mass and a lean body as a result of the exercises you are doing. This is so because weight loss comes much later. Therefore, concentrate more on ‘quality and quantity’ exercises instead.

  • Do more exercises that put less stress on the ‘joints’, such as cycling, swimming, and walking; I will recommend the elliptical trainer, it is perfect for your weight loss and joints.
  • Start slowly when getting started with your exercise(s), especially for the first 5 minutes.
  • Do your workout at a pace that is comfortable for you and one that allows you to talk without much difficulty.
  • Work on increasing the duration of your workout before increasing the intensity.
  • Slow your workouts during the last five minutes of your session, to allow your body to get back to its resting state.
  • It is recommendable that you finish your workout with stretching.

Things You Must Observe

  • You must know that you will have to gradually increase the duration and intensity of your exercise because you will have to build up for longer and more strenuous workouts.
  • Avoid jogging, as that can cause stress on joints and knees, especially for the obese. Stick to lower-impact aerobics until you have improved enough to jog.
  • Obese persons are recommended to exercise in a well-ventilated area and also use light clothing when working out.
  • Maintain hydration at all stages of your workout. Therefore, taking plenty of water is essential.
  • If you experience chest pains, palpitations, nausea, shortness of breath, major muscle and joint pain, or pain in the neck, in the course of exercising, please slow down or stop.


Reinvent your daily activities by consciously engaging in things that would be exercising your body, such as using the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk to a walkable distance instead of using an automobile.

Hey! Stay away from the TV or watch programs or movies that would encourage your workout programs such as the biggest loser, Rocky, or a book called the encyclopedia of Bodybuilding, by Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc. After all, being overweight or obese has a psychological aspect that needs to be taken care of too.

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