XTERRA FS 3.0 Elliptical Trainer Review

XTERRA FS 3.0 Elliptical Trainer Review

The XTERRA FS 3.0 Elliptical Trainer was the model product that was built before the XTERRA FITNESS FS4 0e Elliptical Trainer model, but from all indications seen from the user and reviews, the former is a lot better than the latter even though the latter is the upgraded version of the former.

The XTERRA FITNESS FS4.0e Elliptical Trainer got a 60/40 percent approval rate but the XTERRA FS 3.0 Elliptical Trainer got a 77/23 percent approval rate on Amazon by users who reviewed them.

The XTERRA Fitness FS 3.0 Elliptical Trainer is a well built and strong ellipticalXTERRA FS 3.0 Elliptical Trainer Review machine.  Its steel frame ensures durability and the 22 pounds flywheel keeps the machine on the ground while doing an intense workout without wobbling.

On top of that, it has got some great features it can boast of such as the 20 resistance levels that enable a challenging workout and 5.5’’ Blue backlit LCD monitor that allows the user to monitor workout data which in turn inspires motivation when progress is observed.

The manufacturer has not left out the entertainment part because they also made sure to add an audio input jack and speakers that would allow a user to listen to music.  There are quite a good number of useful features but let’s have an overview of the features/pro and of course the cons if there is any.

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  • Durable Steel Frame– the XTERRA FS 3.0 Elliptical Trainer was designed with heavy-duty steel that would guarantee durability and longevity.
  • 16’’ Stride– It comes with a 16’’ stride with oversized pedals that could fit almost anyone of any feet size.
  • Multi-Grip Handlebars– It has two sets of grip handlebars; the idea is to guarantee comfort or comfortable position for the user while working out.
  • Heart Rate Grips– It has heart rate grips with sensors that allow a user to observe heart rate and target heart rate zone.
  • 20 Electronic Levels of Resistance– 20 electronic levels of resistance will provide challenging workout opportunities for the user which will help in attaining fitness goals quickly.
  • 5’’ Blue Backlit LCD Display– Will allow the user to easily observe or monitorXTERRA FS 3.0 Elliptical Trainer Review workout progress.
  • Recovery Program– It has got this feature that allows the user to see how quickly the heart recovers from the workout.
  • 14 Workout Programs– It has got 14 workout programs which include 12 training programs, Heart rate (55%, 75%, 909%, and Target), User, Manual, Watt, and the display readouts that include; Time, Calories, Distance, Watts, Speed, RPM, and pulse.
  • Dimensions– 63.2’’ H X 24.4’’ W X 60’’ L, weighs 104 pounds and supports 275 pounds maximum user weight.
  • WarrantyFrame 5 years, parts 1 year, and wear and labor 90 days.

Shipping and Assembly

The cost of shipping depends on where you are buying the XTERRA Fitness FS 3.0 EllipticalXTERRA FS 3.0 Elliptical Trainer Review. If you are buying from Amazon (which is a good idea) you will be getting free shipping but that only applies to US residents.

As for assembly; to assemble this machine is relatively easy since it comes with a manual that instructs how to assemble it.  1½ to 2 hours can be enough time to assemble it all.


There are so many good things about the XTERRA Fitness FS 3.0 Elliptical Trainer. These range from its 20 levels of resistance that ensures that a user is challenged while working out, to the 14 workout programs that guarantee an exceptional workout experience.

All of these and even more for $300+? We do love the XTERRA Fitness FS 3.0 Elliptical Trainer for it worth the price and more.



The 16’’ stride may be a problem to taller people, especially people who are about 6 feet or close to that. In as much as it is a drawback, it is very difficult to get an alternative in the same price range.

Therefore, if this is a concern to you, then you should probably look for another elliptical that has 18’’ stride and is ready to pay more for an additional cost to the price.


The XTERRA Fitness FS 3.0 Elliptical Trainer is a great choice for us given the features it has got and the price.

You can rarely find another elliptical trainer at a $300+ price range that is well equipped with good features and options as the XTERRA Fitness FS 3.0 Elliptical Trainer.


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