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VANSWE RB003 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review 

The VANSWE RB003 Recumbent Exercise Bike is one of those entry-level indoor exercise machines like the Niceday Recumbent Bike that supports higher user weight capacity. It also supports 5’2’’-6’3’’ tall individuals, and has an LED monitor with good readability.   

It would have been an advantage if the Bluetooth smart technology on the recumbent bike pairs to a workout app as advertised but users have complained about its dysfunctionality.   

That said, the bike is still a good buy considering its price tag.  

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The Frame & Construction 

VANSWE RB003 Recumbent Exercise Bike

The VANSWE RB003 Recumbent Exercise Bike’s frame was upgraded from 1.5mm (about 0.06 in) to 2 mm (about 0.08 in) for a sturdier and more stable workout experience.  

The frame is coated with anti-corrosion paint, while the drive/resistance system shrouds, stabilizer end caps, and console casing are made of ABS material.  

It is designed to support 400 lbs./181.4 kg maximum user weight capacity,  

It has rounded steel stabilizers with diagonally shaped end caps integrated at the rear for improved stability, especially on a surface that is not completely even.  

The assembled weight of the recumbent bike is 70 lbs./31.75 kg and it enhances the overall stability. So, users won’t experience stability problems regardless of their weight.  

Since the bike has a step-thru design, it will be easy for anyone, including those with physical disabilities, to easily mount and dismount the bike.  

The assembled dimensions of the RB003 Recumbent Bike are 51’’ long by 20’’ wide by 43’’ high. In other words, it will require a workout area with measurements of 4’25’’ (129.5 cm) in length by 1’66’’ (50.8 cm) in width.  

Also, an additional clearance of 2’ will be needed on each side of it for easy access and safety purposes.  

As for mobility, the front-mounted transport wheels ensure that users will be able to easily move the bike around the room.  

The Seat of the VANSWE RB912 Recumbent Exercise Bike 

The seat on this recumbent bike is large, contoured, cushioned, and covered with vinyl material that is easy to maintain and clean.  

It also has a backrest that is large and made of the same materials. It has a design that keeps the lower back at ease so that users can train longer without experiencing strain.

The seat dimensions are 12.6’’ (32 cm) in length by 16.9’’ (43 cm) in width, while the backrest dimensions are 14.6’’ (37 cm) in breadth by 16.9’’ (43 cm) in height. Both the seat and the backrest are 3.1’’ (7.87 cm) thick.

The seat could be adjusted fore/aft only, and since it is attached to a slightly angled rail, the height also increases or decreases when adjustment is done.  

The backrest cannot independently be adjusted, it goes with the seat instead.  

The adjustment lever on the right side of the seat enables users to easily adjust even while seated. It takes only a couple of seconds to get the seat adjusted to a desired position.  

As aforementioned, the bike can accommodate users that are 5’2’’ to 6’3’’ tall, thanks to the seat’s adjustability.  

The Handlebar 

There are 2 sets of handlebars. One set is located on the front mast, while the other set is at the seat.  

Both handlebars are not adjustable, but they are strategically positioned to suit users of different heights.  

They are cushioned with anti-slip rubber foam that provides a firm and comfortable grip. As a result, users will be able to train longer without feeling discomfort and tired.  

However, only the seat handlebar has heart rate sensors integrated into it. This is the only heart rate monitoring system that transmits the user’s heart rate data to the monitor when grasped during a workout.  

The Pedals 

The pedals are simple, and textured, with upgraded adjustable safety straps that can easily and quickly be adjusted.  

They can securely and comfortably accommodate different foot sizes.  

The pedals are bidirectional; therefore, you can pedal forward and backward if you wish.  

The Drive System 

The VANSWE RB912 Recumbent Exercise Bike integrates a belt drive system that mainly comprises an anti-stretch poly v belt, a pulley, and an 8.8 lbs./4 kg high inertia flywheel.  

The operation of the belt drive system is smoother and quieter than a chain drive system. Thus, it is preferred because users can exercise without having to look over their shoulders thinking that someone around or next to them is being disturbed by their activities.  

Also, the drive system does not require periodic lubrication or adjustment of any sort, nor do you have to replace any part. In other words, it is maintenance-free.  

The Resistance System  

The magnetic resistance control knob of the VANSWE RB003 Recumbent Exercise Bike

This exercise bike has a manual magnetic resistance system.

Its process of generating resistance is frictionless, meaning no internal part rubs on each other. Its internal elements such as the magnetic brake pad releases magnetic fields on the 8.8 lbs./4 kg high inertia flywheel causing a drag that ultimately generates resistance.   

The closer the magnetic brake pad is to the flywheel the stronger the resistance becomes and the farther away it is to the flywheel the weaker it becomes.   

To increase or decrease the resistance level simply turn the tension control knob clockwise or counterclockwise, respectively.   

There are 8 predefined resistance levels that provide workout challenges for warm-up, weight loss, endurance, and overall physical fitness improvement. 

Finally, the resistance system does not need maintenance as well since no friction occurs during the process of generating resistance.  

The Console 

The console and LED monitor of the VANSWE RB003 Recumbent Exercise Bike

The console is basic; no preset workout program. 

Even though it was advertised to have Bluetooth connectivity and app compatibility, this function is heavily faulted by users as they find it difficult to pair with their devices.  

That said, the VANSWE RB003 Recumbent Exercise Bike has an LED monitor for better readability. Therefore, the display is clearer and discernable even when viewed in a poorly lit room.  

The monitor tracks Time, Distance, Speed, Odometer, Calories Burned, and Pulse.

The heart rate data can only be shown if the user grasps the seat handlebar with heart rate sensors.  

There are 3 simple and easy-to-use navigation buttons that include Reset, Mode, and Set.  

The monitor is powered by batteries, and it automatically turns off when there is no activity on the bike for 4 minutes to conserve power, and it also turns on when activity resumes.  


A tablet holder is built into the console so that a device can be used for entertainment purposes during a workout. However, any device placed on the holder will block the view of the monitor.  

There is also a water bottle holder attached to the console mast within reach of the user for maintaining hydration.  


The unit is not foldable, but it is not overly large to take up too much storage space.  

A storage area with measurements of 4’25’’ (129.5 cm) in length by 1’66’’ (50.8 cm) in width will suffice. 

The recumbent bike is lightweight; it only weighs 70 lbs./31.75 kg. Therefore, a user can conveniently move it around the room via the front-mounted transport wheels.  

 The Pros/Features Overview 

  • Sturdy and durable 
  • Supports up to 400 lbs./181.4 kg maximum user weight capacity 
  • Supports inseam heights 28’’-41’’ (5’2’’-6’3’’ tall users can be accommodated) 
  • The belt drive system provides smooth and quiet operation 
  • It has an 8.8 lbs./4 kg high inertia flywheel that provides consistent momentum 
  • The magnetic resistance system provides 8 adjustable levels for weight loss, improvement of stamina, and cardiovascular health 
  • The large, textured, and cushioned seat with backrest is 2-way adjustable  
  • There are 2 sets of handlebars  
  • The pedals are textured and large with safety adjustable straps for proper and secure foot placement 
  • EKG HR contact grip  
  • LED monitor tracks Time, Distance, Speed, Odometer, Calories Burned, and Heart Rate with good readability 
  • The unit doesn’t need to be plugged into a power source to be functional 
  • Transport wheels included for an easy relocation process 
  • Tablet and water bottle holders included for entertainment and maintenance of hydration purposes 
  • Easy assembly 
  • Little maintenance required 


  • The console is basic 
  • The monitor gets blocked if a device is placed on the tablet holder 
  • The app connectivity sucks 


For reference check-out VANSWE WARRANTY POLICY 

Product Dimensions & Specifications 

  • Length: 51’’ 
  • Width: 20’’ 
  • Height: 43’’ 
  • Shipping Dimensions: 34.6’’ L x 21.2’’ W x 13’’ H 
  • Gross weight: 73 lbs./33.11 kg 
  • Net weight: 70 lbs./31.75 kg 
  • Maximum user weight capacity: 400 lbs./181.4 kg 
  • Supported inseam height: 28’’-41’’ (5’2’’-6’3’’ tall users) 
  • Frame: Steel 
  • Flywheel weight: 8.8 lbs./4 kg 
  • Drive: Belt 
  • Resistance: Manual magnetic with 8 adjustable levels 
  • Seat: 2-way adjustable, Large (12.6’’ L x 16.9’’ W x 3.1’’ H) & backrest dim. 14.6’’ W x 16.9’’ H 
  • Handlebar: 2 sets (seat & front) nonadjustable 
  • Pedals: Large, textured, balance weighted with adjustable safety straps 
  • Monitor: Basic LED 
  • Transport wheels: Yes 
  • Water bottle holder: Yes 
  • Tablet holder: Yes 


The VANSWE RB003 Recumbent Exercise Bike is shipped out in a box with dimensions of 34.6’’ long by 21.2’’ wide by 13’’ high and weighs 73 lbs./33.11 kg.  

Shipping fee is not charged if purchased from vendors such as Amazon, unless you wish to opt for expedited shipping premium option.  

Delivery is made in a couple of days. However, it could take up to a week to weeks depending on where it is supposed to be delivered.  


Assembling this recumbent bike is not complicated. On the contrary, it is easy and straightforward because the major components are already assembled in the factory.  

The tools and the instruction manual needed for a successful assembly accompany the unit. An assembling video is also available in case you need something visual.   

It takes 45 minutes to completely put the exercise machine together.  


This is a maintenance-friendly piece of equipment because there is not much to be done.  

You are only required to keep it clean always, examine it before use to ensure that every part is tight and good to go.  

It is also important to store it in an area that is clean, dry, and cool.  


The VANSWE RB003 Recumbent Exercise Bike has 3 notable upgrades, and these include the 2mm frame tubing, the pedals’ improved safety adjustable straps, and the LED monitor. Thus, users that are up to 400 lbs./181.4 kg can exercise with the bike, foot placement is highly secure, and workout data display is crystal clear.  

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