How To Build Strong Legs-Sure Way To Building Those Legs

How To Build Strong Legs-Sure Way To Building Those Legs

Bodybuilding is a good thing that appeals to almost everyone. It provides the fitness and the right look we desire to have. Looking healthy, strong, and good-looking is what bodybuilding could do to us, apparently.

However, when the body is not built very well could affect the way we look. If someone is building just the upper body, without giving much attention to the lower body, that could be a bodybuilding disaster because the person might become what I term as out of alignment bodybuilder. That is to say, the body structure will suck. You have a stronger upper body, while the lower body is weak. You might even look funny too, and it’s not healthy either.

That is what informed the write-up of this article, to help with tips on exercises that could help develop the legs and make them bigger and stronger. I bet you will agree with me that, having those strong legs could be a step further to achieving a perfect body.

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I am going to be walking you through how to build strong legs. We are going to start with the first step to building your legs:

Front Squat-

The front squat is a strong and effective way to build the legs. This is done by standing about chest/shoulder level with the power rack, then grabbing the power with an overturned grip, with your both arms apart, overturning the weight so that the weight rests on your fingers. Step backward with your legs apart. Then start to squat as low as possible and back up again. You can do this as many times as possible with sets, depending on the weight you are using.

Bulgarian Split Squat-

Bulgarian split squat is done by standing upright with a bench that is slightly below knee level behind you. Put your left foot on the bench and start squatting with your left knee almost touching the floor. You may decide to put your hands stretched out in front of you, or with your hands on your waist while you do the squat. You must switch leg/foot when you are done with the number of REPS and SETS you intend to do and repeat in the same fashion.

Romanian Dead lift-

This can be performed by having a barbell in front of you. While standing over it, you reach down and grab the barbell with your arms apart. Make sure you are in almost a sitting position and raise the weight to your hip level while standing back up. Once you are up, your upper body should be straight and your knees locked.  Lower the barbell back towards the floor, by bending your waist, and your knees slightly bent and back up again. Do as many REPS and SETS as you can.


This can be done ‘free style’; that is not using any weight like the barbell. Or, you might use a barbell which is more effective and productive. The squat is a well-known kind of workout, but if you are going to be using a barbell, then you should know how to use it.

Now to use a barbell for squat, you will have to get a barbell on your back shoulder with your hands holding it on both sides. While standing upright with your legs slightly apart, you can now start squatting as low as possible. Do your REPS and SETS as many as you can. It can be very effective in building your legs/thighs.

Dumbbell Step Up-

This is done by having a bench that is slightly below your knee or knee level in front of you. Place one foot on top of the bench, that your thigh will become parallel to the floor. Step up on the foot you placed on the bench with dumbbells in both hands beside your body, then rest the trailing foot on the bench once you have stepped up.  Step back down and then up again, continuously until you finish your REPS and switch to the other leg, and do the same. Make sure you complete the SETS you may have stipulated for yourself.


I hope these few techniques will be of great help to you. I will come up with more ways to build your legs in my subsequent article. I am going to be writing articles also on how to build biceps, arms, shoulders, abs, and more.

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