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How Good is XTERRA Fitness UB120 Upright Bike?

The XTERRA Fitness UB120 Upright Bike is a basic indoor exercise machine designed for home use. It is also compact with a small footprint, and it’s lightweight.  

This may be the best choice for those on a budget who still wish to have one of those upright bikes for the improvement of overall physical fitness.  

Its simplistic and step-thru design allows you to mount and exit your workouts without hassles.  

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The Frame & Construction of the XTERRA Fitness UB120 Upright Bike 

XTERRA Fitness UB120 Upright Bike?

This unit features a V-shape gray steel frame that is coated with anti-rust paint. It supports 250 lbs./113 kg maximum user weight capacity.  

Its drive train covers, the console casings, the built-in transport wheels, and the diagonal-shaped end caps at the rear stabilizer bar are made of plastic.  

Even though the XTERRA Fitness UB120 Upright Bike has a small footprint its stability is good. The reason is that it has a robust base framework that features a steel front stabilizer and a rear U-shaped cylindrical stabilizer bar with diagonal end caps.  

Thus, users will be able to exercise without experiencing stability problems.  

The overall assembled dimensions of the bike are 34.8’’ long by 21.9’’ wide by 48.8’’ high. So, it doesn’t take up too much space for workout activities. A space with measurements of 2’9’’ (88.39 cm) in length by 1’82’’ (55.62 cm) in width will suffice. However, make sure to leave an extra clearance of 2’ around it to ensure a safe and convenient workout experience.  

The built-in transport wheels at the front base of the bike enable users to easily maneuver it around the room. 

The Seat  

The seat of the XTERRA Fitness UB120 Upright Bike

The XTERRA Fitness UB120 Upright Bike comes with a seat that is large, padded, and contoured. It is intended to provide lasting and consistent comfort for a prolonged workout. However, that is not the case because there were so many complaints about how uncomfortable the seat was.  

That said, the use of a gel seat cover may improve the level of comfortability.  

The seat is 2-way adjustable; it can be adjusted vertically (upward/downward). There are several holes in the seat post for different height adjustments. Therefore, users that are up to 5’10’’ tall can be accommodated suitably.  

An adjustment can be made in a moment, and it stays that way without experiencing it sliding down.  

The Handlebar 

The handlebar is attached to the front post/mast. It is fixed; therefore, it can’t be adjusted. However, it is strategically positioned to be suitable for users of different heights.  

It is multi-grip designed with provision for 3 different hand positions. In other words, you can work out in different postures.  

Moreover, it is padded with soft rubber anti-slip rubber form to provide consistent and secure comfortable grips.  

The Pedals 

The pedals are as simple as the bike itself. They are wide and textured with adjustable safety straps to secure the feet and accommodate different foot sizes.  

Their self-leveling feature allows users to easily and quickly get on them without hassles.  

The Drive 

The XTERRA Fitness UB120 Upright Bike is equipped with a belt drive system. This comprises an anti-stretch belt, a pulley, and a 9’’size (dia.), 8.8 lbs./4 kg perimeter weighted flywheel.  

The belt drive system is known for providing quiet and smooth operation. Thus, users will be able to train without being worried that those around them might be disturbed by their activities.  

Moreover, as opposed to a chain drive system, the belt drive system does not require any maintenance, including lubrication and adjustment.  

Therefore, you can exercise with the bike at home, the office, or anywhere else where noise is not tolerated.  

The Resistance of the XTERRA Fitness UB120 Upright Bike 

This upright bike features a manual magnetic resistance system with 8 adjustable levels. This maintains the smoothness and quietness of the bike during operation. The reason is that the elements involved in the generation of resistance include a magnetic brake pad and the flywheel and there is no friction.  

In other words, resistance is generated when the magnetic brake pad releases magnetic fields around the flywheel. The intensity of the resistance is determined by how closer and farther away the magnetic brake pad is to the flywheel.  

To increase or decrease the resistance level, turn the tension knob on the main frame clockwise or counterclockwise.  

The magnetic resistance system provides weak and medium workout challenges that are suitable for those who wish to lose weight and improve their overall physical fitness.  

The Console 

The console of the XTERRA Fitness UB120 Upright Bike

The console has no fancy features, it is simply as basic as the overall design of the bike itself.  

It features an LCD monitor with an easy-to-use interface that tracks Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, and Pulse. Its readability is good; however, it may be compromised if viewed in a room that has poor lighting because it does not have a backlight.  

The LCD monitor has a SCAN function that displays the workout stats by rotationally switching them one at a time. But if you wish to view a certain workout stat constantly you can do so.  

To be able to see or observe your heart rate data you must grasp the handles with the heart rate sensors on them during a workout.  

The monitor is powered by 2 AA batteries (included).  

The display has a sensor that detects when the bike is not in use and so accordingly turns off the monitor to save the battery’s power. The monitor also turns on automatically when the bike is being used.  


The XTERRA Fitness UB120 Upright Bike has a built-in device holder on the console. This is used for the placement of a smartphone/tablet device for watching workout or entertainment videos during a workout session.  


This unit is compact, lightweight, and portable. It has all the attributes that make it storage-friendly.  

Thus, it won’t take up too much storage space, and it can easily be moved around by virtually any user, after all, it weighs only 43.2 lbs./19.5 kg 

  • Simple design yet sturdy  
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Supports up to 250 lbs./113 kg maximum user weight capacity 
  • Provides low-impact workouts 
  • Users that are up to 5’10’’ tall can utilize it 
  • The seat is 2-way adjustable, large, padded, and contoured 
  • The ergonomic handlebar is multi-grip designed and padded 
  • The pedals are self-leveling, large, and textured with adjustable safety straps for secure foot placement 
  • Its operation is smooth and quiet 
  • The magnetic resistance system provides 8 levels of resistance 
  • It features an LCD monitor that tracks Time, Distance, Speed, Calories, and Pulse 
  • Contact grip HR monitoring function 
  • Easy to move around via the built-in transport wheels 
  • It can easily be maintained 
  • Assembling it is a walk in the park 
  • Built-in tablet holder 
  • The seat is not comfortable 
  • The monitor is not backlit 
  • No water bottle holder 

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  • Frame: 1 Year 
  • Parts: 90 Days 

Product Dimensions & Specifications 

  • Length: 34.8’’ 
  • With: 21.9’’ 
  • Height: 48.8’’ 
  • Shipping Dimensions: 26’’ L x 21.5’’ W x 9’’ H 
  • Net Weight: 43.2 lbs./19.5 kg 
  • Gross Weight: 43.2 lbs./19.5 kg 
  • Maximum User Weight Capacity: 250 lbs./113 kg 
  • Supported Maximum User Height: 5’10’’ 
  • Frame: Steel 
  • Flywheel: 9’’ Dia., 8.8 lbs./4 kg 
  • Drive: Belt 
  • Resistance: Manual magnetic with 8 adjustable levels 
  • Seat: 2-way adjustable 
  • Handlebar: Multi-grip and padded 
  • Pedals: Self-leveling, textured, and wide with adjustable safety straps 
  • Monitor: Nonbacklit LCD 
  • HR contact grips 
  • Built-in tablet holder 
  • Built-in transport wheels 


The XTERRA Fitness UB120 Upright Bike ships in a box that weighs 43.2 lbs./19.5 kg with dimensions of 26’’ long by 21.5’’ wide by 9’’ high.  

The shipping process commences once an order is completed, and a tracking code is sent out to the buyer for tracking the product while in transit.  

Its arrival is usually a couple of days but may take up to a week(s) if the destination is a long distance.  


The unit does not have many parts that require attachment only but a few. These include the stabilizer bars, the seat, and the post, the handlebar and the post, the pedals, and the console.  

The assembling process only takes less than an hour.  

An instruction manual and tools are included in the package to help you put the unit together successfully.  


There is almost no maintenance required for this upright bike. However, you need to keep it clean always.  

Routinely check the parts, especially before use to ensure that they are all tight and in good condition.  

Finally, store it in a conducive area that is cool, dry, and clean.  

Further information on this would be outlined in the owner’s manual.  


The XTERRA Fitness UB120 Upright Bike is a compact, affordable, and low-impact cardiovascular machine with a small footprint. Suitable for those on a budget and living in a small apartment or room.  

It supports 250 lbs./113 kg maximum user weight capacity and up to 5’10’’ tall users.  

The LCD monitor tracks Time, Distance, Speed, Calories, and Heart Rate, and its operation is smooth and quiet.  

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