ElliptiGo 11R Elliptical Bike Review

ElliptiGo 11R Elliptical Bike

The ElliptiGo 11R Elliptical Bike is a road monster in terms of what you can accomplish with it on the road. You may watch the video below and see how it conveniently overtakes other road bikes, the ease with which the rider rode, the awesome maneuver it allows, and so on.

The ElliptiGo 11R Elliptical Bike rider rode past the conventional road bicycle riders as a big horse would to a colt.

It is easy to see the reasons why its performance is so impressive. It is a hybrid bike that has the features of a bicycle and an elliptical trainer.

Imagine being able to ride and sprint at a speed of 25+ mph. Imagine being able to still work out indoors when the weather is bad. Imagine being able to stretch your leg between 16-25 inches stride, imagine…

The ElliptiGo 11R Elliptical Bike and the ElliptiGo Arc 8 are the same brands but different models with several differences in terms of what they feature. The latter has more speed gears than the former, the latter has a longer stride length than the former, the latter could be used both outdoor and indoor while the former only supports outdoor activity, the latter has carbon-fiber drive arms while the former doesn’t, the latter has a long foot platform than the former, the latter’s steering column is foldable and adjustable while the former is only adjustable, and of course the latter is pricier than the former.

This elliptical bike pushes you to the limit that your heart rate is raised and tons of calories are burned.

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The Frame and Construction

ElliptiGo 11R Elliptical Bike

The ElliptiGo 11R Elliptical Bike features a heavy-duty aluminum frame that supports up to 250 pounds/113 kg maximum user weight capacity. However, we expected it to support higher user weight capacity considering the fact that it is a high-end elite bike, but the manufacturer has argued that after carrying out a series of load testing on the bike they have decided that the safest weight capacity would be 250 pounds because they put safety first. They also promised to improve on the weight capacity as the ElliptiGo cross training continues to grow and gain traction.

It is integrated with a steering stem that could be folded down for easy transportation and storage.

It has a 2-wheel platform that consists of two 20 inches wheels; the front wheel consists of 28 strokes while the rear wheel consists of 32 strokes. The wheelbase length is 54 inches while its total length is 75 inches. It is a lightweight elliptical bike that weighs 39.4 pounds/17.9 kg thanks to its aluminum frame and carbon-fiber drive arms.

It is so designed that you can ride naturally and faster without the feeling of extra burden or weight coming from the bike.

Its integrated 11-speed Shimano gear hub gives you the extra 1 gear to deal with a very steep hill and 2 more extras to speed up even faster on flat terrain.

The ElliptiGo 11R Elliptical Bike features a chain that has 52 teeth and it’s equipped with a front and back brake system that is effective.

It is a bike that provides low-impact exercise, burns a lot more calories than a regular bike, and is fun to ride at any age.

The Handlebar and the Pedals

The ElliptiGo 11R Elliptical Bike features Ergon GC3 multi-position ergonomic grips that provide comfortable and secure grips that totally eliminate slippage. The adjustable ergonomic bar-ends extension offers the versatility in adjusting your riding position on the go for sprinting on flat terrains, climbing hills, and descending sloppy terrain.

The steering column is foldable and could be done easily via the hinged quick-release. This allows users to adjust the height to a suitable riding position and fold up for storage or for transportation in a vehicle.

The pedals are long with enough room for different foot sizes. The elongated foot platform allows you to easily adjust foot placement to up to 4 different stride-length settings of 16’-25’’. This allows users of different heights to be to adjust to a desired range of motion that increases optimum riding experience.

The 25 inches stride length allows you to train with a full range of motion and balanced muscle activation that makes it possible to ride and tackle any type of terrain.

Moreover, the drive arms are made up of carbon fiber that lightens them so that your stride will not be burdened by the unnecessary weight.

The positions of the foot platforms are high, therefore providing a high ground for the rider to ride with full visibility and ease.

The Drive of the ElliptiGo 11R Elliptical Bike

ElliptiGo 11R Elliptical Bike

The ElliptiGo 11R Elliptical Bike features a chain drive system that consists of a 52-tooth chain, elongated and adjustable foot platform, solid crankset, crank-arms, sprockets, and carbon-fiber drive arms. These elements together made the drive of the ElliptiGo 11R Elliptical Bike to be outstanding, unique, and formidable.

The drive provides an easy stride that is 3X faster than a regular road bicycle, and thanks to the integrated 11-speed hub.

As long as the chain is duly maintained the drive provides a smooth and quiet operation that does not distract you or bother the family and the neighbors when you decide to use the bike indoors. 

The maintenance chart is included in the Owner’s manual which guides on how to properly maintain the bike.

Just for you to know, the stand that converts the bike to an indoor elliptical bike is not included in the package, it has to be purchased separately.

The Resistance of the ElliptiGo 11R Elliptical Bike

The Shimano 11-speed gear hub that is integrated into the ElliptiGo 11R Elliptical Bike has made it a bike with several resistance levels that are suitable for a seasoned athlete rider and a recreational rider as well.

It has 3 more speeds than the ElliptiGO Arc 8. These extra gears, as aforementioned, allow the rider to navigate more easily in different types of terrain, especially in hilly and flat terrain.

The 11R also allows you to cruise at a comfortable speed of 15 mph.

Whether you are using it indoors or outdoors, you should be able to select from eleven speeds or resistance levels that are suitable for you and can climb hills up to 20%-30% grade.


No console on the ElliptiGo 11R Elliptical Bike. You can use an external device to monitor your workout progress.


There is no accessory present on this bike. No water bottle holder or items holder but they can easily be purchased because traditional bike accessory is compatible with it.


ElliptiGo 11R Elliptical Bike

The ElliptiGo 11R Elliptical Bike is by no means a compact bike. Its total length is about 75 inches and the height is about 50-58 inches. However, the steering column is foldable; therefore, it could be folded up to become 35 inches in height for storage.  

It is a lightweight bike that weighs 39.4 pounds/17.8 kg.

Approval Rating

The ElliptiGo 11R Elliptical Bike has a very good approval rating. It has positive reviews by users on Amazon and on their website.

This simply suggests that that bike is widely accepted and very popular.

Pros/Features Overview

  • It is sturdy and durable
  • It has carbon-fiber drive arms that promote speed and maneuverability
  • The steering column is foldable for easy storage
  • It has a design and adjustability that allow users of  different heights (4’10’’-6’10’’) to be accommodated
  •  It could be used indoors and outdoors
  • It features a Shimano 11-speed gear that allows the rider to navigate different terrains easily and suitable resistance levels that burn tons of calories
  • It has long adjustable foot platforms that could be adjusted from 16-25 inches stride length
  • It has an impressive and massive stride length of 25 inches
  • Its design allows the rider to be up there than a conventional bike with clear visibility
  • It has a chain drive that provides smooth and quiet operation and you can coast as well
  •  Minimal assembly required
  • 30-day risk-free return guarantee


  • No accessory such as a water bottle holder available on the bike
  • The trainer that converts it into an indoor elliptical bike is not included in the package
  • The price may be a concern to some people
  • The user weight capacity is low at 250 pounds/113k kg


Product Dimensions and Specifications

  • 75’’ Length
  • 54’’ Wheelbase
  • Weight: 39 Pounds/17.6 kg
  • Supports 250 pounds/113 kg maximum user weight capacity
  • Carbon-fiber drive arms
  • Drive: Chain
  • Climbing activity: 20%-30% grade
  • Adjustable and foldable steering column
  • 2-Wheel platform
  • Shimano 11-speed gear/resistance levels

Shipping, Assembly, and Maintenance


The ElliptiGo 11R Elliptical Bike is delivered in a box that weighs 62.3 pounds/28 kg with dimensions of 69 inches by 30 inches by 17 inches.

The shipping cost is added to the price of the product.


The ElliptiGo 11R Elliptical Bike comes almost completely assembled with just little left to be done by you.

In fact, you don’t need any special tool to get completely assembled to a functional level.

Click here to see the unpacking video that shows you how to easily unpack and assemble the bike.


How to maintain the Elliptigo 11r is included in the owner’s manual with easy steps to get it done, and there are YouTube videos on how to install the rear wheel and how to adjust the 11R hub among other things.


The ElliptiGo 11R Elliptical Bike is an indoor and outdoor elliptical bike that is designed for elite athletes and as well as for recreational riders. It provides speeds up to 25+ mph that are suitable and maneuverable for all terrains.   


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