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Dumbbell Leg Exercises-Get Those Legs Exercised

Hi there! You are welcome to dumbbell leg exercises. I will be introducing a number of ways you can exercise or build strong legs with dumbbells. These ways are pretty easy and anyone can really perform them. There is nothing like having a strong lower body, and you have just made the right decision to get it done.

However, you may want to check out other articles on this site that were directed on how to build the different parts of the body, such as the arms, obliques, back, biceps, abs, shoulders, etc. I bet you will really find them very useful too. You can further surf the site for weight loss exercises too if you are in need of shedding some weight/fat. With these articles, you will be armed enough to build that body you have always desired.

But in the meantime, let’s look into dumbbell leg exercises. As I said earlier, there are several ways to exercise the legs with dumbbells, but I will introduce a few such as the following;

  • Dumbbell front squat
  • Dumbbell split jump
  • Alternating dumbbell lunge
  • Seated one-legged toe raise

Dumbbell Front Squat

Dumbbell front squat is done by standing with dumbbells on each of your hands shoulder-width feet apart, with a plank right under the heels of your feet. Then, move the dumbbells in each hand, one after the other to your chest in a horizontal pattern right under your chin. At this level you are set to start squatting; start to go down in a sitting position with your upper body straight and stationary. Once you are at the sitting position, pause for a second and stand back up again to your starting position. Do this repeatedly.

Dumbbell Split Jump

Grab a dumbbell in each hand, while your arms are straight on both sides of your body. Lower one of your knees to the ground, while creating a 90-degree position with the other leg, with your shin and thigh parallel to the ground. Push energetically off the ground with your feet, by jumping up and switching positions of the legs in the mid-air. Repeat as directed again and again.

Alternating Reverse Dumbbell Lunge

Hold dumbbells in each hand, arms straight while standing with your legs in shoulder-width apart. Make sure that your upper body is stationary, then reverse one of your legs back and get down on that knee with the other leg in a 90-degree pattern. With the shin and thigh parallel to the ground. Get back the reversed leg to the former position and then reverse the other leg just as you did with the previous. Do this continuously.

Seated One-Legged Toe Raise

Sit on a bench and put one of your feet on a step,  with a dumbbell placed horizontally on that leg’s thigh, with both hands on each end of the dumbbell. Try raising the dumbbell with a push from your toes and slowly lower it back. Do this repeatedly and switch legs after a set is completed and continue. You should make sure that it is only your calf that is exercising while pushing the dumbbell up and down.


I hope you found these dumbbell leg exercises very useful. And if you did, please do share, comment, and contribute. Every comment is appreciated, therefore do not hesitate to drop your comment at the comment box below.

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