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XTERRA Fitness FS400 Elliptical Trainer Review

The XTERRA Fitness FS400 Elliptical Trainer brings the gym to your home. It brings with its design comfortable and low-impact workouts that could help you attain the physical fitness you have always desired.

It features a heavy-duty steel frame and plastic ABS cosmetics and safety coverings.

Thus, it looks sleek and supports a maximum user weight capacity of 325 lbs./147 kg.

It is a front-drive elliptical trainer with a patented design and a small footprint that manages space.

Its stability is well established due to the base framework that features front and rear steel stabilizers with rubberized adjustable levelers underneath them. So, it can be stable even on a crooked surface and it doesn’t leave dents on the floor as well.

The 2 degree inward large pedals tilt for comfort and can accommodate different foot sizes. They are just 2” apart (Q-Factor) for a better biomechanically correct stride.

Moreover, the aluminum wheel tracks allow the pedals to slide with minimal friction. In other words, the pedals glide smoothly and quietly.

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Below is an overview of the features, pros, and cons of this unit.


  • This unit has about 20 levels of resistance that also offers customized workouts. With this feature, you canXTERRA Fitness FS400 Elliptical Trainer Review either choose to work out the easy or the hardcore way, which means you have the option of choosing even a challenging workout that would ultimately help you to achieve that physical fitness you desire
  • It has got 8 preloaded programs to help you in your journey of fitness discovery
  • The Ergonomic 18’’ stride length offers a comfortable workout motion that would allow you to work out to your full potential
  • The 2’’ Q Factor maximizes the correct stride of the biomechanical operation/motion during a workout
  • It has aluminum wheel tracks that are so designed to allow the pedals to work smoothly without any hassle but with very minimal friction.
  • The unit operates like a smooth operator without any noise and it is maintenance-free or at most requires little maintenance, thanks to the 5 pounds Flywheel Belt drive system and the friction-free magnetic resistance
  • Your heart rate can be monitored through the well designed and conveniently positioned pulse grips. This means not only can you work out without getting bored of holding the pulse grip but you will also be able to maintain your target heart rate zone at all times
  • The oversized foot pedals with the non-slip surface also provide maximum comfort and safety to you during a workout
  • The 5’’ Blue backlit LCD monitor is designed in a way to allow an easy view of workout data that would XTERRA Fitness FS400 Elliptical Trainer Reviewkeep you motivated as you track your progress. The feedback you will get include program profile, time, speed, level, distance, watt pulse, calories, and message center
  • Speaking of motivation, there are programs available that include manual, quick start, climbing, interval, test, watt, HRC, user, and body fat that would keep you super motivated
  • It has MP3 Compatible Speakers for your entertainment during a workout. It is allowed and quite inspirational if you could listen to some good music that pleases your heart during a workout because that would jack you up to do your thing without getting bored. All you are required to do is to plug in any portable device with a headphone jack into the console audio jack
  • Having in mind that you are going to need a device to stream music, the manufacturer integrated an accessory tray that could accommodate your device, e.g phone, MP3 player, or any other stuff you would like to keep close to you during a workout
  • This unit can be used in forward or reverse direction to work on different muscle groups
  • The pedal can tilt 2 degrees inward for comfort
  • Transportation wheels are available for easy relocation of the unit



It is almost difficult to find any downside to the XTERRA Fitness FS400 Elliptical Trainer but…

  • We would have loved to see a cooling fan integrated into this unit because it will go a long way in cooling a user off during a workout.

Product Specifications

  • 61’’ Length
  • 21’’ Width
  • 63.5’’ Height
  • Weighs about 145.5 pounds
  • Supports a maximum of 325 pounds user weight
  • 110v plug-in adapter powers the electronics and computer-controlled magnetic resistance braking system.


  • Lifetime for Frame
  • Lifetime for brake
  • 1 Year for Parts
  • 1 Year for in-home Labor

Shipping and Assembly

The shipping cost for the XTERRA Fitness FS400 Elliptical Trainer generally depends on the retailer you are purchasing from. However, Amazon ships this product for free but that may not be the case with other retailers.

We have not seen anyone that has complained about the difficulty in assembling this unit. Although, there are bits and pieces to be fixed which could take about 30 minutes or so depending on individual capabilities.

It is delivered with an instruction manual that would walk you through the process of assembly. Nevertheless, if you are not up for all the hassles involved in assembling you may opt for ‘’hire an expert’’ that would come to your home and assemble it accordingly, of course at a price.


So far, all the feedback concerning the XTERRA Fitness FS400 Elliptical Trainer from real users has been nothing but positive. One recounted how it has been a good choice for his replaced hips and was recommended to him by a friend.

This machine is indeed a sturdy, and a well-built unit that worth every penny.

XTERRA Fitness FS400 Elliptical Trainer Review
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Training at home and getting in shape made easy with XTERRA Fitness FS400 Elliptical Trainer. This unit is designed to do just that because it has got great

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