A lady exercising with the Zafuar 3-in-1 Slim Folding Cycling Exercise Bike

Zafuar 3-in-1 Slim Folding Cycling Exercise Bike Review

The Zafuar 3-in-1 Slim Folding Cycling Exercise Bike is from the stables of ANCHEER. It’s an upgraded folding upright bike that includes a twister plate at the rear that enables you to create a perfect waistline.  

It could be used in 3 different modes that include upright, and recumbent positions and the twister plate. This means you can work out in different postures that basically get the whole body impacted positively. 

The 6-height adjustable seat with a backrest allows users of different heights (4’8’’ – 6’2’’) to be accommodated comfortably. It is sturdily built to support a maximum user weight capacity of 250 pounds/113 kg.  

It has an LCD monitor that tracks your workout progress and displays stats such as time, distance, speed, calories burned, and pulse. Its operation is quiet and smooth due to the integrated belt drive system and the manual magnetic resistance system.  

There are 10 resistance levels available that provide easy, medium, to difficult workout intensity suitable for different users.  

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The Frame and Construction 

A lady is using the twister plate on the Zafuar 3-in-1 Slim Folding Cycling Exercise Bike

The Zafuar 3-in-1 Slim Folding Cycling Exercise Bike is a 2019 innovative folding bike that has one outstanding feature. This feature is the foot massage and rotating non-slip safety platform, also known as the twister plate for waist exercise.  

The bike is flexible, compact, portable, stable, and sturdy. It features an X-shaped frame that is made of anti-corrosive coated heavy-duty steel. The easy step-thru design enables users to mount and dismount effortlessly, especially, the elderly and those having joint pain or an injury.  

The bike doesn’t take up much space no matter the mode it is adjusted to. Its upright mode dimensions are 27.6 inches long by 15.7 inches wide by 44.9 inches high, while the recumbent mode’s dimensions are 50.4 inches long by 15.7 inches wide by 40.2 inches high.  

Basically, in order to be able to use the bike in a recumbent mode, it requires a workout area with a perimeter of 4’2’’ length by 1’3’’ width, otherwise, it requires 2’3’’ length by 1’3’’ width workout area.  

That said, you may consider adding an extra clearance of 1-2′ around the bike for safety and convenience reasons.  

The Zafuar 3-in-1 Slim Folding Cycling Exercise Bike’s stability is adequate despite being compact. This may be attributed to the well-engineered base framework that features strong front and rear rounded steel stabilizer bars that also have a rubber cap on each end. Thus, the base does not only provide optimal stability but it’s also floor-friendly.  

Placing it on a protective rubber mat might not really be necessary except for the purpose of preventing sweat from spilling on the floor during a workout.  

The unit is lightweight that weighs about 48 pounds/21.7 kg and it’s integrated with transport wheels at the front base for an easy relocation process. 

Finally, the integrated twisting disc at the rear of the bike enables you to work on your abdomen, hips, arms, and the sole of the feet, thereby giving you a perfect waistline.  

The Seat 

The seat of the Zafuar 3-in-1 Slim Folding Cycling Exercise Bike

The seat on the Zafuar 3-in-1 Slim Folding Cycling Exercise Bike is semi-recumbent. This means it has a backrest that is considerably high with a handlebar on each side that provides maximum support when performing a sit-back pedaling.  

The ergonomically designed seat, without any doubt, offers decent comfort and could be adjusted vertically (upward/downward). There are 6 adjustable positions that allow users of different heights to be accommodated.  

The Handlebar 

The handlebar is multi-grip designed. It is padded with a soft foam material; hence, it provides secure and comfortable grips. You can work out in different postures longer without feeling sore in the palms or slippage either.  

The handlebar is non-adjustable but however, it’s strategically positioned to fit different users of shapes and heights when the seat is appropriately adjusted.  

The EKG heart rate sensors are attached to the handlebars so that when held during a workout the user’s pulse rate is transmitted to the monitor. This essentially helps you to view and maintain your target heart rate zone at all times.  

The Pedals 

The Zafuar 3-in-1 Slim Folding Cycling Exercise Bike has anti-skid-designed pedals with adjustable safety straps. These pedals are safe and comfortable. They accommodate barefoot or the use of standard gym shoes. 

The Drive 

An athlete is watching TV, listening to music, and reading while working out on the Zafuar 3-in-1 Slim Folding Cycling Exercise Bike

The ANCHEER Zafuar 3-in-1 Folding Cycling Bike is equipped with a belt drive system. A drive system comprises of a durable belt, a pulley, a small perimeter weighted flywheel, a solid crankset, and crank-arms.  

The drive is famously known for providing smooth and quiet operation. So, you can work out at any time of the day without disturbing the family or the neighbors, and can also enjoy watching your favorite TV show or listening to music without any noise interference from the bike.  

Its operation is so environmentally friendly that it could be used at home or in the office.  

The transmission does not need any pre or post-maintenance. No periodic lubrication or adjustment is required.  

The drive is bi-directional; meaning you can pedal forwards and in reverse. This affords you the possibility of targeting more muscle groups.  

The Resistance 

The integrated resistance system on the Zafuar 3-in-1 Slim Folding Cycling Exercise Bike is manual magnetic with 10 adjustable levels. The bike’s operation does not vibrate when the resistance is engaged.  

The resistance levels provided are suitable for users at different fitness levels. Those that wish to lose weight, tone the muscle groups, improve cardiovascular health, and strength will be able to do so.  

There are 3 major elements responsible for generating resistance, and those are the magnetic brake pad, the tension knob, and the flywheel.  

The tension knob controls and increases the resistance intensity when it is turned clockwise, and it decreases it when it’s turned counterclockwise. The inscribed resistance levels on the tension knob make it easy for you to select the intensity suitable for your workout.  

Moreover, the resistance system is frictionless, meaning, no wearing part and no part replacement is expected.  

The Console 

The console/monitor on the Zafuar 3-in-1 Slim Folding Cycling Exercise Bike

The console is basic and features a 3.3’’ w x 1.5’’ h nonbacklit digital display window. The display is highly readable as long as it’s being viewed in a well-lit environment.  

The LCD monitor tracks workout progress to keep you focused and motivated. It displays workout stats such as time, speed, distance, calories burned, and pulse. The SCAN function displays all the workout stats continuously one at a time after a few seconds.  

The console/monitor does not need to be plugged into any power source to be functional. Instead, it’s powered by batteries.  

The display could be turned ON/OFF by pressing the MODE button. it also automatically turns ON when you start pedaling and turns OFF automatically when activities on the bike cease for a few minutes in order to save the battery power.    

Alternatively, you can download the iconsole+training app from Google Play or App Store to connect with your smartphone to observe your workout progress. Although, the app has its limitations.  


The Zafuar 3-in-1 Slim Folding Cycling Exercise Bike has a tablet/smartphone holder on the console. This allows you to keep your phone device handy for taking calls and entertainment. It can also accommodate a magazine or a book.  

Other than that, it doesn’t have any other accessory such as a water bottle holder. You need to improvise to keep water within reach for adequate hydration during a workout.  

However, folding upright exercise bikes usually don’t come with a water bottle holder. Therefore, the absence of it on this bike does not constitute a deal-breaker.  


A lady is moving the Zafuar 3-in-1 Slim Folding Cycling Exercise Bike to storage

Putting the Zafuar 3-in-1 Slim Folding Cycling Exercise Bike has never been easy. The reason is that it has a space-saving design that enables you to fold up the bike for storage. It is also lightweight and has transport wheels that facilitate the relocation process.  

The folded dimensions are 10.6 inches long by 15.7 inches wide by 53.9 inches high. Basically, it can fit in a standard closet or can be leaned against the wall.  

Either way, the folding bike doesn’t occupy much storage space.  

Approval Rating 

The Zafuar 3-in-1 Slim Folding Cycling Exercise Bike is widely accepted by its users. 

At the time of this review, the unit has a compelling approval rating on Amazon that suggests it’s a good buy.  

Pros/Features Overview 

  • It is sturdy and stable 
  • It is cost-effective 
  • It supports a maximum user weight capacity of 250 pounds/113 kg  
  • Doesn’t need to be plugged into a power source to be functional 
  • It offers a twister plate that enables you to work on your waistline 
  • It has a space-saving design 
  • It has an easy step-through design that enables users to get ON/OFF of the bike easily 
  • The LCD monitor displays workout stats such as time, distance, speed, calories burned, and pulse 
  • Transport wheels are included for an easy relocation process 
  • The semi-recumbent seat is adjustable and it’s fairly comfortable  
  • Users of different heights (4’8’’ to 6’2’’) can be accommodated 
  • The multi-grip handlebar provides multiple hand positions 
  • The pedals are anti-skid with adjustable safety straps that secure the feet 
  • The resistance system offers a variety of workout intensities that are suitable for anyone that wishes to lose weight and improve the overall physical well being 
  • The bike’s operation is smooth, quiet, and vibration-free 
  • A tablet holder is included 
  • Low maintenance 
  • Easy assembly 
  • Iconsole+training app program 


  • The monitor is basic and nonbacklit 
  • No water bottle holder 
  • It’s not suitable for professional athletes 



  • 1 Year on Frame 
  • 90 Days on Parts (with a replacement for any defect) 

Product Dimensions and Specifications 

  • Recumbent dimensions: 50.4’’ L x 15.7’’ W x 40.2’’ H 
  • Upright dimensions: 27.6’’ L x 15.7’’ W x 40.2’’ H 
  • Folded dimensions: 10.6’’ L x 15.7’’ W x 53.9’’ H 
  • Shipping dimensions: 45.2’’ L x 17.1’’ W x 9’’ H 
  • Maximum user weight capacity: 220 pounds/113 kg 
  • Assembled weight: 48 pounds/21.7 kg 
  • Drive: Belt 
  • Resistance: Manual magnetic, 10 levels 
  • Seat: Semi-recumbent, 2-way adjustable with 6 positions 
  • Handlebar: Multi-grip design, non-adjustable 
  • EKG Sensors: Yes 
  • Frame: Steel 
  • Pedals: Anti-skid with adjustable safety straps 
  • Twister massage plate included  
  • Tablet holder: Yes 
  • Transport wheels: Yes 
  • Console: Basic and non-backlit monitor, tracks time, distance, speed, calories burned, and pulse 


The Zafuar 3-in-1 Slim Folding Cycling Exercise Bike is shipped in a box, and Amazon provides free shipping.  


The folding bike is pretty much pre-assembled upon arrival. Therefore, you need to do little in order to get it fully assembled and functional.  

An instruction manual is included in the package to guide you through the process of assembly. The tools needed to get the job done are also included.  


As aforementioned, no serious maintenance is expected of you. Thanks to its belt drive and magnetic resistance systems.  

However, you are required to keep the unit clean before and after use. Ensure that you examine the bike for a loose or broken part before use. That way, you can get to fix any problem that may arise without learning it the hard way.  


The Zafuar 3-in-1 Slim Folding Cycling Exercise Bike is an effective piece of equipment that could help you realize your fitness goals. It’s very affordable yet with useful and innovative features that help you to get more out of it.  


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