Are Weight Loss Pills Dangerous?-Find Out Now

Are Weight Loss Pills Dangerous?-Find Out Now

Many have turned to use weight loss pills to try to shed some weight! Some have actually succeeded in doing so, so to say. However, that could be said that the positive result is the instant or short-time effect of the weight loss pills. Now, the question is, are weight loss pills dangerous? Is there any side effect to it? Is it safe and healthy to take weight loss pills? These we shall try to answer in this post.

But before we go further, I would like to say one or two things concerning the reason some people prefer to go on pills. Why do people prefer taking weight loss pills instead of other natural and healthy ways such as exercise and healthy eating? Why is it appealing to people, to the extent of spending so much money on weight loss pills? These we shall also cover in this post. Maybe if the question is answered, it may well direct people that intend to lose weight to seek a better way in doing so.

Are Weight Loss Pills Dangerous?

Well, it depends on your definition of ‘dangerous’. However, my definition of ‘dangerous’ is simply anything that can potentially expose your well-being to harm. Therefore, weight loss pills are dangerous! Yes, you heard me right. They are, no matter which one of them has a mild side effect or what. The point is, there is some side effect of some sort.

There are side effects of weight loss pills that really outweigh the benefit of weight loss. Now I will try as much as possible to lay it all out to you to understand the potential danger of weight loss pills. After that, it is up to you to know if it is worth it or not.

It Can Expose You To Heart Attack And Stroke!

After my various research, I found out that, virtually every written article on weight loss pills has a warning that it can potentially cause a heart attack and stroke. So, why is it that every study has the same conclusion? Because there are substances/stimulants usually found in weight loss pills that are unhealthy for human consumption and which were also banned. But somehow make their way back into the market and are subsequently used for these pills.

Ever heard of Sibutramine? Sibutramine is the generic name for Meridia, the weight loss drug that was withdrawn from the market by FDA. For instance, the Japanese Xiushentang that is considered the most effective weight loss contains a substance/chemical called the phenolphthalein and the famous sibutramine, which the FDA Issued a warning that it is dangerous to human health. As it can cause cancer and raise the risk of a person having a heart attack and stroke.

Well, is that good enough to risk in order to achieve a weight loss?… It is also reported that any drug that can force one to lose about 1 to 2 pounds in a week is not medically OK! You are taking unnecessary risks for doing that.

It’s Not Guaranteed That It Will Work

Unfortunately, dietary supplements do not require approval from the Food And Drug Administration before being sold to the public. I can’t say why it is so. Therefore, there are chances that all kinds of products from different companies will make it to the market, regardless of what the products were made of. And there is no guarantee that a weight loss pill will definitely work for you. So, it is a ‘try and find out the situation.

Addiction can be formed

Due to all of the different kinds of chemicals and substances used for these illicit weight loss products, one can easily be addicted to them. Why? Because they also often contain amphetamines, antidepressants, and anti-anxiety drugs. Which makes it not only addictive but highly dangerous because of the combination of the two.

Unpleasant Side Effect

Due to the fact that most of these weight loss drugs contain ‘fat blockers’ which decrease nutrient absorption hence you experience serious stomach upset. And there are other side effects such as mood change, headache, and constipation.

Now, If you remember, I asked a question why would anyone opt for weight loss pills instead of other healthy ways of losing weight?

After careful research I came up with these reasons;

  • Desperation– Most over weight and obese people are seemingly desperate and want to lose weight to fit into the society, to feel accepted and admired. But forgetting that, what you are is not really what counts. It is who you are that really matters, and that is what will count at the long run. Be proud of who you are and try to change the ‘part’ of what you are that you don’t like in a healthy and reasonable approach. After all, that is what stands the test of time. Pills cannot change the way you behave or eat, they can only temporarily give you the result you desire which will not last, if you don’t change the factors that cause weight gain. So, it’s not the ‘container’ but the ‘content’ that should be changed.
  • The Easy And Fastest Way/Quick Fix– Did you know that success achieved very easily hardly survives the test of time? Let’s use the scenario of people that won a lottery, how many of them are still rich after 4 years of winning their fortune? They often go broke than they were! The reason is simple, they do not have the ability to manage that kind of money, so also, if someone goes on to use weight loss pills to lose weight, there are chances that they will become more depressed and over weight than they were. Because their attitude towards eating and exercising have not changed. Pills cannot hold for too long, it will only cause problems like the aforementioned.


Most of these diet pills contain unclear substances/chemicals, hence, I don’t recommend or review diet pills. The only diet pill I have reviewed so far is Garcinia Cambogia. Do not always believe what you see on the label of weight loss pills, because they are bogus.

The best way to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight is to teach yourself how to exercise and eat healthily. That way, you can always maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay that way as long as you live. Unlike with pills, you can’t continue taking pills for the rest of your life even if you can do so without any dangerous effect on your health.

Use that time and trouble of looking and using weight loss pills for exercising and learning how to eat healthily and you will thank yourself for it in the long run. A quick fix with weight loss pills will never end your quest to weight loss.

But if you must use a weight loss pill, please consult your Doctor and do that under the supervision of a physician

I hope this helps.

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