A lady exercises on the XTERRA Fitness SB150 Recumbent Bike

How Good is the XTERRA Fitness SB150 Recumbent Bike? 

The XTERRA Fitness SB150 Recumbent Bike is an upgrade of the XTERRA Fitness SB120 Recumbent Bike. It is electric-powered and has more features than the SB120 recumbent bike.  

For instance, it features built-in workout programs and a backlit LCD monitor, and it’s for the taking at a reasonable price. Moreover, its features are almost the same as those on some of the more expensive bikes such as the Sunny Health & Fitness SB-RB485 Recumbent Bike.  

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The Frame and Construction 

A lady athlete stands by the XTERRA Fitness SB150 Recumbent Bike

The XTERRA Fitness SB150 Recumbent Bike is equipped with a steel frame coated with anti-corrosion paint. Thus, the frame lasts longer regardless of frequency of usage, and it supports up to 265 lbs./120 kg maximum user weight capacity.  

The base features cylindrical front and rear stabilizers with polygonal-shaped end caps at the rear and transport wheels at the front. Therefore, users can experience maximum stability as they exercise, and they will be able to relocate the machine easily around the room or apartment.  

Moreover, users can easily mount and exit the bike without hassles due to its step-thru design.  

The bike’s assembled dimensions are 58.3’’ long by 24.8’’ wide by 45.3’’ high. Consequently, a workout area with measurements of 4’85’’ (148 cm) in length by 2’ (63 cm) in width will be required for workout activities. However, for safety and convenience purposes during a workout, it is recommended to leave at least 2’ on each side of the unit.  

Recumbent bikes are designed to deliver low-impact cardiovascular workouts and this unit is no different.  

The Seat of the XTERRA Fitness SB150 Recumbent Bike 

The seat of the XTERRA Fitness SB150 Recumbent Bike

The SB150 Recumbent Bike has a seat with a backrest for back support. Both the backrest and the seat are padded to provide consistent maximum comfort through a prolonged workout session.  

However, if you feel the seat’s comfort level needs to be improved, the use of a seat cushion can be used.  

The seat’s width measurement is about 15.25’’ and it is attached to a slightly slanted steel rail with an adjustable knob on the right side of it. So, users can easily adjust the seat’s position quickly even while seated.  

It can only be adjusted 2-ways (fore/aft). However, the height slightly increases or decreases when adjusted due to the slanted rail.  

The Handlebar 

There are 2 sets of handlebars; one set is attached to the seat and the other is on the front post. These are designed to enable users to train in different postures. They can cycle while seated back or up with much support from the handlebars.  

The handlebars are coated with anti-slip soft rubber foam for firm and comfortable grips. They are not adjustable; this means they cannot be adjusted independently. 

Heart rate sensors are integrated into the seat handlebar so that when grasped during a workout by the user, their heart rate data will be transmitted and shown on the digital display screen.  

The Pedals 

The XTERRA Fitness SB150 Recumbent Bike comes with a set of regular recumbent bike pedals. They are textured with adjustable safety straps.  

They are made of quality plastic and have a metallic core.  

Users can ride on them with a pair of standard gym shoes or barefoot.  

The Drive 

The drive system of this recumbent bike is belt-driven. This means the drive system consists of an anti-stretch belt and an 11 lbs./5 kg precision-balanced flywheel.  

Thus, its operation is smooth and quiet. As a result, users can exercise with the bike anywhere without attracting attention from people because hardly anyone would notice their activities.  

Moreover, the drive seldom requires any maintenance. No adjustment or replacement of part would be required of you. So, it will suffice to say that the drive system is maintenance-free.  

Should you wish to diversify your workouts, you can do so by pedaling in reverse because the drive system is bidirectional.  

Resistance System 

The XTERRA Fitness SB150 Recumbent Bike features a motorized magnetic resistance system with 24 adjustable levels. The resistance system comprises a small motor servo, a magnetic brake pad, and an 8’’ diameter, 11 lbs./5 kg perimeter weighted flywheel.  

This means that the resistance system works when the unit is plugged into a power outlet, and the adjustment is made via the plus and minus buttons on the console.  

The resistance system provides different workout difficulties for most users who wish to lose weight and improve overall physical fitness.  

Moreover, the engagement of any resistance level does not affect the fluidity of the bike’s operation. The resistance system does not need any maintenance as well.  

Thus, users will be focused on achieving their fitness goals rather than being distracted by noise from the bike or the burden of how to maintain it.  

The Console 

The console of the XTERRA Fitness SB150 Recumbent Bike

The XTERRA Fitness SB150 has a console that features a 3.7’’ blue backlit LCD. The console also features 12 preset workout programs, 4 custom, 1 Body Fat, and 5 Heart Rate programs (55%, 65%, 75%, 85%, and workout by your target heart rate value) 

These features give a huge edge to this recumbent bike that only costs a fraction of other recumbent bikes with just as many features.  

The LCD monitor tracks Time, Distance, Speed, Calories, RPM, and Pulse with clarity that cannot be diminished regardless of the lighting condition of the room the bike is being used in. These metrics are all being displayed on the backlit screen simultaneously including the preset workout program in use.  

Of course, the pulse data displays only when the seat handlebars with heart rate sensors are held during a workout.  

Speed and Distance measurement units are in mph and miles and can be toggled to km/h and kilometer. However, two people are going to be required for this. First, unplug the bike from power, and then press the start/stop button, the enter button, and the Up button all at the same time, and then plug the bike back to power. When the screen beeps on, press the enter button until km or miles flashes, and then press the Up or Down button to select your preferred unit (km or miles).  

The owner’s manual has detailed instructions on all the features of the console.  

The console is powered by electricity.  


There is a built-in speaker on the console which enables you to stream music from your smartphone, if you want. Also, there is a tablet holder on the console that allows you to keep a smartphone handy and in view for workout and entertainment purposes.  


The XTERRA Fitness SB150 Recumbent Bike is not foldable, however, it is not bulky and can be stored in a small area. A storage area with measurements of 4’85’’ (148 cm) in length by 2’ (63 cm) in width can accommodate the bike.  

There are transport wheels at the front base for easy relocation process, and the bike only weighs 72 lbs./32.6 kg.  

  • Sturdy and aesthetically designed 
  • Accommodates 265 lbs./120 kg maximum user weight capacity 
  • Stable and easy to step in and out 
  • Its operation is smooth and quiet 
  • Users that are 5’1 to 6’2’’ can utilize the bike 
  • Easy to move around the room via the front-mounted transport wheels 
  • It is storage-friendly 
  • It has an ECB (Eddy Current Brake) magnetic resistance system with 24 adjustable levels 
  • It has a padded seat with a high backrest for lumbar support 
  • There are 2 sets of handlebars (front and seat) 
  • The pedals are attached to a 1-piece crankset, and they are self-leveling with adjustable safety straps  
  • Features blue backlit LCD monitor that tracks Time, Distance, Speed, RPM, Calories, and Pulse 
  • EKG contact heart rate sensors  
  • 12 preset workout programs; 
  • Pulse Recovery; 
  • 1 Body Fat; 
  • 5 Heart Rate Programs 
  • 4 Custom 
  • Speed and Distance can be toggled between mph/mile and km/h/km 
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Tablet holder included  
  • Built-in speaker included 
  • The console is not telemetric (not compatible with wireless HR chest strap) 
  • No water bottle holder 

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  • Frame: 1 Year
  • Brake & Parts: 1 Year

Product Dimensions and Specifications 

  • Length: 58.3’’ 
  • Width: 24.8’’ 
  • Height: 45.3’’ 
  • Shipping Dimensions: 48.4’’ L x 24.8’’ W x 42.5’’ 
  • Gross Weight: 79.4 lbs./36 kg 
  • Net Weight: 72 lbs./32.6 kg 
  • Maximum User Weight Capacity: 265 lbs./120 kg 
  • Supported User Height: 5’1’’ to 6’2’’  
  • Frame: Steel 
  • Flywheel: 11 lbs./5 kg, 8’’ dia. 
  • Drive: Belt 
  • Resistance System: Eddy Current Magnetic with 24 adjustable levels 
  • Seat: 2-way adjustable  
  • Handlebar: 2 sets (nonadjustable, front & seat) 
  • Pedals: Self-leveling, textured, with adjustable safety straps 
  • Monitor: Digital blue backlit LCD 
  • Programs: 12 preset workout programs, 4 custom, 1 body fat, 5 heat rate  
  • EKG HR contact grips 
  • Transport wheels 
  • Built-in speaker 
  • Tablet holder 


The XTERRA Fitness SB150 Recumbent Bike gets shipped out (especially on Amazon) upon the completion of an order.  

The customers get a tracking code that would enable them to keep track of the product in transit.  

It takes a couple of days or even weeks (depending on the destination) for the product to be delivered. 

The package weighs about 79.4 lbs./36 kg with dimensions of 48.4’’ long by 24.8’’ wide by 42.5’’ high.  


The unit is not difficult to assemble. It also comes with an instruction manual that illustrates the assembly process with graphics.  

It takes about an hour or so to completely assemble the bike.  

The tools needed for assembly are also included in the package.  


As aforementioned, the drive system and the resistance system parts of the bike are maintenance-free.  

However, there are certain practices that you must adhere to always keep the bike in a functional state. Such as making sure that the unit is kept clean, and it is being inspected to ensure that all the parts are tight and in good working condition.  

Store the bike in a cool, dry, and clean area.  

More information on maintenance is outlined in the owner’s manual.  


The XTERRA Fitness SB150 Recumbent Bike is a considerable unit because of its price, quality, and features.  

It has 12 preset workout programs, 1 Body Fat, 5 Heart Rate Programs, 4 Custom, and a Recovery Function. It supports users that are up to 265 lbs./120 kg and 5’1’’ to 6’2’’ tall individuals.  

It is a low-impact cardiovascular machine. It can easily be mounted and exited because of its step-thru design.  

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