Best dumbbell exercises

Best Dumbbell Exercises-Most Effective, Yet Simple

I have written an article on chest dumbbell exercises, and another one on best chest building exercises. But I will be doing another on the best dumbbell exercises that target all muscle groups of the body.

You will find below some of the best dumbbell exercises and of my favorites as well. These exercises were deliberately chosen because of their effectiveness in the muscle groups. I believe you would be able to find one that you like.

Dumbbell Bench Press

This one is one of my favorites, and the good thing about dumbbell exercises is that youBest dumbbell exercises only need a pair of them and maybe a bench or something, and you are set for a real exercise.

If you have a reclining and declining bench, you will be able to modify the setup, such that you can perform incline bench press and decline bench press.

For the incline bench press, you will have to put the bench in 45-degree angle position, which will help you target the upper region of the pectorals, while the decline, that is positioning the bench below horizontal, will target the lower levels of your chest muscles.

Alternated Biceps Curl

This is yet another that is worth mentioning, without which the best dumbbell exercisesBest dumbbell exercises list will be incomplete. Even though there are different moves of this type of dumbbell exercise, but the core reason and effect would remain to strengthen the biceps muscles and develop your forearms too.

As I said, you can do a different move by raising the dumbbells on both hands to your chest level or you can choose to raise the dumbbells on both hands one after the other to your chest level. I believe this is commonly done by gym lovers, and I will advise you to engage in it if you haven’t been doing it.

Shoulder Press

This can be done by standing with your feet at shoulder width level apart, grab your Best dumbbell exercisesdumbbells on both hands, and raise them over your shoulder. Then start pushing/raising both hands with the dumbbells towards the ceiling or you can alternate by pushing one hand up and lowering the other. Make sure that the dumbbells are in horizontal positions in your hands.

While you can do this exercise standing, you can as well do it while sitting down too. The sitting exercise could be necessary if your ceiling is low.

This exercise mainly targets the upper body by working on your shoulders (deltoid muscles), and even the triceps too.

Triceps Kickback

Just like the biceps curl targets the biceps, so also the triceps kickback is great in targetingBest dumbbell exercises the triceps. While you put your one knee on the bench, while the other leg on the ground with your one hand holding/supporting the shoulder, grab a dumbbell on the other hand and start raising it back and forth.

For an effective round of exercise, ensure that your upper arm stays still, thereby allowing only the lower arm to do the movement of forth and back. If you don’t, your shoulder and back will take off the load from the arm, and you will get a little effect on your triceps

Kneeling One Arm Row

The kneeling one arm row squarely targets the back and probably the best back exerciseBest dumbbell exercises that can be done using a dumbbell. Just like the triceps kickback position, put your one knee on a flat bench and the other feet on the ground/floor, while the one hand is on the bench and the other holding a dumbbell, start dropping it toward the floor and pull back again.

The Lateral Raise

The lateral raise dumbbell exercise is done by standing with your feet shoulder-width Best dumbbell exercisesapart, grab dumbbells on both hands in a vertical pattern, start to raise both dumbbells sideways up to your shoulder levels, then back again to where you bring both dumbbells close to each other at the front of your waist level. Do this repeatedly.

This exercise best targets the outer shoulder muscles.

Lying Fly

This is yet another dumbbell exercise that is best for the chest. This can be done by lyingBest dumbbell exercises down backward on a flat bench, with dumbbells on both hands in vertical positions. Start to move/raise the dumbbells to the front of your chest and lowering them again to your sides and up again. Make sure that your elbows are slightly curved when doing this.


These are some of the best dumbbell exercises that would really make your day at home, working place, or at the gym. They are very simple to do, yet effective and within your budget. If you don’t have dumbbells yet, let me recommend this one. Click right here to find a set of dumbbells that you can afford to buy and probably with a bench too if you like.

I hope you find this article useful, and if you do, please like it and share it. Do not hesitate to ask any questions, or contribute and comment in the comment box below.

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