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Top Weight Loss Exercises Done At Home

Hello! If you are here definitely you are looking for how to be able to exercise at home and still lose weight. Perhaps your reason for home-based weight loss exercise is because you do not have the time to go to the gym or maybe you don’t have the money to pay for it or even. After all, you don’t feel comfortable with a crowd. Whatever the reason, I am going to provide some useful home-based exercises you can perform to lose weight.

I will provide videos to demonstrate more clearly the exercises that are to be done. Because I understand people would prefer visuals better than texts.

Let’s make progress…

Squats: Stand with both legs a bit apart and then lower your hips/waist as though you are sitting on something.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? While you are at it bend your knees and your thighs to align with the ground. Be certain that your knees do not go over your toes/feet and your upper body is upright, face straight then stands back up and repeat, says Doepker-Gavidia of Train For Life Fitness & Lifestyle Consulting. Please do this as many times as possible.

Push-Up Of The Triceps: With your both hands on the floor, let your shoulder be right under them. Making sure Push-Upsthe rest of your body is straight and rigid, bend your elbows so that your chest gets very close to the floor and back up again to the initial position.

For a serious impact, you may place your legs on a couch or any flat elevated object to make it harder.

Leaps/Skater: For starters, be in a semi-squat position and then leap sideways to get on your right foot. Instantly push skate imageonto the other direction and get to your other foot which is the left foot. Consistent performance of this will provide a great impact.

Super-Man Back Extension: While laying on your belly with your arms stretched out like a flying Super man back extensionsuperman, slowly lift your upper body and your legs to the point of entirely lying on your stomach. Do the lifting of both upper body and legs simultaneously. And keep lifting and going back to a lying position. Sometimes lift and stay in that position for like 3 sec or more and repeat.


Side Plank Hip-Drops: This is done by first of all lying on the right side of your elbow supported by your Side plank hip dropshoulder. Keeping your feet on the floor, jack your hip up, and let your body be supported by your arms/elbow and shoulder. Hold the position for 3 or more seconds and gradually lower your hip to the floor and repeat.


Bridge: Lay straight on your back with both arms by your sides on the floor, then bend your knees and try to lift your Bridge hip upward with the support of your back/shoulder. Hold the position for a moment(3 sec.) and then lower your hip back to the floor and perform again.


Bird Dog: Now, this type of exercise will require you to be on your both hands supported by your shoulder and bird dog knees on the floor(downward dog). While in that position, you now raise your right leg behind you and also raise the opposite arm forward, with your face looking downwards. Stay in that position for  4 to 8 seconds and switch position to the other side and repeat.


Single-Leg Balance Stick: Now, this type of exercise is that which you stand on one foot and raise the other leg behind you, while you bend slightly so that your upper body will be in a straight position. While at it, you either put your hands on your waist or you may choose to stretch it out, all depend on which you find the desired balance.
walking lounge

Walking Lunge: Stand with your shoulder and upper body straight and let your arms be placed by your sides. Then step forward letting your right knee bend to 90 degrees while your left knee touches the ground/floor. Rise again and stepping forward with your left knee bent in 90 degrees while your right knee touches the ground/floor. You continue to repeat.

Plank Crawl: You begin this one by getting in a push-up position, with your arms under your shoulder. Bend your Plank Crawlelbows so that your forearms will be on the floor while your arms are still under your shoulder. Then crawl forward with your forearm. You may also place a sliding disc beneath your foot.

Crawl 15 to 20 times(Recommended).

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Thank you.

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