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How To Exercise The Back-The Simple Way

We try as much as possible to bring to you ways to build and develop different parts of the body. We have in the past written about how to build strong legs, how to build abs, how to build shoulders, and so on. The idea is to help our audience to achieve complete bodybuilding tips that will help them achieve their goal.

The back of the body is no exception as to whether it should be built or not. To build a perfect body, it requires building different parts of the body. And to achieve these, there must be a conscious attempt to concentrate on building these parts. Hence we bring to you how to exercise the back, to tone the muscle at the back.

Pull-up and Chin-up is the most effective workout for building a massive back. It targets the lats, shoulders, biceps, and grip. If you do want to exercise the back, those should be on your number one list.

Without further ado, these are the exercises one can engage in to build and develop the back muscle.

Pull-up (Wide Grip)

Let your overturned hand be wide apart on the pull-up bar; then start to pull yourself up pull_up-min[1]until your chin is over the pull-up bar and back down again. You should warm up first before doing this. Make sure you hold on to the pull bar with your body hanging and shoulders relaxed. When you are pulling up, imagine your elbows beside your body as you contract your lats. Pull yourself up to fully stimulate your lats.

Reverse Grip Bent-Over Barbell Row (Wide Grip)

First of all, you will have to be in a bent position with the barbell on the floor/ground. This Reverse-grip-bent-over-rows-2-min[1]is done by lifting the barbell towards your belly with an overturned hands. You should make sure that your hands are wide apart and overturned; as in upwards when getting hold of the barbell. While you are in a bent position make sure you do not move or change your position while lifting the barbell towards your belly.

Reverse Grip Pull Down

This is done by holding the bar at a shoulder-width grip. Keep your chest out and pull Underhand-pull-downs-2-min[1]downwards your chest and back again.

Straight Arm Lat Pull Down

This is simply done by standing before an overhead lat bar with a considerable distance Straight-Arm_Pulldown-min[1]that will ensure your outstretched arms are straight while holding the lat bar. Begin by pulling down towards your upper thighs. Try to concentrate on the feeling of the movement in your lats. Make sure that movement only takes place at the joints of your shoulders and nothing else.

Seated Cable Row

You should begin this by sitting at the front of a low pulley cable station with a handle seated_cable_row-min[1]attachment. Your feet should be placed on the feet platform of the cable station. With your chest out and shoulders down, using your legs as support your steady and stiff torso, begin to pull the cable towards your lower chest and then back again. Make sure that the only movement at this time should be your arms and nothing else.


These are very simple and easy ways to build a massive back and even shoulders. When they are done properly and included in your workout routine you will see positive results especially if you are interested in having a huge and muscular back.

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