Rowing Machines

In-depth reviews on home and commercial indoor rowing machines.

A lady exercises with the Merax Silver Magnetic Rowing Machine

Merax Silver Magnetic Rowing Machine 

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I am wondering why Merax does not distinguish their magnetic rowers with model numbers even though they have a couple of them.   Previously, we have reviewed Merax Black Magnetic Rower and Merax Yellow Magnetic Rower, and now the Merax Silver Magnetic Rowing Machine with a model number …

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Micyox QM-3019 Water Rowing Machine 

Micyox QM-3019 Water Rowing Machine 

The Micyox Water Rowing Machine is a carefully hand-crafted wooden indoor cardiovascular exercise unit.   It is designed to bring the feel of open water rowing alongside its benefits of helping you to lose weight and tone about 80% of the body’s muscle groups. It targets your stomach muscles, biceps, quadriceps, elbow joint, knee joint, and …

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Lady works out on the Echelon (Row S) Smart Rower 

Echelon (Row S) Smart Rower Review

The Echelon (Row S) Smart Rower includes a 22’’ HD touchscreen display, whereas the preceding model, Echelon Smart Rower doesn’t. In other words, the former is the upgraded version of the latter.   It is compatible with the Echelon Fit App (membership required). Thus, it is the complete package that does not require you to use an external …

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A woman exercises on the Echelon Smart Rowing Machine

Echelon Smart Rowing Machine Review

The Echelon Smart Rowing Machine is a full-body cardiovascular piece of equipment that is equipped with the necessary features to impress and enable you to achieve your fitness goals.   It has a magnetic resistance with 32 predefined adjustable levels and a belt drive system. Thus, its operation is smooth and quiet even as it offers …

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An athlete exerdcises with the YOSUDA 100 Magnetic Rower 

YOSUDA 100 Magnetic Rower Review

The YOSUDA 100 Magnetic Rower is one of those rowing machines that were built to be inclusive in terms of who can utilize them. The reason is that it has premium heavy-duty commercial-grade steel with a lengthy rail.   In other words, most heavy and taller individuals can be accommodated, and this means the likelihood of the entire …

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