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Schwinn 290 Recumbent Bike Review 

If you are looking to engage in low-impact workouts that are effective in burning calories and improving your overall physical fitness, then the Schwinn 290 Recumbent Bike might be the companion you need.  

That said, this review will give you a comprehensive overview of its features, including its sturdy construction, advanced workout programs, user-friendly design, and overall value so you can decide if it’s right for you. 

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The Frame & Construction 

Schwinn 290 Recumbent Bike

The Schwinn 290 Recumbent Bike is designed to provide users with a comfortable and efficient exercise experience. Featuring a robust frame and construction, that guarantees reliable and secure workouts.  

It features a solid anti-corrosion powder-coated steel frame that not only provides a strong foundation but also enhances overall stability, thanks to the base framework.  

Also, plastic coverings are included in some parts of the frame to give the bike an appealing look.  

There are plastic adjustable levelers underneath the base for stability purposes. However, the use of a rubber mat might be necessary because the bike weighs 110 lbs./50 kg.  

The recumbent bike’s step-thru design enables users to easily step in and out of it without hassles regardless of whether they have joint problems or not.  

The unit is sturdily built to support up to 330 lbs./150 kg maximum user weight capacity.  

The overall assembled dimensions are 66.5’’ long by 26.3’’ wide by 46.8’’ high. In other words, it would occupy a workout space with measurements of 5’5’’ (169 cm) in length by 2’19’’ (66.8 cm) in width, plus clearance of at least 2’ around it for a safe and seamless workout experience.  

It has approximately similar dimensions to that of the Schwinn 230 (MY20) Recumbent bike.  

The bike can easily be moved around the room via the integrated transport wheels at the front base regardless of its weight.  

The Seat of the Schwinn 290 Recumbent Bike 

The seat of the Schwinn 290 Recumbent Bike

The Schwinn 290 Recumbent Bike is equipped with an adjustable padded seat with a ventilated backrest that ensures full lumber support with air permeability. Thus, users can work out longer comfortably without feeling sore or sweaty at the back.  

However, if you feel the need to enhance your comfort level, the use of a seat cushion will do the trick.  

The seat is attached to a slanted base. So, when the seat is adjusted forward or backward it slightly increases or decreases in height.  

Due to the seat’s adjustability users between the heights of 4’6’’ to 6’6’’ can be accommodated.  

Nevertheless, the seat alone is adjustable, but the backrest is not. You can easily and quickly adjust the seat via the lever on the left side of it.  

The Handlebar 

The handlebars incorporated into the Schwinn 290 Recumbent Bike are two sets. One set of the handlebar is attached to the front mast that accommodates the console, while the other set is attached to the seat.  

The two sets of handlebars are static; meaning they are nonadjustable. They are coated with soft anti-slip rubber foam designed to provide lasting comfort and safety during a prolonged workout.  

There are no heart rate sensors on either of the handlebars. This means you will not be able to read your heart rate via EKG contact but can track your pulse if you use a wireless HR chest strap that is compatible with Bluetooth connectivity.  


The pedals of the Schwinn 290 Recumbent Bike

The bike features balance-weighted pedals with adjustable safety straps. These pedals are made of quality plastic material with a metallic core.  

They are attached to a strong crankset and crank arms.  

Different foot sizes can be accommodated, and they are meant to be ridden with standard gym shoes.  

The Drive 

The Schwinn 290 Recumbent Bike has a belt drive system. This is a drive whose operation is smooth and quiet.  

It comprises of a flywheel that usually weighs about 5 to 10 lbs. or even slightly more. Unfortunately, the weight of this flywheel is not disclosed.  

Other elements of the drive system include an anti-stretch belt and a pulley.  

Users can exercise with this bike without bothering those around them due to its silent operation.  

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that the belt drive system does not require any sort of maintenance, it is maintenance-free.  

Pedaling in reverse is possible. So, users who are interested in pedaling in reverse to diversify their workouts and tone more muscle groups can do so.  

The Resistance 

The recumbent bike 290 is equipped with an automatic magnetic resistance system. This means it has a small servo motor that shifts the magnetic brake pad accordingly when the resistance level is adjusted or when a certain workout program with a preset resistance level is selected.  

The resistance system requires the bike to be plugged into a power outlet for it to be functional.  

There are 25 resistance levels which can be adjusted via the console. There are quick adjustment buttons (quick keys) that include 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, and 25. These allow you to jump-start your workout with quick and challenging resistance levels. 

Alternatively, you can use the gradual +/- resistance buttons to adjust the resistance levels one level at a time until you find the intensity that is suitable for you.   

The resistance levels provide a wide range of challenging workouts for users who wish to lose weight and improve strength and stamina.  

Just like the belt drive system, the resistance system is maintenance-free and maintains the smooth and quiet operation of the bike.  

The Console 

The console of the Schwinn 290 Recumbent Bike

The Schwinn 290 Recumbent Bike comes with an advanced console that is Bluetooth enabled and has a 7’’ LCD monitor that tracks workout stats such as Time, Speed, Heart Rate (if connected to HR chest strap), Interval, Calories, Watts, Distance, Burn Rate, Program, Cadence, and Resistance.  

Speed and Distance measurement unit is by default miles and mph. But you can toggle them from that to km and km/h if you so wish.  

The workout stats are displayed with good readability because the LCD monitor is backlit, and its illumination can be increased or decreased.  

There are 13 built-in programs that include Intervals. Fat Burn, Stairs, Rolling Hills, Summit Pass, and Endurance.  

The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect to the JRNY and Zwift workout apps, the wireless HR chest strap, and the built-in speakers.  

Schwinn offers 2 months free trial of the JRNY workout app after which you will have to subscribe if you wish to continue using it.  

The workout app adds fun to your workout experience and fitness journey. It avails the opportunity to train with a personal trainer, on-demand classes, work out on several exotic virtual terrains, and much more.  


A tablet holder is built into the console. This is designed for the placement of a smartphone/tablet device for the purpose of viewing workout resources and entertainment.  

A water bottle holder is also included to enable the user to keep water handy for the maintenance of proper hydration throughout the entire workout session.  

A USB charging port is integrated into the console for charging smartphones/tablets/iPods.  

Finally, as aforementioned, there is a built-in speaker that can be synced to a device via Bluetooth for quality sound output.  


The Schwinn 290 Recumbent Bike is not a very large exercise equipment. A storage area with measurements of 5’5’’ (169 cm) in length by 2’19’’ (66.8 cm) in width will suffice.  

It can easily be moved to and from the storage area via the integrated transport wheels.  

Pros/Features Overview 

  • Sturdily and durably built 
  • Supports up to 330 lbs./150 kg maximum user weight capacity 
  • Users between the heights of 4’6’’ to 6’6’’ tall can be accommodated 
  • Its operation is smooth and quiet 
  • The automatic magnetic resistance system with 25 adjustable levels provides a range of workout intensities for weight loss, endurance, and strength improvement 
  • The seat with a ventilated backrest is adjustable  
  • There are two sets of handlebars that are coated with anti-slip rubber foam material for comfortable and secure grips 
  • The pedals are balance-weighted with adjustable safety straps 
  • The console is Bluetooth enabled and telemetric (compatible with wireless HR chest strap) 
  • There are 13 built-in workout programs 
  • The backlit LCD monitor tracks workout stats such as Time, Distance, Speed, Watts, Interval, Endurance, Heart Rate, and more 
  • Console compatible with JRNY and Zwift workout apps 
  • Schwinn offers 2 months free trial on the JRNY workout app 
  • USB charging port: 
  • Water bottle holder; 
  • Tablet holder; 
  • Bluetooth speaker; 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Transport wheels included 


  • Wireless HR chest strap device not included in the package 
  • The LCD screen gets blocked if a device is placed on the tablet holder 

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  • Frame: 10 Years 
  • Mechanical Parts: 2 Years 
  • Electronic Parts: 1 Year 
  • Labor: 90 Days 

Product Dimensions & Specifications 

  • Length: 66.5’’ 
  • Width: 26.3’’ 
  • Height: 46.8’’ 
  • Shipping Dimensions: 68’’ L x 30.5’’ W x 16’’ H 
  • Net Weight: 110 lbs./50 kg 
  • Gross Weight: 133.79 lbs./60.69 kg 
  • Maximum User Weight Capacity: 330 lbs./150 kg 
  • Frame: Steel 
  • Drive: Belt 
  • Resistance: Auto magnetic with 25 adjustable levels 
  • Seat: 2-Way adjustable 
  • Handlebar: 2 sets, Nonadjustable 
  • Pedals: Balance weighted with adjustable safety straps 
  • Heart Rate Monitoring System: Wireless HR  
  • Programs: 13 
  • Bluetooth Connectivity 
  • Monitor: Backlit LCD  
  • USB Charging Port 
  • Tablet Holder 
  • Water Bottle Holder 
  • Built-in Speaker 
  • JRNY and Zwift Workout Compatible 


When buying the Schwinn290 Recumbent Bike, customers may have different shipping options to pick from, which could be standard shipping, expedited shipping, or white-glove delivery service, and can vary depending on the store or online retailer. The availability of these alternatives may also depend on the customer’s location. 

Standard shipping is the most popular and widely available option for shipping a bike. This usually involves the bike being packaged in a box or crate and sent through a ground carrier like UPS, FedEx, or USPS.  

The time it takes for the bike to arrive may vary depending on where the customer is located and how quickly the retailer processes the order. It’s recommended to check the estimated delivery time when ordering to get an idea of when the bike will arrive. 

If you would like to get your Schwinn290 Recumbent Bike sooner, you can opt for expedited shipping. This will cost a bit more than regular shipping, but it guarantees a much faster delivery. You can expect your bike to arrive in a much shorter window. 

When your package arrives, make sure to inspect it no matter which shipping option you choose. Look for any signs of damage or mishandling during transit. If there are any issues, let the delivery personnel know and document the damage before you accept the delivery. This way, the problem can be solved quickly and efficiently. 


Putting together the Schwinn290 Recumbent Bike should be a breeze and won’t take too much time. A comprehensive instruction manual is included with the bike, which provides straightforward, step-by-step directions for assembling the various parts. 

Begin the assembly process by attaching the seat to the main frame. Once the seat is firmly fastened, attach the backrest to it. Align the backrest with the seat and insert the bolts through the holes. Finally, tighten the bolts to ensure a strong connection. 

Next, the pedals should be installed. They are marked with a ‘left’ and ‘right’ indicator. To secure the pedals, the left one should be screwed counterclockwise into the left crank arm, and the right one should be screwed clockwise into the right crank arm.  

It is important to make sure the pedals are tightened properly so they won’t become loose or wobbly while in use. 

Once the pedals are securely attached, the handlebars must be connected to the main frame by using bolts and washers. It is essential that the bolts are properly tightened to ensure the bike is stable and safe to ride. 

Next is to install the console and connect the wires.  

Much more detailed assembly instructions are in the owner’s manual.  


The bike needs to be always kept clean and stored in a clean, dry, and cool area.  

Routinely check the parts of the bike before using it for workouts to ensure they are all tight and in good condition. 


The Schwinn290 Recumbent Bike is designed for home use. It has several useful and productive features that will enable you to achieve your fitness goals in no time.  

It supports 330 lbs./150 kg maximum user weight capacity, features 13 built-in workout programs, and an automatic magnetic resistance system with 25 adjustable levels.  

The console is Bluetooth-enabled and compatible with workout apps and a wireless HR chest strap.  

Schwinn 290 Recumbent Bike Review 

If you are looking to engage in low-impact workouts that are effective in burning calories and improving your overall physical fitness, then the Schwinn 290 Recumbent Bike might be the companion you need.  

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