Stomach Fat Burning Exercises- 4 Ways To Burn Fat

Stomach Fat Burning Exercises- 4 Ways To Burn Fat

I will try to make it as simple as possible. Many people are fighting stomach fat or protruded stomach as a result of excess fat. Some have even resigned to the belief that there is no way stomach fat can be taken care of or curbed. But that is a misconception as a result of many failed attempts to get rid of the stomach fat.

However, there are things that must be considered before one can achieve shedding stomach fat. If you think that exercises or countless crunches alone can actually take off your stomach fat, then you are mistaken. Perhaps that is the reason many have not been able to get the desired abs. As you go on with stomach fat-burning exercises you must also make sure that what you consume are the right and appropriate foods. You don’t expect to get rid of stomach fat with vigorous fat-burning exercises while you are taking more calories than you burn.

You must learn to discipline yourself enough to control what goes into your body and be committed to achieving your goal. Otherwise, it will all be a waste of time. Maybe you should read this article on the right foods to eat, it will help. Now, without further waste of time, let’s look at the stomach fat-burning exercises.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardio has been considered to be the most effective way to burn fat in the ‘middle’. It is usually difficult, when you exercise, to ‘spot’ burn belly fat. But exercises such as :

  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Swimming
  • Bicycling

Can really help you to achieve your goal.


Walking makes the stomach muscles work. You can achieve a good result by making sure you swing your arms as you also contract your midsection while you walk. A 30-minute walk a day will really do you good, and a day will hardly go by without you going for a walk. Because your body would have gotten too accustomed to walking. Also do take plenty of water too.


The belly fat is one stubborn spot that is difficult to get rid of. You may succeed in burning fat from all over the body, but the stomach is always stubborn. Jogging will help to reduce belly fat once you start losing weight all over the body. A short jog of 20 or 30 minutes can do a lot in terms of reducing belly fat if you make it part of your routine. You can always take the advantage of the treadmill or Elliptical trainer if you are new to jogging, or if you don’t want to jog outdoor.


It is really serious and funny when you are finding it difficult to tie your shoelace because of the spare tire you have around your stomach. Really, it can be disheartening, that is why you must watch what you eat and also engage in exercise. It is not really difficult if you are determined and disciplined.

Swimming is yet another cardio exercise that can help burn body fat. But the type of swimming strokes you choose will also determine how much fat/calories you will be able to burn. The rule has always been to use more high tempo and strenuous strokes in order to burn more calories. Based on Harvard Medical School,  a 155-pound individual can burn 298 calories when using the backstroke to swim for a period of 30 minutes, while 372 and 409  calories, respectively, in 30 minutes of using the breaststroke and butterfly swim.


Riding a bike is yet another way you can lose belly fat, even though it may not spot reduce it, but it will surely help you lose weight throughout the body, including the stomach. When you engage in repetitive motions of the large muscles in your lower body, it increases respiration and heart rate. Your lungs will be in a state of wanting more oxygen which is the essential catabolic process required to burn more fat to fuel your muscles. Once you feel your heart pounding so hard and you are breathing hard, just know that your body is burning more calories.

Therefore, engage in more bicycling activities; why not use a bicycle to go to that mall for groceries. You can use gym bikes which can be found in your local gym or even get one for your home gym too.


That being said, it is your attitude that will determine if you can lose belly fat. Your general lifestyle will contribute immensely to burning belly fat. What you eat and how you take care of yourself are very important. For instance, you have to take plenty of water all the time, eat lots of fruits and veggies. Say no to junk foods, and always make sure you get enough sleep, etc.

We all can achieve what we put our minds on, but it all begins with the ‘I CAN’ attitude. Losing belly fat will always require patience and getting used to a healthy lifestyle. Because if you don’t, even if you succeed in losing belly fat, an unhealthy lifestyle will help you regain it back.

Therefore, be disciplined and stay healthy.

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