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L NOW Upright Magnetic Resistance Bike D808 Review

The L NOW Upright Magnetic Resistance Bike D808 could pass for a scooter bike due to its design, but of course, it is an indoor upright stationary bike designed for indoor workout activities. It is one of those bikes that have this elegant outlook but one would wonder if it does have what it takes to withstand hard use and also provide satisfactory and comfortable workouts to the user.

Yes, we do understand that beauty or elegance alone is not what determines or defines a good upright exercise bike but itL NOW Upright Magnetic Resistance Bike D808 Review does catch the attention of many. That said, there are other aspects of the L NOW Upright Bike Magnetic Resistance Bike D808 that will definitely be of interest to you.

This bike is solidly built to support up to 300 pounds/136 kg maximum user weight. Its operation is described to be very quiet and smooth with a magnetic resistance system that provides decent result-oriented cardio workouts.

The seat is large and ergonomically designed to provide the much-needed comfort to the butt. The bike offers micro-adjustability that allows users to adjust the bike as they see fit in order to fit in suitably. It also possesses an average console with widescreen that displays workout values that motivate and keep the user focused toward achieving the fitness goals.

If it is any consolation, this bike is a popular unit with positive Amazon customer reviews and could be considered as one of the best upright stationary bikes.

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The Frame/Sturdiness

The L NOW Upright Magnetic Resistance Bike D808 frame is made from solid and high-quality steel tubing that isL NOW Upright Magnetic Resistance Bike D808 Review capable of supporting up to 300 pounds/136 kg maximum user weight capacity. The steel parts are coated with anti-corrosion and rust paint that preserves the original appearance/outlook. The seat post is chrome finished which is also highly resistant to rusts.

The sleek-looking bike is made up of several ABS parts including the shroud for the flywheel and it is adorned with distinctive colors (white, black, and yellow) that give it an outstanding and savory look.

It may not be a very compact upright bike in the traditional sense of it but it won’t take up much space either. The overall assembled dimensions are 50.4 inches long by 21.6 inches wide by 57.3 inches tall. In other words, this unit should require a workout or storage space of 4 feet 2 inches long by 2 feet wide; although, for safety and convenience purposes, an additional 2 feet clearance on each side of the unit and the rear will be necessary during workout activity.

It has a good base framework that ensures the stability that supports the heaviest user of 300 pounds/136 kg during a vigorous or high-intensity workout.  There are two solid stabilizer bars made from steel, one at the front base and the other at the rear base with a rubber cap on each end of them to prevent the unit from damaging the floor (especially a wooden floor).

A user may decide to place the L NOW Upright Magnetic Resistance Bike D808 on a rubber mat for the prevention of dents or scratches on the floor and for optimum stability as well.

Speaking of dents and stability, the bike weighs about 66.2 pounds/30 kg, which could really boost the overall stability of the bike but then could also make the bike to be a burden on a wooden floor and that is the reason why a good protective rubber mat has to be used.

The front base is integrated with two solid plastic transport wheels to aid in the relocation process of the bike. Therefore, if you are concerned about moving the unit from one place to the other due to its weight, its portability should evaporate that concern.

The hollow design on the body part allows airflow for the flywheel to cool down during prolonged use.

As aforementioned, this upright bike is popular and the reason could easily be seen.

The Seat, the Handlebar and the Pedals

The L NOW Upright Magnetic Resistance Bike D808 in our opinion has a good ergonomically designed seat,L NOW Upright Magnetic Resistance Bike D808 Review handlebar, and pedals that allow a user to engage in a prolonged productive workout session comfortably without getting bored.

The seat is micro-adjustable which means it could be adjusted 4 ways and which not often the case with many upright stationary bikes such as this. A use should be able to make himself or herself comfortable by adjusting the seat vertically (upward/downward) and horizontally (fore/aft). This allows the suitability that could accommodate users between the heights of 5 feet t0 6 feet 5 inches tall.

The adjustments are very easy and could only take a few seconds to execute. This means that buddies or family members can participate in the utilization of the unit.

The saddle is considerably large, contoured and cushioned to provide optimal comfort to the butt. The seat’s connection mechanism to the post is standard hence can easily be replaced with another preferred saddle of your choice.

Some people find the seat very comfortable without enhancing or replacing it while others felt it is not comfortable enough. If you are on the latter category then you might consider using a gel seat cover to enhance the comfortability or replacing it entirely with another one.

The handlebar is also adjustable but in a different way because it is neither the traditional vertical or horizontal adjustment but more of altering the angle of the handlebar. You can adjust to change the angle of the handlebar to the angle that best suits your workout.  This provides comfort to the arms while work-out, especially when performing the standing sprint.

The handlebar is also coated with a rubber foam material designed to provide firm grips and comfort that prevents slippage and blisters to the palms.  It is also integrated with HR sensors that transmit heart rate data to the monitor when gripped during a workout.

The handlebar also has a multi-grip design that allows you to work out in different postures.

The L NOW D808 has tough and solid pedals that are designed to provide safety and comfort. They are made ofL NOW Upright Magnetic Resistance Bike D808 Review quality nylon material and they feature adjustable safety straps that optimally secure the feet.

The pedals are meant to accommodate or fit any standard fitness shoes and the pedals can be replaced with a set of SPD/toe cages pedals if you can find any that can fit the crank. However, this is upright stationary bike people, not a spin bike, therefore, swapping the pedals for SPD/toe cages pedals is unnecessary.

The Q Factor which is the distance from the inner edge of the left pedal to the inner edge of the right is not stated. However, we believe it has a normal Q Factor that alleviates the stress that is often felt on the knees and the legs because users have not complained of any awkward alignment of the legs/feet to the pedals.

The Drive System

The L NOW Upright Magnetic Resistance Bike D808 features a belt drive system that is famously known for quiet and smooth operation and also requires no maintenance.

The belt drive system consists of a small lightweight flywheel that weighs about 8 or 9 pounds/4 kg, a quality belt, solid steel crank arms and pedals made of a metallic core that are shrouded in ABS cover.

The drive system is solid and powerful that it supports even a stand-up pedaling but again this is an upright bike therefore seated workouts are the traditional training that is recommended.

The Resistance S system

Obviously, the L NOW Upright Magnetic Resistance Bike D808 is not motorized because it has a manual magnetic resistance system with 8 levels. Resistance is generated when the magnetic brake pad gets close to the flywheel. Therefore, the closer it gets to the flywheel the more difficult the resistance will get.

For the fact that the brake pads do not make any contact with the flywheel, they are rarely replaced because they never get worn out and this makes the bike even more maintenance-free.  In other words, the resistance is generated by the volume of the magnetic field available around the flywheel.

The adjustment of the resistance is simple and easy. To increase the resistance effect simply turn the tension knob from levels 1 to 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8, and you will experience a challenging workout that is proportionate with the level you applied or chose. Also, when you wish to decrease the resistance level simply turn the tension knob anticlockwise to the level you desire and that will be it.

Most users have applauded the resistance as effective and challenging and particularly beginners, intermediary fitness level individuals will appreciate it. It is generally great for engaging in cardio workouts that burn fat and improves strength and endurance levels.

The Console

The L NOW Upright Magnetic Resistance Bike D808 features a console that is not so basic but could be categorizedL NOW Upright Magnetic Resistance Bike D808 Review as average. The console is relatively large with several buttons that allow navigation possible. The monitor has a screen that displays workout data with high clarity, however, this may be compromised if used in a poorly lit room because it not backlit.

The monitor can display several values as many as 6 at the same time thereby eliminating the need for a SCAN function that displays value one at a time rotationally.

You should be able to keep track of your workout progress by viewing data such as the time, speed, distance, calories burned, odometer, and pulse rate. Unfortunately, it is not telemetry enabled, therefore, you cannot use a wireless HR chest strap but you have to rely on the EKG sensors to be able to read your heart rate.

To maintain your target heart rate zone at all times ensure that you grip the EKG sensors that are integrated into the handlebar while working out.

You should be able to set up workout goals for distance, time, and calories. The set up is simply done by setting up the value/numbers you wish to accomplish on time, distance, or calories burned and the console will begin a countdown as you workout until the value gets to zero. However, the console is not Bluetooth enabled for wireless connectivity neither does it have any preset programs.

Although a recovery function is available, that is the Body Mass Index (BMI). The console monitors the duration of time it takes your heart rate to get back to normal at the end of the workout. In order for it to be able to calculate the console will prompt you to enter your weight and your height into it.  This is really important because it gives you an inkling of how your heart rate is doing and if you have a healthy weight that is at par with your height.

There is also a tablet holder on the console that allows you to keep a tablet or a smartphone handy for the purpose of listening to favorite music or just for answering calls during workouts. It can also accommodate a magazine or even a notebook.

But the downside of this is that you will not be able to view the workout data that is being displayed on the monitor if you choose to place any of these items on the holder because it will simply block the view.

The monitor does not need electricity to be powered but 2 AA batteries. The monitor automatically comes alive when the bike is pedaled and goes off after a few minutes of not pedaling in order to save battery power. The monitor also comes alive when any of the buttons is pressed.


The L NOW Upright Magnetic Resistance Bike D808 does not have too many accessories but has at least two of them which is the tablet holder and the water bottle holder.

These are crucial because they allow you to stay hydrated and be entertained during a workout. Entertainment and hydration fuel motivation to workout longer to achieve fitness goals.

The upright bike is belt driven and has a magnetic resistance system both of which literally make the bike’s operation to be smooth and quiet thereby creating the right environment to enjoy watching TV, movie, or listening to good music.

Moreover, other family members or neighbors won’t be disturbed either.


The L NOW Upright Magnetic Resistance Bike D808 is an average size unit that is neither too large nor compact.  This bike is not foldable either but won’t require a large space area for storage.

Its overall assembled dimensions are 50. 4 inches long by 21.6 inches wide which will require storage space of 4 feet 2 inches long by 2 feet wide.

It weighs about 66.2 pounds/30 kg. Moving the bike from one spot to another won’t be a problem because it is integrated with two transport wheel that makes it portable.

Approval Rating

The approval rating of the L NOW Upright Magnetic Resistance Bike D808 is positive. There are quite a number of Amazon customer reviews that unreservedly suggest that this unit is recommendable.

The reviews on Amazon at the time this review was written were positive without any serious complaints. In other words, users were satisfied with their upright bike’s performance.

Pros/Features Overview

  • Very sturdy and stable frame made of high-quality steel
  • Supports up to 300 pounds/136 kg maximum user weight capacity
  • Artfully designed
  • Quality pedals with adjustable safety straps
  • The seat is relatively large, cushioned and contoured to provide optimal comfort
  • The seat is 4 way adjustable which make room for users of different heights to be accommodated, 5 feet to 6 feet 5 inches to be précised
  • The handlebar is adjustable and ergonomically designed to provide comfort and multiple grip positions
  • EKG sensors are embedded in the handlebar
  • It is portable because of the two integrated transport wheels on the front base
  • Fairly large console with a monitor that displays workout value with high clarity
  • Can keep track of workout progress including the ability to view the heart rate data
  • Recovery function available
  • The bike is smooth, quiet and consistent during operation due to its belt drive system
  • Magnetic resistance system with 8 levels that provide decent easy, medium to difficult workouts
  • Low maintenance
  • Water bottle holder included
  • Tablet holder included
  • Easy assembly


  • The monitor view will be blocked when a tablet or a magazine is placed on the holder
  • No preset programs
  • The console is not telemetry enabled
  • The console is not Bluetooth enabled
  • The monitor is not backlit


Product Dimensions and Specifications

  • 50’’ Length
  • 22’’ Width
  • 57’’ Height
  • Supports 300 pounds/136 kg maximum user weight capacity
  • Weight: 66.2 pounds/30 kg
  • Portable with transport wheels
  • LCD monitor displays, time, distance, odometer, speed, calories burned, and pulse
  • Recovery function
  • Drive: Belt
  • Resistance: Manual magnetic with 8 levels
  • The seat is 4 way adjustable
  • Handlebar is adjustable
  • Water bottle and tablet holders included


  • 1 Year on Frame
  • 1 Year on Parts

Shipping, Assembly, and Maintenance


The L NOW Upright Magnetic Resistance Bike D808 shipping weight is 76 pounds/34.4 kg and comes in a box with the dimensions of 39 inches by 12 inches by 21 inches.

The shipping cost usually is determined by the vendor you are purchasing from: however, some retailers such as Amazon provide free shipping.


The assembling of the L NOW Upright Magnetic Resistance Bike D808 is not a very difficult one, although, you can opt for an expert assembly where an expert will assemble the bike for you for a fee.

But just as aforementioned, it is not very difficult to assemble; most of the users do the assembling themselves.

The bike is supplied with the major and complicated components preassembled. Therefore, there are only parts such as the stabilizer bars, the seat post, the seat, the handlebar, the pedals, and the console to be attached to the frame.

An instruction manual is included to guide you step by step on how to fully assemble the unit. The required tools are also included.

It won’t take up to an hour to completely assemble the L NOW Upright Magnetic Resistance Bike D808.


This unit has features such as the belt drive and magnetic resistance systems that make it entirely maintenance-free. It won’t require periodic lubrication as the bike with a chain drive does, neither does it require a magnetic brake pad replacement as the bike with a friction resistance system does.

The only thing you need to do is to always examine the bike for any loose, worn, or broken part.  Don’t use the bike if there is any problem until it is fixed in order to avoid an accident and protect the bike from a complete breakdown.

Also, make sure to keep the bike clean by wiping the dirt and sweat off it at all times.


The L NOW Upright Magnetic Resistance Bike D808 supports 300 pounds/136 kg maximum user weight capacity, it provides easy, medium, and difficult workouts that are suitable for every fitness level.

The console has functions that could keep you motivated and focused toward achieving the fitness goals.

It has a good base framework that makes it very stable during an intensified workout. It also has a micro-adjustability that allows users of different heights to be accommodated suitably.

The L NOW Upright Magnetic Resistance Bike D808 is an indeed a recommendable bike.

L NOW Upright Magnetic Resistance Bike D808 Review
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The L NOW Upright Magnetic Resistance Bike D808 frame is made from solid and high-quality steel tubing that is capable of supporting up to 300 pounds

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