How to Build Muscle without Steroids- Easy and Practicable Tips

How to Build Muscle without Steroids-Easy and Practicable Tips

Do you really need a steroid to build muscles? Do you really need it in order to build that body you always desired? But, wait a minute; do steroids have any serious side effects? I think these are the questions any person that really cares for himself should ask before making any attempt to use steroids.

I must presume you are here because you do want to know how to build muscle without steroids, which is to say you are not contemplating using it hence you are looking for an alternative means of building that body.

Nevertheless, I would like to give additional information that would probably make you proud of the decision you have made, to build muscle without steroids. Did you know that there are side effects that could occur if you are using steroids?

There are health implications that come with the use of this substance that could be life-threatening, even though it is not always so with some people that use it. But safety is the first and best way to stay healthy and safe. Steroids simply try to mimic the muscle-building effects of the male sex hormone and testosterone.

Steroids use could lead to the following:

• Liver damage

• Damage to the reproductive organs

• Could cause mood swings

• Can lead to addiction in a bid to keep looking muscular. Unfortunately, they keep on with this substance even when their health is failing.

• Malfunction of the kidney

• High blood cholesterol levels

• High blood pressure

• It can cause paranoia

• It can severe acne

• Can lead to fluid retention

• And many more

I guess after looking at the side effects it does not worth using after all. But these are side effects that could occur in long-term users. Now let’s look at how to build muscle without steroids.

How to Build Muscles without Steroids

It is possible to build your muscles without the use of substances like steroids if you know simple things to do like the right exercises and foods to take. But this, of course, requires a serious commitment to nutrition and exercise. There would be an entire overhaul of the way you live. Your lifestyle must include good diets and consistent training.

To gain muscles you must engage in resistance training such as squats and deadlifts so that there will be the creation of a growth stimulus. More importantly, you must supply the body with the right amount of foods that would help it repair and recover from the sore caused by the training.

Muscles are formed during rest and repair time and it is essential that you take good care of the body from the time you leave the gym through to the time of rest and going back to the gym. To this, you could use supplements to help you bring about the anabolic effects of steroids.

To build muscles, without steroids you can start with three sessions of full-body resistance training every week. Like I mentioned earlier, exercises such as squat or deadlift could ignite anabolic mass. What these two exercises do is to train the entire body even as the central nervous system is made to react by increasing the production of muscle-building hormones known as the growth hormone and testosterone.

Exercises for the back, legs, chest, biceps, shoulders, and triceps are generally known as compound exercises which are best to trigger all the muscles groups in the body. Squat and deadlift target the legs, lat pull down and pull-ups target the back, pushups target mainly the chest and the arms too, barbell curls target the biceps, weighted dips target the triceps, while the military press targets the shoulder and these are all compound exercises.

Do these exercises every other day so that your body and the muscles would have a day between training to repair and heal. Ideally, exercise on Monday and have a day off on Tuesday, exercise on Wednesday and have a day off on Thursday, and exercise on Friday and have a day off on Saturday and Sunday. That is to say, you should exercise three times a week.

Train to failure and progressively, which means you shouldn’t stop while exercising until you can no longer go on (failure) and increase the weight for your exercise ‘’progressively’’ as you grow stronger and let the increment be significant, for example from 5 pounds to 10 pounds. Let your set be 6 to 12 reps.

Consume Protein Shakes

As you may or may not know, protein is one vehicle for muscle recovery and healing. As a matter of fact, your protein intake should be increased significantly because your body and muscles need all the protein they can get. For the fact your protein consumption from the foods you eat may not be enough it is advisable to use supplements like good protein shakes and do this immediately after a workout.

Other times that are best to take protein shakes include upon getting up from the bed, before workouts, after workouts, between and before meals. Ensure you get 30 to 50 grams of whey protein, 30 grams of healthy fats, and 60 to 100 grams of high-glycemic carbohydrates. For quick and effective results, you can consume 5 to 10 grams of creatine monohydrate in addition to protein shakes.

Overview of What You Need

• Barbells

• Dumbbells

• Whey Protein

• Creatine Monohydrates

• Flaxseed oil

• Medium-chain triglycerides

• Branched-chain amino acids

• Dextrose

• L-glutamine


Now that I have outlined ways you could build those muscles without steroids I wish to also add that you mustn’t train to failure without a spotter around (someone watching over you). Also, consider drinking a lot of water, fresh fruits and veggies are simply wonderful for your health.

If you have any questions, contributions or just a comment don’t hesitate to drop it in the comment box below. Do share because sharing is caring…

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