Body Weight Exercises for Beginners-Easy than You Think

Bodyweight exercises for beginners are exercises that could be done with bodyweight (without equipment). It is possible to burn fat and lose weight while you build muscles with bodyweight exercises.

These are exercises that come handy when you are too busy to go to the gym or don’t have money for a gym membership.

Dumbbell rows require dumbbells, but you can always improvise. I will show you how to use your bodyweight to exercise and build up muscles the easy way. Below are bodyweight exercises for beginners plus visuals.

One more thing though, before you start any of these exercises always warm up properly with jumping jacks exercise to avoid getting hurt because you won’t like it if you get hurt, trust me. Do not worry if you don’t know how to do jumping jacks because I will be explaining it here in this post.

Body Weight Exercises for Beginner

Body Weight Squats

This is the normal squat you do while standing with your feet Body Weight exercises for beginners-Simple than you thinkshoulder-width apart. I would suggest you wrap your two hands behind your head or you fold your arms in front of you while you start squatting by going down as though you are about to get seated on a chair, but go further down as possible and then get back up again.

Also, make sure that your head and your upper body are upright while you perform this. When you go down and back up again, that is considered to be a rep. Do about 20 reps (set) and 2 sets.

This very exercise targets your leg muscle groups and very effective in developing good and strong legs.


This is my favorite, the exercise that builds the upper body muscles just like youBody Weight exercises for beginners-Simple than you think would with equipment. It takes care of your biceps, arms, chest and even your abs too, it virtually targets multiple muscle groups.

There are different ways to do push-ups depending on what particular muscle group you would want to target the most. For instance, if you want to target or build the chest (not as though other parts such as the arms, biceps will not be developed but there will be more impact on the chest), you have to place your hands on the ground a little bit more than shoulder-width apart.

Then, make sure that your thumbs and the first fingers meet each other so that a triangle-like shape is formed. Make sure that your entire body is straight like the letter ‘’I’’ and start lowering your body to the ground and back up again. Do not bend your body during the lowering of it, but let your body serve as the weight that your arms must carry.

While there is also the conventional way of push-ups which you simply place your hands on the ground without having to make both hands/fingers touch each as the gap would be at shoulder length. A rep is considered done when you go down and push-up back up again. So you can do up to 10 reps and 2 sets.

P.S I would suggest as a beginner for you to do your push up with your hands apart as that would be easier than the closed hands.

Walking Lounge

This one is best for your legs particularly the thighs, glutes, and alsoBody Weight exercises for beginners-Simple than you think strengthens the hips. It also helps to elevate your heart rate as it works on several muscle groups in the body. This activity helps to burn calories for weight loss.

How to perform the walking lounge is by standing with your feet together, hands by your sides or fold them in front of you. Step your right leg forward and bend your left knee to the ground; automatically your right leg would have been in a 90-degree position, stand up again and move your left leg forward while you bend your right leg forming a 90 degree with your left leg. Continue in this pattern 20 times and repeat.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks is a good exercise for warming up the body beforeBody Weight exercises for beginners-Simple than you think engaging in strength training. This will help to make your body system and muscles to be ready for the task ahead. Other than this it also impacts the quadriceps, calves, glutes, and hamstrings.

How to perform this exercise correctly is by standing straight with your feet together, arms extended sideways. Slightly bend your knees and push your body with the balls of your feet to jump up as you also spread your legs wide apart and hands raised over your head touching each other.

Bring down your hands while descending back down and your legs closing together so that your feet will be together when you are on the ground and your hands by your sides. Do 30 reps of this and you will be ready.


These are some of the bodyweight exercises for beginners. They will set you aflame if you do them properly. However, you must also consider what you eat because the possibility of your building muscles and staying fit depends on good real foods. No junks, processed foods, but fresh fruits and veggies will do. Also, make hydration your priority as that will help to increase your body’s metabolism that will result to burn calories. So drink plenty of water instead of that soft drink you take.

If you can observe all of these then your goal will be achieved. It is also worth mentioning that 70% of building muscles depend on good foods.

Do you have any questions or contributions please don’t hesitate to drop in the comment box below.

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