Spinner Sprint Premium Authentic Indoor Cycle-Spin Bike

Spinner Sprint Premium Authentic Indoor Cycle-Spin Bike Review

The Spinner Sprint Premium Authentic Indoor Cycle-Spin Bike might be a good choice for your home gym. It can withstand any sort of rigorous use at home and still provide that quality workout experience as well.

This bike is constructed for commercial use which means it could be used in a commercial gym or at home.

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The Frame/Durability/Sturdiness

The Spinner Sprint Premium Authentic Indoor Cycling Spin Bike is solidly constructed with a steel frame. It supports up to 350 pounds maximum user weight capacity and weighs about 121 pounds.

Its stability is great because it does not wobble or shake during any type of vigorous and intense workout.

The frame is coated with anti-corrosion paint with silver color. It features a heavy flywheel that weighs about 43 pounds made of cast iron and designed with black paint at the core, exhibiting the spinner logo.

It has floor-friendly rubber levelers on the rear and front bases which are also adjustable to fit on an uneven floor. This also means you don’t have to worry about leaving a dent or scratch on the floor while working out on the bike.

The levelers help you to balance the bike on a crooked surface.

The Seat

The seat is one of the elements that are responsible for suitability and comfort aside from the handlebars. The seat can be either comfortable or the opposite depending on the overall design which includes seat contour, cushion, and adjustability.

Now, does this bike have the ideal seat design? This we shall find out in a moment.

In terms of the seat, the contour is designed in a way to fit the butt and it looks like the standard outdoor bike seat and so far we have not observed any customer review on Amazon that has any complaints regards to the seat. However, the seat can further be improved by adding a gel seat cover.

Fortunately, the seat can be adjusted 4 ways which means it can be adjusted upward/downward and forward/backward. Consequently, it can accommodate and suit a lot of different users comfortably. We observed that it is stated officially that it can accommodate users of 4 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 8 inches. Again, so far, we have not observed any complaints regards to suitability by Amazon customer reviews

The adjustment of the seat does not take time to do. All you need to do if you wish to adjust the upward and downward is to loosen the knob by the side and pull the seat post up or push down as the case may be and reinsert the knob and tighten up when you have found your preferred or suitable position.

The forward/backward seat adjustment also does not time because you can adjust that while still seated on the seat. Loosen the knob beneath the seat adjustment tube/rail and slide seat to a preferred position and tighten up and that’s it.

Multiple members of the family can use the bike in turn because of its easy adjustability which could be done in a jiffy.  Moreover, there are distinct markings on the seat post that can further help you to find your desired level for a workout and you don’t have to start looking for your suitable seat position whenever anyone has used the bike and altered your previous setting.

The Handlebars

The handlebars have multiple grips and also adjustable. Although the adjustment can only be done upward and downward but cannot adjust forward and backward.

Not being able to adjust the handlebars forward and backward is a kind of a drawback because some individuals with an unusually short or long torso may require adjusting the handlebars forward or backward. However, the majority of users will be able to use this bike comfortably given the fact that the seat and the handlebars are adjustable.

And the literal grips tilt 5 degrees upward for optimized grip and comfortable workout experience. The handlebars are covered with foam materials intended to provide comfort and prevent blisters on the hands/palms.

Just like the seat, the handlebars can also be adjusted easily and quickly. The pole has markings to help you identify your setting when someone has altered it.

The Drive

The Spinner Sprint Premium Authentic Indoor Cycle-Spin Bike features the chain drive system. This type of drive system usually provides the feel of the outdoor bike when working out with it.

Being a chain drive system, some level of maintenance is required but it’s not major or serious maintenance though. If you own an outdoor bike or familiar with it you will understand that it requires lubrication of the chain and adjustment and so does the drive system of this bike.

To ensure smooth and quiet operations, the chain must be lubricated from time to time and adjusted if there is any clearance.

You don’t need any specific type of tool to carry this task out and also the lubrication pack and instruction on how to maintain it is included upon purchasing the bike.

The chain is what connects the crankset and the flywheel with a beautiful guard covering it to protect your ankles from harm and dirt.  You cannot coast as the case with outdoor because the pedals are fixed with the flywheel which means that the pedals and the flywheel turn simultaneously.

For safety, it is advised to use the tension knob as a brake to stop the flywheel each time you wish to stop working out by simply pushing down the tension knob.  The Tension knob doubles as the brake and resistance control.

The Resistance

The Spinner Sprint has a friction resistance system which means it creates its resistance through the contact of the leather pad with the flywheel.

Just like most of the cycling bikes the tension knob is located on the main tubing whereas the leather pad is attached underneath the main tubing. These two are connected so that when the tension knob is pushed or pulled the resistance is increased or decreased.

It does not have resistance levels just as the case with bikes that have a magnetic resistance system such as the Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle Bike.

You only need to push or pull to find the suitable resistance effect you desire but the problem with this type of resistance system is that you will not be able to know the level of resistance you used in the past to enable you to track your workout progress.

However, it takes a little time to get used to how to turn the tension knob to achieve the required resistance level.

The leather pad wears out after some time of use and will require replacement but this does not happen frequently because it could take up to a year or more before it will need to be replaced. The lifespan of the leather pad depends on the frequency of usage, therefore, it could be replaced sooner or later, it varies.

The availability of the pad is not a problem as it can be obtained from the manufacturer and fixing is easy as well.

The Pedals

The pedals come with toe cages that are designed to secure your feet in place to prevent slippage. However, it does not have a spin shoe clip which can be easily replaced for this.

It has a solid crankset that can support stand up pedaling and any sort of challenging and intensive workout.

The bike has a good Q Factor that provides better alignment for the legs and as a result, reduces the stress on the lower body joints.

The Console

Unfortunately, this bike does not have a console. Even some cheap bikes have at least a basic console.

Nevertheless, you can separately purchase a console from Spinner if you need one. Not everyone thinks that the console is important, but without the console, you will not be able to see certain workout data that could keep you motivated.

You may alternatively look up the Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle Bike if you need a bike with a console. You will be able to monitor your heart rate also but it does not include the HR chest strap so you have to purchase that separately, the Polar strap can be a very good option.

Approval Rating

As aforementioned, the popularity of any given product is an indication that that is a good product.

The Spinner Sprint Premium Authentic Indoor Cycle-Spin Bike has a good approval rating at the time this review was written.  Ten out of the twelve Amazon customer reviews rated this bike 5 out of 5 while one reviewer rated it 4 out of 5 and then one rated it 1 out of 5. This is no doubt that the majority of the users are with the performance of this bike.

The users were impressed by the quality and sturdiness of the bike.

You may click right here to read the Amazon customer reviews.

Overall, this is a good bike for home use but it still depends on what you need in a bike as regards the features.


The required space for the storage of this bike is 6 feet by 2 feet with clearance required since the footprint size is 55 inches L by 20 inches W.

It weighs about 121 pounds / 54.88 kg which is pretty heavy but there are transport wheels available that will aid in the relocation process with ease. These transport wheels are designated on the front base of the bike; then all you have to do to move it to another location is to tip it towards the front holding in by the handlebars.

Just so you know, it can be moved by one person unless you are taking it upstairs.

To apply caution when moving the bike so that you don’t leave a dent on the floor especially if it is a wooden floor.


This bike comes with several useful accessories that could make your workout easy and worthwhile.

It has a water bottle holder for keeping water for hydration during workouts which we also think is placed or positioned in a place that will be easy to reach unlike what we see in some other cycling bikes.

There are also 4 spinning DVDs for getting started. This could be a great way for everyone that wishes to achieve fitness goals with the bike.

The 4 DVDs include instructions on 4 workouts on how to train and tone, Ultimate energy, maximum results and turn and burn.

This will go a long way if you don’t know how to get started or don’t have any lined up workout programs of your own.

Pro/Features Overview

  • It is a very sturdy and quality bike
  • It has got a heavy flywheel that guarantees smooth and quiet operations
  • It has water bottle holder for keeping water handy for hydration
  • 4 DVDs were designed to help you get started and be on the right course
  • The seat is 4 way adjustable and therefore can accommodate most users
  • The handlebars have an ergonomic design with the ability to adjust vertically and horizontally
  • It has quality crankset and pedals
  • Pedals have toe cages to secure the feet
  • It has a chain drive system that simulates an outdoor bike and provides the feel as well
  • It supports up to 350 pounds maximum user capacity
  • It has transport wheels for easy relocation
  • The maintenance required is very minimal
  • Easy to assemble


  • Lack of console is the major drawback of this bike
  • The handlebars can only be adjusted upward and downward
  • It has a poor warranty
  • The resistance levels are not specified

Product Dimensions and Specifications

  • 55’’ Length
  • 20’’ Width
  • 48’’ Height
  • Weighs about 121 pounds/ 54.88 kg
  • Supports up to 350 pounds/ 158.75
  • Chain drive system
  • The flywheel weighs about 43 pounds/ 50 kg


Shipping, Assembly, and Maintenance


The shipping cost of this spin bike depends on the retailer you are purchasing from, nevertheless, Amazon provides free shipping.


The major components such as the frame, crankset, chain, and the flywheel are preassembled. Then you will be required to assemble the seat post, seat, handlebars post, handlebars, and the stabilizer bars.

The tools required for the assembly are also included and will take less than an hour to put together.

Since the bike is relatively heavy you might want the bike to be delivered in the room you intend to use it.

You may download the user manual right here. The user manual contains comprehensive instructions on how to assemble it.


The maintenance needed for this bike is to lubricate and adjust the chain when it has loosened. The application method of the lubrication is stated in the user’s manual and it is not a big deal or serious maintenance and this not done all the time but periodically.

Aside from that, you have to always wipe the bike clean of sweat and dust, of course, this could be the regular maintenance as long as you are using the bike.


The Spinner Sprint Premium Authentic Indoor Cycle-Spin Bike is built to last long and withstand any sort of vigorous use.

Both advanced users and beginners can use it and enjoy doing so and it has the capability of accommodating different people with different heights comfortably.

Plus the accessories such as the DVDs that could get anyone started with working their way to the fitness world.

Overall this is a very considerable spin bike with great features except for the outlined drawbacks above.

If you have any further questions please do leave us a comment and we shall be glad to respond accordingly.

Spinner Sprint Premium Authentic Indoor Cycle-Spin Bike Review
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